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Jan 31, 2010

Forties Fashion: "I'm Patricia Powwww-derrrr...."


From "The Dolly Sisters," starring Betty Grable.  Costumes by Orry-Kelly.

1915 has never looked more 1945.  

My Threadbanger debut

If you want to see me in action (and the requests have been pouring in), check out this Threadbangers link from last fall.

I don't show up till 3:17, but it's an interesting segment.

Movie fashion show for a frigid Sunday

And speaking of frigid...

From "That Touch of Mink," the movie that forever cemented Doris Day's (career-wrecking) image as the original 40-year-old virgin.  Gowns by Jean Louis.

TRIVIA QUIZ: Who's Doris's roommate's famous sister?

Jan 30, 2010

Too cold to shoot...

but not to accessorize.

If John Galliano calls it fashion...

I'll hold out for the Simplicity pattern.

Forties Fashion: It doesn't get better than this, kids!

The supreme combination of 40s fashion show and musical extravaganza, the title number of "Cover Girl," starring Rita Hayworth. Gowns by Travis Banton. I'll take the gold dress.


When movie fashion shows go TERRIBLY TERRIBLY WRONG

From the incomparable "Back Street," starring Susan Hayward. Gowns by Jean Louis. TRIVIA QUIZ: Can you name the seated dowager in the lavender cocktail ensemble?


HE: "Get out of that car or there'll be a scene you'll never forget -- right here!"

SHE: "Sounds fascinating! Give me a raincheck."

I love a movie fashion show...

..and this one is immediately followed by a glorious dance by Astaire and Rogers, from the film "Roberta."

Gowns designed by Bernard Newman, head costume designer at RKO Pictures.

TRIVIA QUIZ - Can you name the tall blonde in the feathered cape?

"Johnny, be careful! You'll tear my pattern."

On this cold Saturday morning (16 degrees in NYC, kids), can't think of anything better than to crank up the heat, brew some coffee, and watch Betty teach us some invaluable dressmaking tips.

SPECIAL BONUS: 1948 teen fashion show!

Jan 29, 2010

Too cold out for my copper dress photoshoot

I hate winter.

In Search of Vintage Patterns

From male pattern boldness

I was recently asked where I find my vintage patterns and if I have any favorite sellers.  I'd like to share some of my shopping strategies and recommend my favorite resources.

Jan 28, 2010

BREAKING NEWS HEADLINE: Metallic Copper a Biatch to Accessorize

It ain't no LBD, that's for darn tootin'.  

A work in progress.

(Thank you, God, for sending those vintage YSL black satin pumps to the Salvation Army on Tuesday.)

Yay: no pit shaving!

Just an update on this.  Almost there! 

Exercise tips for a snowy Thursday

 Don't let the winter weather keep you from your workout*, kids!
*click on photos to supersize and follow along.

Why, oh why can't I?

Poor Judy must have been over the rainbow when she put this outfit together and it didn't help that she weighed about 85 lbs at the time.  But there's a certain bold chic to it that I admire, regardless.

Jan 27, 2010

Patterns best forgotten...

Still, I'm intrigued.

Heavy into Vogue 7739

Remember that pattern I mentioned last Saturday?  Well, I decided to tackle it today!

Let's go to the movies!

This is the first in what will be a regular series here on MPB: Hollywood films prominently featuring the high fashion of yesteryear.

We'll skip the obvious: we've all seen "Funny Face" (Think Pink!) and slept through Miss Ross's "Mahogany" (Do you know here you're going to? -- I don't.)

Jan 26, 2010

Sweet ponyskin and houndstooth dreams to all my followers...

...and so, to bed.

Impulse purchase of the day

When BOLD was new

There's a reason we're still fascinated with 70's style at MPB.  It truly was a "way out" era, one that now seems oh, so long ago -- not only in time, but in temperament.  Oh, sure, people can wear anything today, but it's usually with an ironic wink.  That wasn't the case back then.  The (admittedly brave) guy who wore those op art bell-bottom pants thought he epitomized cutting-edge style, not camp.

Jan 25, 2010

Six months of pattern boldness

It's been a busy six months -- and that was before I launched MPB!  Below is a slideshow of most of the projects I've sewn since I bought my first sewing machine last June.

A little Joan Collins number for cousin Cathy?

Rainy Days and Mondays

It's POURING here in NYC this morning, AND it's Monday. How dreary. I am still in the process of recovering my energy after a nasty cold that lingered for more than two weeks.

This is a great opportunity for me to organize myself and set down some clear sewing goals for the week.

Jan 24, 2010

Where do I put it all?

One of the challenges of living in a New York City apartment is the lack of storage space. Since I started sewing I have accumulated a tremendous amount of sewing-related stuff, some of it essential and some of it not.

Jan 23, 2010

My next project?

I bought this vintage 70s dress pattern on Etsy last week. I really like its simplicity and its drape. I think Cathy would love it too.

Fabric stash highlights

Every sewist has a stash. Here are some highlights from mine. I'm hoping posting these here will remind me to get cracking.  What do you do with four yards of faux python?  Just you wait!

Cathy's back!

Many of you may know that I love to sew for my identical cousin, Cathy. Cathy lives in London most of the time, but comes to visit me in New York whenever she can.

Peter goes hunting (and the blog begins...)

I usually go to the Chelsea Flea Market every weekend. Here are some of the fun and unusual things I found there today, Sunday, January 23.

Click on any photo to see the gallery full-size.

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