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May 25, 2019

Three Fabrics, One Shirt!

Readers, my pattern-mixed shirt is finished!

May 23, 2019

Experimenting with Pattern Mixing and Hand-loomed Fabrics

There aren't that many perks to being a longtime sewing blogger, but occasionally I'm given the opportunity to sample special fabrics in exchange for sewing something with them.

May 18, 2019

Reverse-print Wearable Muslin REVEAL!

Readers, this week I whipped up a shirt -- a wearable muslin really -- from a vintage McCalls pattern I've had in my stash for years. 

May 15, 2019

Men's Work Jacket REVEAL or "Poppies on Parade"

The "Wizard of Oz" poppy-print jacket is finished and all I can say is, I'm out of the woods, I'm out of the dark, I'm out the night!

May 10, 2019

Oye, Poppy!

Friends, have you ever sewn with fabric that had such a bold pattern that halfway through your project you just couldn't look at it anymore and began to question whether you liked it in the first place?

May 3, 2019

May 1, 2019

Poppies and Lemon Blossoms!

Friends, do you remember this lemon print cotton I purchased last August?
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