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Mar 20, 2011

Cathy Plays the Palace

Folks, tonight's the night -- the big Broadway premier and Cathy's a VIP guest!  I could not make this up.

I think most of you know the story already but I'll recap: an MPB reader from Australia -- who has yet to identify herself -- phoned into a Sidney radio show, Afternoons with James Valentine, on his Best of the Web segment.  She recommended Male Pattern Boldness (take a look) and specifically my parrot videos.  Listening to the show that afternoon was none other than the Australian scenic designer for Priscilla Queen of the Desert, which is about to open on Broadway.  Lipsynching parrot videos?  Give this boy a screen test!  Frantic emails are exchanged.  And the rest, as they say, is history -- or rather, history happens tonight.

Clearly this did not leave me with a whole lot of lead time yet so much had to happen: Cathy had to be sprung from prison (check), I had to arrange to get the tickets (check), Michael had to press his tuxedo (check), I had to make a new dress for Cathy....

Dear Empathics, on this score I have fallen oh-so short!

You're probably thinking, well, maybe if he didn't spend all that time having lunch with Robin and coffee with Duane, etc. and you'd be right.  The rose-print sateen Comeback Dress is still a work in progress, a gathered skirt hanging forlornly on my ratty dress form.  BUT -- there is another rose-print sateen* dress!

* I now believe both rose-print fabrics are polished cotton.

And this, my friends, is what Cathy will be wearing this evening, with a clutch bag, velvet gloves, better foundation garments, and some something I hope to pick up today at the flea market -- a veiled hat, a fox fur, cubic zirconia briolette earrings-- something -- to dress this up a bit more.  My mantra is WWCD: What would Casey do?  Well, Casey would probably whip something together with pipe cleaners, pigeon feathers, and spit, and come up with a Schiaparelli. 

I lack these skills.  So I am going to do my best and hope that whatever Cathy lacks in the couture department she makes up in charisma.

I know many of you have fashion tips and guidance galore and please feel free to share it, but soon -- I have to make a 6:30 pm curtain.  Believe me when I say that I have combed through Cathy's wardrobe carefully and the big gap is in the event area.  I mean, she has the Eighties jumper, the Twenties flapper, and the Forties working girl frocks.  Even when completed, the Comeback Dress is a little too "Once a Year Day" for a Broadway premier, don't you think?

I will have to address this soon because who knows what other big events Cathy is going to be attending in the future?  Do you think Anne Hathaway has these problems?

In other news...

You know I'm not one of those bloggers who tantalizes his readers with frustrating "I have a surprise for you but you'll just have to wait to find out" posts.  If there's anything I hate it's surprises.  Either tell me or move on.

Well, friends, I'm going to tell you, or rather show you.

I got the saddle shoes (the blue and bone instead of black and white, which I agreed looked too Sis boom bah.)

And I got the sewing machine.

WAIT.  Did I mention the sewing machine?

That, my friends, is a story for another day.

I must away to the theatah and someone badly needs to shave her legs.  Tune in tomorrow for all the gossip!

Happy Sunday, everybody -- and happy Spring!

UPDATE:  The shoes, vintage originals from Bonwit's...two pair for $5.

UPDATE II:  Taking no chances...


  1. My first (second) thought was,"what sewing machine?".

    My first thought was,"Have a wonderful, fun time tonight. It looks like such an outrageous and flashy show...and I'm sure the Divine Miss M will be there along with many other need to know people.

    I don't know how I will sleep tonight while waiting for tomorrows post.

  2. Oh..and thanks for the video, it made my day. This IS a once a year day. Happy Spring!

  3. I hope you find a fur! I have one that I am still waiting to wear SOMEWHERE fancy.

  4. I'm quite certain you did not mention the machine :-) But I love that you got the shoes (perfect colour combo) and I hope that Cathy isn't too traumatized going straight from jail to Broadway. These things can overwhelm a girl.

  5. You know how it's Liza with a Z, well it's Sydney with a Y :-)

  6. Ha! I knew you would get was only a matter of time.....
    Willpower IS over-rated, isn't it?

  7. Well next time I hit NYC, dispense with pleasantries and delegate sewing to me! Priorities, dear, focus!
    So exciting! Looking forward to a full report!

  8. Have a wonderful night -- the ensemble is enchanting. Breathless with excitement for tomorrow's report.

  9. OK, just back from the flea market -- ermine stole (well faux, but good faux) and AMAZING vintage black velvet open-toe pumps complete with the ankle strap -- totally Joan Crawford -- with the Bonwit Teller label! Try $3 (well I got 2 pair for $5 -- had to get those classic Jackie O Ferragamos).

    I may splurge for the hat.

  10. Will Cathy, post incarceration, need to be exfoliated, scrubbed and made to shine a la Eliza Doolittle before her 'Big Night'? You readers await your detailed and photographic report with breathless anticipation!!!

  11. We're working on her diction now -- then her calluses.

  12. Wow! James Valentine is fantastic, I'm from Sydney and I always loved his shows. What a funny series of events, enjoy the show!

  13. Wah!! What an exciting evening! I expect full photographic documentation.

    Love the saddle shoes (LOVE!) and SO HAPPY you bought a Featherweight. They are awesome!!

  14. I hope you're bringing a camera with you this evening because we're all going to want to see photos of Cathy and her date at Priscilla.

  15. The entire webdom is awaiting the report with bated breath! But yes, rose prints are a bit picnic-like, and there's just nothing red-carpet enough in the current wardrobe. Still better than what some of us could come up with on the spur of the moment though :-)..

  16. Oh, I definitely think that Cathy needs some more "dress up" clothes. The saddles shoes are fabulous! I agree with the other readers, a camera should be in tow. :]

  17. Cathy, with an air of suitable hauteur and mystery, will fit in anywhere. After all, she is in stellar company with other fallen, like Martha Stewart. Have a great time all - can't wait to read all about it tomorrow.

  18. Wait, what happened to the "enough sewing machines" idea? Is that a featherweight? Everyone needs one, so you can have it after all. :-)

    What I want to see is the picture of you with Cathy. ;-)


  19. Love the saddle shoes! Wear them with a nice pair of tweed-y, raised waist trousers (cuffed) and leather suspenders!

  20. I'm so excited for you! You are going to the 'Belle of the Ball'!

    Ok, about the sewing machine...we trusted you, we looked up to you! You said no more and we believed it! have and addiction. Thats the first step.

  21. I hope that the evening surpassed all your best expectations!

  22. How did I not know that The Pajama Game was a musical? That clip was wonderful -- now I want to watch the entire movie. And I want my own once-a-year-day dress.
    Have a great time at your event!

  23. I LOVE the shoes that you chose. They are perfect. Hmmmmm, I wonder if they make them for women?

  24. I love the saddle shoes! Perfect color alternative. And I'm with you all the way on the hatred of surprises thing.

    Have fun at the theater!


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