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  1. Hey!
    I just wanted to shoot you a comment and a sort of "thank you" for your great web page. I love it!
    I'm a 50 plus woman from the Pacific Northwest & often find myself unable to simply go to sleep at the end of the day (lots of anxiety these days) so I find myself perusing the web for some "happy images" to help me into a better frame of mind. Well, one night a few months ago I happened upon your page and was captivated! A man who sews? A man who knows what his way around a sewing machine & loves fabric? Tell me more!
    I have a sick obsession with three things...fabric stores, yarn (I'm sort of a fiber freak) and second hand shops. (where I often find something I can remake into something useful for myself or someone else. My latest obsession is Harris tweed.)
    I also love your collection of sewing machines! I have nine myself, 3 antique treadles, an antique electric Singer and 5 more modern ones. I am not VERY skilled but I am able to hold my own with a pattern or make it up as I go pretty well, and really enjoy the creativity of sewing & hand embroidery. I am sure my Husband would prefer I had some other type of passion, like something that didn't take up so much space. But, I yam what I yam. It can't be helped. The nice things is...there's a support group for what ails me. It's called the fabric store!
    What I really want you to know is inspire me to stop overthinking every freaking project & just trust my instincts. To be daring a little & try new things, and also step outside my comfort zone & look at projects more optimistically, rather than just saying "oh, I could never pull THAT off". Because maybe I CAN! Maybe, if I watch a few tutorials and get a little gumption I can make the thing I'm afraid I'll mess up. (and I'm terrified of wasting fabric.)
    I absolutely love that you are fairly new to sewing and have mastered some complex skills and make fantastic stuff. (RESPECT!) I love that you don't seem to be afraid of making mistakes and are willing to take risks with new things in order to create that fantastic stuff & make it just the way you want it. I wish I could be so brave with a pair of shears & my sewing machine. I enjoy seeing what you are working on and your completed projects too. Your photos & blog posts are often just the thing I need at the end of a long & frustrating day to feast my eyes on a "happy place" so I can doze off in peace & forget about my worries for a while.
    Thanks for your web page. I enjoy it and all the inspiration you instill. I can't possibly be alone in my thinking on this. It just isn't possible.
    Looking forward to your next project.
    Lee, in Seattle.

    1. Lee, thank you so much for your lovely comment. It totally made my day!

    2. LEE, I saw two comments about sewing recently.

      One said "Better finished, than perfect"

      The other "Sewing and buying fabric are not the same thing"

      The first is very gentle and supportive. I like it! The second is far too harsh for me.

      I hear what you say being terrified about wasting fabric. I am the same. I even stress over cutting fabric I have bought at Goodwill for things like a muslin, or the lining for a cushion.

      Like you, I love shopping for sewing supplies*. If I have had fun doing that, then I consider I have had my pleasure. If I get to sew it than I am really on a roll.

      I will NEVER get to sew garments from all of the fabric I own. But I own several (Big) paintings on canvas and I will never be making cushions out of those either.

      When I die it can go to Goodwill and someone can strike it lucky rummaging through my little collection.

      Shop-On! Fabric stores need you!

      *(I have taken a bit of a deviation and gotten stuck on machines at the moment. Not much actual sewing going on.)

  2. I totally agree with Lee...keep up the great work! Marg

  3. Hi Peter,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. Awhile back, you did the Negroni sewalong, which I'm currently working on-and very challenged by. Having the sewalong still accessible on your blog has been a wellspring of good information and encouragement for me.
    You are so wonderful & I'm happy to have found your blog!
    Thank you,

  4. Hi,

    My wife told me about your site,after read your post and what you can do, I'm inspired and hope one day I can make my own pants/shirt too.

  5. My older son loves to sew. This site is just what he needed.
    Thank you for all of your passion.


  6. Thanks so much for keeping the Men's Shirt Sew-Along on your site - my husband and I are just now learning to make button down shirts and find your sew-along to be the perfect guide. In fact, tonight is "yoke night" for my shirt. I will be doing the yoke step-by-step with your video, which is the most straight-forward yoke-assembly I've ever seen! Your site is amazing and we love hearing all your fashion adventures - thanks again for not taking down your older content! Heidi

  7. I was looking for a site like this. I am interested in learning to taylor as profession and now I am thing of making clothing from scratch. Any suggestions regarding on line tailoring education would be appreciated. Thank you!


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