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Mar 19, 2011

When bloggers meet

Readers, one of the perks of blogging is getting to meet other bloggers in person.  Sometimes they even treat you to coffee -- though not always, so bring your wallet.

I've been seeing a lot of my fellow bloggers these past few months and I haven't been open with you about it.  I'm a man, OK?  Anyway I'm spilling the beans today and I hope you're satisfied.

In February I saw Kristin, Sally, and Audi, all three lovely young women who love to shop.  (One of the real downsides to posts like this is having to link to everyone else's blogs; cost/benefit analysis suggests it's not even in my best interest but it's the polite thing to do.) 

I won't lie: I'm a little peeved at Sally at the moment as I was hoping she'd link to my secretary piece from last Wednesday in her regular Friday links post but she didn't.  Sally knows I don't hold a grudge but she should definitely keep her distance for the next week or two.

Seriously, though, I just loved these gals but believe me when I tell you that five hours with professional shoppers is way too much for a tightwad like me.  I don't shop; I "shop."

A few weeks after that I hung out with Johanna and Rachel, two great ladies who, thankfully, "shop" just like I do.

I don't link to Johanna's blog because Johanna doesn't have a blog, which has become a bit of a sore point between us.

Johanna has everything it takes to be a successful blogger but is highly blog resistant: she just refuses to blog -- this while owning more than a dozen fantastic vintage sewing machines that could provide half a year's worth of blog content.  Johanna claims she doesn't want to have a blog.  I think she should work it out with a therapist as it probably relates to her upbringing but she resists that too.

Rachel is one of those people that you just can't help loving no matter how you try and believe me, readers, I've tried.   She just wins you over every time with her effervescent personality and sense of fun.  She also has the stamina of a lumberjack which is remarkable given that she has a full-time job and travels into New York from northern Connecticut.

Last week, who was in town, ostensibly to clean out his summer place on the nearby New Jersey Shore but Mainely Dad, or as he's known to his friends, Duane.

Duane hasn't been blogging much lately but he has been a standout in our MPB Men's Shirt Sew-Along Flickr group.  He claimed he had to come into NYC to buy linen and buttons for a jacket he's making but isn't it a strange coincidence that he just happened to be wearing the amazing shirt he'd just completed, which he then proceeded to thrust in my face every chance he could get?

Honestly, readers, while the shirt was gorgeous, I started to feel a little sorry for Duane, whose sense of self seems overly-invested in his sewing projects.  And he had the audacity to get peeved when I pointed out the little threads he hadn't clipped on his front shirt buttons.  Really, was I wrong to call his attention to it -- too David Coffin of me, perhaps?  Duane knows I love him and I'm not just saying that to get an invite to his summer place, which would be nice.

Finally, yesterday, I had the most delightful time with blogger Robin, who was stopping in the city to buy some lace, en route to Boston.

Friends, have you ever had lunch with someone you'd never met before and after an hour felt like you'd known them for years and would gladly sign over your power of attorney to them?  Thus was my connection with Robin.

I won't lie: she had me from hello when the first full sentence she uttered (in Paron's of all places) was You're even more handsome in real life!  I don't know if this is manipulation on Robin's part -- the expression of an unhealthy need to be liked -- but it worked like a charm on me.  I'm that shallow.

Unfortunately my last full sentence to Robin before parting was It was so great to meet you, Meg.  I could have killed myself.  If this had been a job interview, my resume would have been immediately chucked into the wastepaper basket and rightfully so.  In my defense, I hadn't slept very well the night before.

Robin is one of those people who, despite (I strongly suspect, though I could be wrong) being on the wrong side of forty (like me), simply does not take a bad picture.  I'm a sucker for great skin and Robin's is fantastic and just look at that bone structure.  She's like one of those women who get picked out of the studio audience on those Oprah makeover episodes and you think, well, sure they picked her, she's gorgeous already.

Robin is married and I am partnered but I do think we have a future together if only psychically. 

Friends, that's it.  Please don't think I only make time for other bloggers.  I'm a big-time slacker and a cheap date, so if you're ever coming for a visit and want to blow off a few hours, do shoot me an email.  We can even go fabric "shopping."

OK, time to get a move on -- Happy Saturday, everybody!


  1. Oh so jealous here! Sounds like so much fun! But your post makes me feel as if I was there with you - so until I can meet some of these fabulous bloggers IRL myself I'll just dream while reading the post.

  2. shhhh don't tell anyone about my bloggity blog crush on Peter!!

  3. All of this and sewing too! How DO you have time for it all? (said with a snide British accent) I just watched a Victorian BBC broadcast and am feeling ever so sassy and quite frankly overcome with jealousy (That is what I believe one of the characters might have pronounced upon reading this blog post.

    In thinking...okay maybe it is a bit of brooding because I want to share some fun with you...but I think we need to plan a 'playdate'. I'll bring Barbie, Midge and Tammy? Skipper and Pepper can go play in the park while we do something more scandalous with the grown-ups.

    Maybe sometime this summer...although with this post, which oozes something I can't quite put my hands on, but fell for...I'm sure you will have a line of fellow bloggers waiting at your doorstop and may not have time for "little ole me". (now I am channeling Scarlet O'Hara). :) I DO declare I may need to gather my wits and find my smelling salts.

  4. OMG, am I oozing all over my own blog?

  5. (Argh, typos! Reposting.)

    You should've posted this 2 days ago because it's making everyone, including me, GREEN.

  6. Hi Peter, I'd love to meet you one day. Are you coming to Italy anytime soon? we have a garment district here to 'shop' and we can compare 50's dresses. I just finished mine!

  7. I agree with should make a European trip--and come to Edinburgh :-)

  8. Love this post. You and Robin look very happy together! :-)

  9. I'll getcha next time, Peter. Promise.

    Also drop me a note and I'll teach you how to code your links so they open a new window and you don't "lose" readers by linking to someone else's blog. Maybe then you'll forgive me. ;)

  10. Yes a second for London please!

  11. I got to spend a couple of hours with Robin today. She's so delightful. It's so great to make blogging friends, and even more fun to meet them in person!!

  12. You have been busy. And that is a very funny post.
    'blog resistant' that.

  13. Such smiley happy faces all round! New York must be such a great location for meeting other bloggers. Perhaps next time I'm in the city I'll drop you an email - or if you're ever in London...

  14. And don't forget to come to Wales when you do that European trip. We don't have a garment district though :-(

  15. You 2 crazies had me sitting on the train thinking that perhaps I do need a treadle machine. Thankfully, I came back to reality around Stamford. You're a bad influence!

  16. There's my cutie Kristin. LOVE her.

  17. Hello,

    I'm from Kuwait and I usually view local blogs but I can't find people here that are interested in sewing.

    We have a lot of Indian tailors that are very good.

    I just joined a tailoring class but I missed 2 classes because of uni exams, so I'm kinda behind;s

    I'm searching the internet for how to do a standard size blouse for women. . . then i found you:)

    I love your blog and I think I'm going to be a regular visitor:)

  18. Glad to hear it, Manayer. Welcome!


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