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Mar 11, 2011


Readers, you spoke, I listened  -- or was it the other way around?  Regardless, in our continued celebration of MPB Guy Week, today I debut my first-ever men's grooming videos!

If you've ever wondered about my regular (weekly) grooming routine -- and who hasn't? -- I have the answers for you here.  In Video 1, you'll see me clip my hair and beard with Oster clippers (which I refer to as a razor in my video but nobody's perfect).  In Video 2, you can watch me shave my beard with real shaving cream and badger brush and discuss my simple skincare routine.  In Video 3, showered and freshly shaven, I instruct you how to tie a men's bowtie!

Rest assured, if you can handle the sight of me with no shirt on (only Cary Grant shaves in a satin bathrobe), you won't be shocked by anything revealed on these videos.  My clipper technique might raise a few eyebrows, but thankfully not shave them off.

In other news, you're probably wondering about my internet service and friends, so am I.  The good folks at Verizon assure me that service will be restored by March 17.  That's right, March 17.  So it looks like I have a lot of bagels in my future.  The good news however, is that my local bagel shop/Wi-Fi hotspot has a lightning-fast Internet connection that allows me to upload videos in 10 minutes instead of 10 hours -- a big plus and so what if I have to sit through endless oldies like The Beat Goes On (currently playing), Mellow Yellow, I'm a Girl Watcher, and every hit by The Mamas & the Papas?

With no further delay, here are my videos, made exclusively for you  As always, your questions and comments are welcome but please be kind -- grooming isn't exactly my strong point but with your encouragement, I'm working on it!


P.S. - Check out my latest article on BurdaStyle -- and don't forget to say hi!


VIDEO 2  (skincare at 7:25)



  1. You *do* have a great "hat face!"

    I was mesmerized by your videos even though, as a woman, I'm assuming I will never actually have to utilize any of those particular grooming techniques!

  2. Oh Peter! I love you! The bow tie video is awesome. I used to work in a clothing store where we actually sold men's clothes and oddly, bow ties. One day one of the customer's showed me how to tie one and I do think they are pretty cool. They're those types of accessories that bring a smile to anyone's face as you walk by. That's pretty fun, if you ask me. Love your bow tie and your fun comments on the shirt, the wrinkles and the button down collar.


  3. I LOL'd at your comment of having to practice the safety razor on your own face! I really encourage you to give it a try. It is not nearly as hard or scary as some of the videos make it sound. Its just slow (which I personally find relaxing). The other trick is to experiment with different blades... Don't go out and buy the 100 pack until you find a blade that works for you.

  4. Loved the bit on shaving the head and the face. I feel your pain on the "safety razor". When I was a little girl, a million years ago, I would watch my grandpa shave in the morning. He made it look so easy. Of course I had to try. Nearly took the skin off my face! I still have a scar between my lower lip and my chin.

  5. Great videos! I have the other kind of Oster clippers you mentioned, with the 2 settings and a set of "combs" that fit over the blades. Have had it forEVER. It got a workout last year after my son decided he was going to be a Marine. I had nearly perfected my "high and tight" skills and then he shipped off. Doing a "fade" without stripes is harder than it looks. ;-) I've never oiled mine. Oops. Good reminder, so I'll put a few drops of SM oil on them when I go back upstairs.

    My husband dry shaves, which makes me wince every time I see him do it.

    Fingers crossed that Verizon comes through long before 3/17.

  6. BTW - keep forgetting to mention, but I love the little pics you're putting up in the sidebar every day for Guy Week. Esp. the one with David Cassidy (swoon).

  7. peter, did you see this?

  8. Well that was fun - thanks Peter!

    When I shave my head with the razor like that I end up with a "velcro head" which makes hat removal a bit of a grin. It seemed like when you doffed your hat at the end of that film maybe there was a bit of that happening for you, too. Am I right? :)

  9. When my husband and I first started dating I fell in love with the "fuzzy head" feeling that his hair had right after he had a haircut. So soft, so nice. Then he moved in and I learned that the "haircut" was actually a pair of clippers and involved messing up my (pristine!) bathroom. Honestly, I must come from a bunch of snobs (Ok, I know I do.) because I'd NEVER seen anyone cut their own hair before! (See, if only you'd had guy week all those years ago, I wouldn't have had to be shocked! :-P) After I got over myself and learned to help him with "the back" and over his ears, I've become a fairly good helper! Thanks for the vids!

  10. I hope you went to your internet cafe in that dapper outfit. You looked terrific. I love the bow tie look on you. Quite frankly I don't think there is any outfit that you can't pull off.

  11. Ah, Peter, not a bad shave. I used to watch my father and grandfather shave. Grandpa had two very heavy gold safety razors for which he'd buy the very best blades as they cut him less. A cloud of steam, hot water liberally splashed on the face and neck, badger brush and thick creamy foam, and he was ready. Lots of hot water spashing afterwards.

    My father had a similar routine, but with less splashing, more steam and a straight razor. Dad, however, had a row of bottles of hair creams and other interesting bottles of aftershave, each one a different colour and scent. He'd put your modest oil (great idea, btw) to shame.

    Try the safety razor on a peach instead of your face. I think they're so heavy that half the problem is balancing them properly in your hand. You also don't do that guy puffing out of cheeks and sticking tongue under upper lip thing that keeps the skin taut and less likely to be cut.

  12. Check it out Peter...

  13. You are getting more famous, Peter. I just got a face book update from THREADS, with the article about you and your blog. :o)

  14. I love your videos, they are fun, informative, educational and with history thrown in.

  15. I seem to remember a round bar of soap in Dad's shaving mug. Williams brand. Gramps would shave with a straight razor for the grand kids to watch in wonder. I have used one of those safety razors myself on my legs. It was grandpa's. He was presented with a gold model by Mr. Gillette when Grandpa left his employ, back in the 20's sometime. Dad liked his electric razor at the end of his life. Still had a beard that could sand paint off the wall. My brothers inherited the trait, and have always worn full beards. Razor phobics. I couldn't stop watching, I kept expecting to to lipsync and shave at the same time. lol.

  16. Thank you for inviting us into your bathroom! I really liked the look with the bow tie and the 2nd hat. If I saw you on the street, and didn't know you, you would make me smile.

  17. "But I LIKE IT!"

    LOL :P I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that bow ties are cool, but he's not biting.

  18. Yay! Now I know how to tie a bowtie (which is useful when you've got a bunch of actors asking you as the costume designer, and you don't want to look foolish!)
    I'm glad you made some videos, they were fun and now we know what you sound like!

  19. Yep, the wool hat is the one- the straw number was just a tad Chico Marx!

    Thankyou for the bowtie tying lesson. I'm now seriously considering making a BT (?Scarlet? burgundy? One of each?) to go with a (yet to be made) black shirt with white stripes, white french cuffs and white button down collar. Could look very Marlene D on a cool tall blonde. On a short plump grey- it'll feel fabulous and to hell with what it looks.

  20. I like your attitude, Cleverclogs!

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