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Jun 4, 2010

Brought to you by the letter "e"

It wasn't my intention to talk about harem pants again today, honest.  But it beats talking about this:

I am still waiting for my cherished vowel, readers, the replacement of which is somewhere between California and New York.

I am currently holding a viewing of my late-departed.  If you'd like to drop by, please do.

But back to harem pants, which has unleashed apoplectic passion among MPB readers like nothing since the notorious jumpsuit.  

I went fabric shopping yesterday and picked up this:

The print will be the pants and I'll likely make a loose, flowing shirt (included in Simplicity 4788) out of the stripe.  They're both soft and drapey cotton.  Thai silk will have to wait.

I traced the old pattern, taking two inches off the top and four inches off the middle.  I used this tracing material Mary in Florida sent me a while back called Pattern Ease.

It's made of polyester and cellulose and you can even stitch on it!  Thank you again, Mary.

So here's where things stand -- well, lie -- so far:

I am cautiously optimistic, folks.  I think these might convince even the hardened harem haters out there.  More tomorrow for sure.

Look what reader Susan pointed out to me from yesterday's Sartorialist!  Am I prescient or what? 

I found these pics of Douglas Fairbanks in the 1924 production of "The Thief of Baghdad."

I especially like the harness, but you'll probably want to leave that at home for routine trips to the mall.

I can't wait to be done with my pants.  Next up is a pair of these and don't pretend you didn't wear them.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for our First Annual "Harem Hoedown," with lots of valuable prizes.

Have a great day, everybody, and stay cool!


  1. Love the print ... but would it be OK if we talked about the dear departed E, instead of the harem pants? Please?

    (Love the inflatable exercises jeans. Really must find some - they would so match my inflated figure.)

  2. I think cautious is the best sort of optimism for this particular project.

  3. As to the dear departed E, have you read Stephen King's Mercy? (I'm not a big Stephen King fan, but I read an interview in which he said it best described the creative process he goes through in writing a book.) In it, he also loses the E., followed by other characters. Have fun! (No sewing for me the next 10 days; I'll be off pickin', grinnin', and singin' on vacation.

  4. That fabric is a FABULOUS choice! I am crap at reading blogs on the weekend, but will have to make a point of stopping by.

  5. See peter, this is why you couldn't keep the Sartorialist on your hate-list. You are just too fashionable - and with the times. Good luck with your keyboard, it's always a pain when something like that happens. I love the fabric choice, by the way.

  6. Love love love the black fabric with the cream (?) squares. What type of fabric is it?

  7. If you could stretch to an interest in 'A', "The Secret in their Eyes" (Best Foreign Film 2010 - but no Ginger, Fred or Cyd Charisse) features a typewriter with a malfunctioning 'A' that weaves itself into gripping plot

  8. I was looking at au bonheur patterns and I noticed there is a whole section of harem pants. Who knew there'd be so many variations!

  9. Definitely an improvement over the muslin. Glad you too the inches out. I'll be interested to see your completed ensemble. Have to admit, I've been skeptical of the pants all along. By the same token, the process has been hysterical, and it making and wearing them makes you happy, that's reason enough!

  10. Oh. My. Gosh. WHAT are those inflatable shorts about?! I have never seen anything that ridiculous. Well, maybe I have, but we're not talking about my ex-boyfriends here ;)

    I have to say Bravo! for your harem pant explorations. They aren't my bag, but I admire anything that's unique, and those, my friend, definitely are. If anyone can pull those off, it's you.


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