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Jan 31, 2010

My Threadbanger debut

If you want to see me in action (and the requests have been pouring in), check out this Threadbangers link from last fall.

I don't show up till 3:17, but it's an interesting segment.


  1. I'm amazed that you've been sewing for such a short time and were able to make your outfit.


  2. I'm sorry, my mind was wiped blank by the big furry bra with paw prints for each, erm, bust point. Ow.

    But seriously, yay for you -- they totally cut you off though! What else did you say?

  3. Peter! Charming! Fierce!

    Anyone else titter when that woman said "needle lubricant"? Or am I the only one subject to juvenile humor?

  4. Great soundbite, Peter. And very impressive that you made your entire outfit.
    No Melody, you are not the only one with juvenile humor. When she started talking about its other uses, I was thinking nasty stuff.


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