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Mar 5, 2011

GUY week!

Readers, I'm thrilled to announce that tomorrow, March 6, we'll be kicking off our First Annual MPB Guy Week.  

And what a week it's gonna be!

Obviously a great many of my readers are women -- I magnetize them somehow -- and that's fantastic; I couldn't be happier about it.

But I sometimes fear that my male readers end up a little neglected in the process.  So this coming week we're gonna focus on the stuff us guys enjoy. 




And chicks...



Just guys being guys.

I hope you women understand -- it's nothing personal; guys just need guy-time now and then.

But before I forget, I must announce the winner of Thursday's groovy pattern giveaway.  She's a Leo from New England who loves Nancy Drew, let's give a big hand to....


Lisette, email me your mailing address (peterlappinnyc at gmail dot com) and I'll get that pattern off to you ASAP.

As far as new Ken doll names go, we'll be covering that during Guy Week!

In closing, if there's anything you guys want to make sure I cover during Guy Week let me know.  My list is long but there's no rest for the weary.

Jock straps? (check)

Shaving?  (check)

Beer?  (belch)

Don't be shy, guys.  Let your voices be heard!

If any women are having feelings about this, I encourage open sharing, as always.

Got a light?


  1. Oh my, can I steal your last pic? I want to use it as my wallpaper on my computer. That pic is so full of awsomeness, you don't even know! LOL

  2. The one with the dog and the four Kens.

  3. Oh my, that puppy is too cute! I love chihuahuas.

  4. OK Peter, I'm a girl, but you made me laugh with your siren call to the guys. I fully support your effort to go all guy this week!

  5. Thanks, Laura. I guess the guys are sleeping in today...

  6. When you do the jockstrap segment could you please include ballet undergarments? How to fit & all that stuff that I never have had to worry about before. My young man will be turning the big 13 this fall & his instructor says its time for the older boys to make the move to adult garments (v the regular underwear). That is not something carried in the local stores, mail order only & while to small might be bad, worse would be too large.

  7. A yes, the dreaded "dance belt" -- I know them well! Consider it done.

  8. yea guy week!
    +1 on jockstrap design/fab'

    my guydar told me it was guy week so i started my project last night.
    a classic cut swimming trunk for the summer (40's speedo).
    So far I've learned i love my serger and hate hate hate spandex. will be trying some alternative fabrics for the next suit. Something less slick. sewing two sheets of teflon is hell

  9. Oh no! Did Cathy's release date (and crinoline) get pushed back?

    But I'm always up for a Guy Week. ;-)

  10. Debbie, I was waiting for my 36 yds. of lace trim -- just arrived yesterday. First Guy Week, then crinoline.

  11. I have nothing to say about Guy Week. My 4 guys don't really appreciate my sewing for them. However.......I LOVE Olga! She was my childhood hero.
    For some strange reason this post makes me want to start collecting Ken dolls. Wierd, I know.

  12. Yay Guy Week! Bring it on. Now if I can just get that damn shirt done, I'll be on cloud nine for sure.

  13. I think this is a great idea, should I tell you now that I plan on posting as Lynn(proper male spelling) my better british half, or maybe Victor my enourmously confident but never arrogant better half....or perhaps Lon my decidely jewish half-lol

    Hope all the men enjoy their guy time!

  14. Squeeel! Such fabulous masculinity in today's post, and more to come! I'm sure I'm not the only lady who thinks this is a great idea.

  15. Hooray for guys! And who is in the fourth pic?

  16. Oh yeah, just contemplating 36 yards of lace trim makes me want to have my own Guy Week. ;-)

  17. Peter, let's cover Wayne Newton during guy week...

  18. Peter, I'd like to see something on men's vests, the instructions lose me on the turning inside-out and sewing up the final seam part,

  19. Guy week.. how macho of you Peter. I'm sure the vinyls are delighted with this new turn of events. Have you thought about sewing Ken clothes for them?

  20. How about a little something on sewing men's hats?

  21. Jock straps? Commando
    Shaving? No
    Beer? Vodka

    How about a review of all the cool mens patterns that have been produced in the 21st century...oh hang on, there aren't any.

  22. I wonder if you know about Raymond Houston, a quilter whose blog is Tesselation Nation? And another site he has is Grandma Nacho's Quilts or something like that. So cool. Check out his "Naughti Gras" quilt in Mardi Gras colors.


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