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May 25, 2019

Three Fabrics, One Shirt!

Readers, my pattern-mixed shirt is finished!

A few more views:

Coincidentally, this shirt also coordinates well with my recently completed poppy-print chore jacket.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I sewed this shirt with three of the beautiful hand-woven fabrics provided to me by the online fabric store, Loom & Stars.  These lightweight fabrics are perfect for summer weather and were lovely to work with.

A few more tips for sewing with delicate fabrics: I pre-washed all three fabrics in a front-loading washing machine but I did not put them in the dryer.  I will wash my completed shirt by hand and air dry it.

Stay-stitching is a must on every seam cut on a curve, basically the neckline, shoulders, and armscye.  Keep handling to a minimum.  These fabrics aren't as delicate as silk chiffon but I treated them similarly.

I used the selvage from my striped voile-weight fabric to reinforce the front shoulder seams.  This isn't essential but it is helpful--again, the purpose is to keep the fabric from stretching; the selvage serves as a stay.  I used flat-felled seams at the armhole and French seams on the side seams.  I opted not to use my serger on this project -- it just felt too industrial.

I made my buttonholes using my adjustable vintage Singer buttonholer.  Since the front placket is fully interfaced, it's as stable as any other cotton shirting.

I'm very happy with how this shirt turned out.  Those who follow me on Instagram know that I was a little concerned that the final result would resemble a vintage Seventies McDonald's uniform.  If I'd used the striped fabric for the sleeves I might be in the danger zone!

By the way, I sewed this shirt entirely on my Singer 15-91.  I used my Bernina only for some bar tacks and to attach my shirt buttons (I know, shameful, right?).

And that's it -- I'm ready to tackle my next sewing project.

Have a great day, everybody, and happy sewing!

(More info about how Loom & Stars fabric is woven here.)


  1. I am not a huge fan of blocked fabric looks - but this one? this one is great. Well done!

  2. I love it. Great job and interesting to see close ups of the hand woven fabrics.

  3. The colours are perfect on you - lovely work well done.

  4. Ya know, ya just know a major label is going to pick you up in a surprise staffing choice ("From blogger to creative director in one easy decade.") - and a few of them couldn't do it soon enough.

    The Jean Dixon of the comment section

  5. Beautiful shirt! Love the fabric combination.

  6. Good job! Reminds me of shirts I see here in West Africa.


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