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Jun 30, 2010

Almost...but not quite

Readers, this Twenties dress -- which seems to have been so long in the making I was in my Twenties when I started -- is nearly done.  The sleeves went on without much trouble and the belt was easy to make, though still needs tweaking.  Need to hem, too.

Jun 29, 2010

CORRECTION: Watermelon

Friends, I owe you an apology. 

The color of my McCall's Twenties dress is not frappe di fragola, strawberry parfait, Slightly Spam, or whatever I'd been calling it up to now.  It is the color of that most thirst-quenching of summer fruits, watermelon.

Jun 28, 2010

Merman Monday + GOALS!

Good morning, sewers from all my favorite continents! 

We have a very special guest at MPB this morning -- Miss Ethel Merman!  Ethel's a big fan of Male Pattern Boldness and I told her she could come and watch this morning as long as she didn't break anything.

Jun 27, 2010

Just another Sunday at our house...

Happy Sunday, readers!  Here's what's happening at this very moment at Chez MPB:

Michael is in an iPhone 4 trance from which he should emerge any day now.  In his defense, he just received it.

Jun 26, 2010

Ix-Nay on the Ipes-Stray: The Continued Saga of the 20's Dress

I'm sorry, but Jean Paul Gaultier stole my harem pants.   That's for my lawyers to deal with, however, not us, not today.

Jun 25, 2010

Baby's got back and mild scoliosis


Readers, what idiot said:

That's the beauty of drafting: you're using your own body's measurements, so provided you can handle a little math and draw a straight and curved line (and there are a zillion aids to help you), things are going to fit.  You don't have to waste time with endless pattern adjustments?


Jun 24, 2010

Saying Hello...and Saying Good-bye


Good morning, friends!  (And to my beloved Kiwis, why are you still up?  Lights out!)

As you can see from the photo above, I've been pattern drafting again -- this time a top -- and if you're wondering where you've seen that outfit before, I believe Ann-Margret wore it in "The Pleasure Seekers."  Or was it Carol Lynley?

Jun 23, 2010

"Oh, SHI--chiffon!" I'm in trouble.

NOTE: This post includes images that may cause temporary double-vision, vertigo, nausea and/or fatigue.  MPB is not liable for any resulting injuries or accidents to readers.   Please avoid if pregnant or using prescription medication.

Jun 22, 2010

My Twenties dress: new fabric, new plan!

So thanks to popular demand, I've chosen McCalls 4907, the Twenties dress with the front and back yokes, as my next project for Cathy.  Isn't democracy great?

Jun 21, 2010

Hot Monday Meltdown + GOALS

Good morning, sewists and welcome once again to my north-facing living room wall.

I don't know about the weather where you are but it is HOT in NYC.  And humid.  That said, it was breezy enough at 6:15 a.m. for me to wear my new self-drafted gray pants when I walked the dogs, and while they didn't exactly stop traffic, I didn't hear snorting under one's breath either.

Jun 20, 2010

Peter's first self-drafted MAN pants

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there and their admirers. 

So I finished the jeans-style pants I made with my self-drafted pants pattern.  Last week I'd bought about three yards of a $2/yd. gray cotton weave (not really a twill) with a bit of stretch in it.

Jun 19, 2010

Thursday's LOOT + Twenties Style

OK, so yesterday I told you about my Thursday shopping adventures with that copper-headed Kiwi (that's what they call themselves, apparently), Shona. 

Jun 18, 2010

Shop-till-you-dropping with Shona!

Readers, you probably know by now that one of the most important qualities I look for in others is good skin.

As I settle into my middle years, overrated virtues like loyalty, generosity, and kindness have been trumped by small pores, plump cheeks, and clear eyes -- the things that really count.

Jun 17, 2010

Peter's First Long Pants

I'm finally old enough...

Jun 16, 2010

Peter's Pants Epiphany!

