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May 15, 2019

Men's Work Jacket REVEAL or "Poppies on Parade"

The "Wizard of Oz" poppy-print jacket is finished and all I can say is, I'm out of the woods, I'm out of the dark, I'm out the night!

Once I figured out what this jacket looks good with -- basically anything black and/or white though I may introduce a little green gingham at some point -- I felt much better about the whole project.

As you may remember, the original inspiration for this was a Louis Vuitton men's windbreaker I saw at a local mall (Brookfield Place) selling for nearly $4,000.  That's a lot for a windbreaker unless it's lined in Russian sable.

One thing I've learned after ten years of sewing is that the streetwear looks are best left to the folks half my age and under.  I look better in more tailored clothing even if they're sewn in funky prints.

Here's the back view because naturally one wants the back view.

I made the same jacket in red cotton twill in 2016.  Of course a solid is more practical but the poppy print is snazzier.  It was more work too since the whole thing is underlined in pants-weight cotton twill.  (The quilting cotton by itself is too soft to be a jacket.)  Everything had to be cut twice and then the two layers pin-basted and stitched together in the seam allowances.

The jeans are mine too!

Front facing cut in poppy print and, below, tan twill.

I had my buttonholes done at Jonathan Embroidery in the Garment District.  It costs $1 per buttonhole but the result is just about perfect.  My yellow plastic buttons are from C&C Buttons just up the street from Jonathan's.

And that's it, readers.  I'm ready to move on and I hope you are too.

Happy sewing, everybody!


  1. What a success! I have to say, I wasn't sure about the fabric, but I think you have created a great jacket.

  2. Do you have any yellow or orange pants to pair with it? And a white shirt. That would be my choice. 😍 Love it.

  3. It's so bright! I love it. I want a floral jacket for spring/summer too :)

  4. I'm so glad you endured the poppy field haze to complete the jacket - it's fabulous and suits you so very well.

  5. Actually, like your version better...and of course you modeling it is far superior!...what a great spring statement............

  6. I love it with the black tee and cuffed jeans!

  7. Just absolutely so snazzy. Thanks for the shout-out about Jonathan. I love them and they have saved me from many a cursing session with my buttonholer

  8. I like a snazzy jacket. Looks good on you.

  9. I love this jacket, and you look great in it...very spring-like!

  10. This is so much nicer than the inspiration garment and your red one is lovely too. Xx

  11. love your version much better than the inspiration garment. and you wear it darned well.


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