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Mar 22, 2011

Cathy's Beauty Secrets Revealed!

As we come back to earth after a night of star-studded revelry, I thought I'd share with you some of the details that helped make Cathy a knock-out on Sunday.  First, the outfit:

As I mentioned Sunday morning, Cathy needed some smart, elegant accessories and she needed them fast.  Rather than make a beeline for Bergdorf's, El Cheapo (that's me) ran over to the Chelsea flea market and tried to magnetize whatever was needed.  As if by magic, every item appeared!

The biggest score, imo, were these vintage shoes, which I'd originally bought just because I loved the way they looked; we never expected them to fit.  At two pair for $5, I thought they'd be fun to own if only to display.  What a surprise when later at home we discovered that they fit perfectly!  One of the best parts, aside from their being incredibly well-constructed, is that they're comfortable.  File under, Too Good to be True.

In the same outdoor lot, I found this fur stole, and at first I wasn't sure it would work with black accessories, but it did.  I guess you'd call this faux fox, but honestly, what I know about fur you could squeeze into a thimble.  Maybe it's time to learn.  Not bad for $15.  The best part about it is that it really glows.

Some of you mentioned hair accessories and I did look for some.  I didn't want something I'd have to fuss with (anything with a veil) or that I'd have to take off at the theater.  I found this little velvet geometric number, which I thought was simple and elegant.  It doesn't read in the photos but Cathy wore it to the theater, though not to the party afterward. 

I'd picked up these beaded gloves at Goodwill a few weeks earlier; I'm always on the lookout for good gloves.  They're not vintage but they are Vera Wang.

I think I read about these sweat shields on Already Pretty -- Sally's my go-to source for these kind of things -- and they really kept Cathy feeling confident and comfortable.  Who wants visible sweat stains at an event like this?

While the 1948 McCall's dress I made pre-dates the bouffant style, I wanted the skirt to have a little more fullness, so I quickly gathered some tulle (that I'd bought for that other rose-print dress) and stitched it to an elastic waistband to make a small crinoline.  Worn over a half-slip, it worked perfectly.

Given the importance of the occasion, I treated Cathy to some new cosmetics.  She's a drugstore makeup type of gal, but there's quite a selection in the drugstore these days.

Cathy wore L'Oreal Ravishing Red, a matte lipstick with slightly blue undertones.  A little Maybelline lip pencil (50 Red) helped keep lip edges clean.

I knew Cathy would need a little more coverage than usual for a long night, so I opted for this Maybelline "Instant Age Rewind" concealer/highlighter stick.  I can't vouch for its effectiveness relative to other products, but it kept Cathy glowing well past the bewitching hour.

Of course Cathy swears by Physician's Formula LeVelvet Foundation in Ivory, which she sets with a little loose powder.

Eye makeup is kept to a minimum as it tends to settle into Cathy's deepening laugh lines: just lashes, a bit of liquid eyeliner, and pencil (which she also she uses for her brows; she refuses to pluck).  A little oyster-white eye shadow on her brow bone completes the glamour-girl effect.

And that's it!

Friends, I have Cathy with me today and she is happy to respond to all of your beauty comments and questions, if any.  Like all of us, she's a work in progress and open to improvement.

Have a great day, beautiful ones!

P.S. -- Read Michael's take on the event here.  You can see the Cathy's original rose-print dress photoshoot here.


  1. Cathy takes another event by storm!! It's wonderful to see her back on the town. :)

  2. I think Cathy's beauty comes not from cosmetics of fashionable faux fur, but from her 'joie de vivre' and the fact she been liberated from the slammer! Her future is bright now - may she go out and conquer Manahttan!

  3. You are such a fun and happy person! You brighten my day - thank you!

  4. Yay for dress shields! People look at me like I'm crazy when I speak of them, but living in southern CA where the temp hit 105 in the summer...Things get a bit sweaty! Cathy is smart to have a bold lip and understated eyes, such a glamorous classic look!

  5. Cathy's gorgeous!
    p.s. Thought you might like to know that Turner Classic Movies has scheduled "Wife vs. Secretary" for tonight at 8pm Eastern.

  6. It's faux mink, fox is a lot longer-haired. But whatever, it was all great!!

  7. Cathy is quite a dame. She worked the room smartly.

    Great choice using an all floral dress. Elegance personified. Of course, her finest accessory was THAT MAN!

    Congrats on the Klum kudos!


  8. Peter, another glamorous night for our girl. Love the dress and accessories.

  9. I must say that Cathy looked very elegant, feminine, and glowing for a night on the town. Your date was a great catch for the night, and he looks very familiar to me. I hope we are not going to see a Jerry Springer moment about stealing men from relatives.

  10. Simply divine! Kudos to the success of your whirlwind shopping foray too! Way to pull it all together, Cathy is a lucky girl to have such a creative and resourceful stylist :D


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