My first self-drafted pants -- well, culottes, but still.  I made these yesterday from an obnoxious Ralph Lauren "preppy teddy bear" print flat sheet that I was thrilled to take a rotary cutter to.  On the plus side it was a soft, densely woven cotton that was easy to work with.   And I installed my first invisible zipper without the aid of Collins Wonder Tape, just pins.  No sticky gunk.

Jun 15, 2010

Cathy à la plage -- aide moi, s'il vous plait!

OK, enough parlez-vous for one day.  Readers, I need your help.

We're taking a mid-week beach vacation next month to the glamorous Fire Island Pines and we're bringing my cousin along with us.  Trouble is, Cathy claims she has nothing to wear.  You can guess what that means.

Jun 14, 2010

Monday Morning Madness + GOALS!

If there ever was a silhouette I didn't want to see again, that's the one.  Let's bury it for another twenty-five years, shall we?

Happy Monday, kids and kidsters!

Jun 13, 2010

Cathy models "The Ugliest Pattern Ever"!

Talk about twisting arms.

It wasn't easy but I finally got Cathy to agree to model Vogue 9128, which as you'll recall, was chosen "The Ugliest Pattern Ever" from among a dozen worthy competitors.

Jun 12, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Today's fashions inspired by....the PAST!!!

I'm sure MPB readers will understand my surprise--no shock, to read this article in today's New York Times.  I simply cannot believe that fashion is now looking backwards for inspiration.

Jun 11, 2010

Are You Naughty or Nice?

No Christmas presents today, kids, sorry.

So here's the thing:

I've noticed that most people's style tends in one of two directions: naughty or -- you guessed it -- nice.  I'm talking about people's personal style here, not their personalities.  You may be a serial killer for all I know; that would be naughty indeed but not relevant to the topic at hand.

Jun 10, 2010

(Re)touch Me in the Morning

I wasn't going to address this topic, which seems to be everywhere these days: the (arguably) excessive retouching of celebrity photos.

Jun 9, 2010

Are you a S.W.O.B?

Good morning, cigar-chomping cross-dressers and others!

As you can see I am officially obsessed with this boy-meets-girl/Whoops-boy-IS-girl wardrobe thing.  Call it a kink.   And look:

Jun 8, 2010

Women who dress like men!

I just don't get it, readers.  Maybe I'm from a different generation.  (Wait -- that is my generation.) Why, oh why, did women ever want to dress like men?

Jun 7, 2010

Monday Morning Re-boot & Goals!

Good morning, all!

I generally do not wear RTW skirts at home -- or anywhere else for that matter -- but I did think this little Salvation Army vintage denim number had some cute pocket and waistband details I wanted to share.  Half Carol Brady, half Braveheart.

Jun 6, 2010

Whatever happened to....?


Sunday is a favorite catch-up day for many of us, when we finally make time to perform long-neglected chores.  At Male Pattern Boldness, we're no different.  In the whirlwind of sewing, styling, and glamorous fashion shoots, some loose ends inevitably get left untied, and sadly, you, dear reader, are left hanging.  It's time to do some housecleaning!

Jun 5, 2010

Harem Pants: The Dramatic Conclusion!

Love 'em or hate 'em, you won't find these at the Gap.

Jun 4, 2010

Brought to you by the letter "e"

It wasn't my intention to talk about harem pants again today, honest.  But it beats talking about this:

Jun 3, 2010

Harem Scarem: ACT II, Scene 1

Quick -- your gut reaction:  Yes?  No?  Maybe, on a bus and truck tour of "The King & I"?

Jun 2, 2010

A man in a pencil skirt...

DRAWS lots of attention!  Get it?

Jun 1, 2010

Demystifying patternmaking: here's hoping!

So yesterday I managed to break off the "e" on my keyboard while cleaning it and it seems I'll need a replacement.  Instead of pressing an "e" key I have to press this soft rubber nipple-thing -- ewww.
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