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Mar 10, 2011

MPB First-Ever DOUBLE Men's Pattern Giveaway!

Loyal readers, I have so much exciting news on this fifth day of Guy Week, I almost don't know where to begin.  Like my arch-rival good friend Gertie, I too am on a super exciting trip!

Well, not that exciting.  We lost our internet service yesterday so I'm sitting in my local bagel shop/Wi-Fi hotspot and I sure wish they'd turn off the radio.  Honestly though, I'm grateful to be able to sit here with the cup of hot coffee I intend to nurse for the rest of the day, or at least until my bladder holds out, which might not be much longer.

Before I launch into today's exciting giveaway, I must send my thanks to the anonymous Aussie housewife who called into the Afternoons with James Valentine radio show on the 702 ABC Sidney station recently, telling him about Male Pattern Boldness, and more specifically about my parrot videos.

In a story straight out of Thirties Hollywood, a listener to that particular show happened to be none other than a VIP in the stage production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, currently in previews on Broadway.  Long story short, guess who and his partner are going to see a real live Broadway show?  (I know, I know: in the Hollywood version I'd end up starring in the show, but let's see how this plays out yet; I'm a total Lucy Ricardo when it comes to show business.)

In any case, thank you, whoever you are, from the bottom of my show-biz-addicted heart!

Goodness, I'm already out of breath and I haven't even announced today's pattern giveaway!

Dear readers, you know I love to give my blog-family members -- yes, that's how I think of you and it's getting a bit expensive to keep you all in play clothes -- free patterns whenever possible, and it has occurred to me that these are always women's patterns.  Given that this is MPB Guy Week, however, today we're going to change all that.

Yes, friends, today we're giving away men's patterns, and not one, but two men's patterns to two lucky winners.  Not only that, but you'll actually have a choice from among three patterns to insure you're getting what you really, really want -- and undoubtedly need!  Of course, the winners don't have to be men -- I need to move the merchandise.

Without further delay, the patterns are:

First, this early Sixties Simplicity shirt and vest pattern in a men's Medium (Chest 38", Neck 15"), straight out of Troy Donahue's closet!

Next, this groovier-than-groovy Seventies Butterick leisure suit outfit -- make the pants, make the jacket, make the whole shebang!   It's also a 38" chest (and a 32" waist).

Finally, this fantastic "Carefree" McCall's pattern from 1976 (men's Medium), comprised of bathrobe and pajamas.  It's a must for those who like to hang around the house in sunglasses with a can of root beer (at least, I think that's root beer)!  How much more carefree can you get?

As mentioned, we're going to have two lucky winners, and here's all you have to do to qualify:

Obviously first, you must be an MPB follower. (Numbers count, folks, especially when you have aspirations to the the big time -- or its sewing/blogging medium-time equivalent.)

Next, in one paragraph or less, what would you most like me to cover in our remaining two days of Guy Week -- and/or do we need to extend it?

I know I promised to cover shaving and if I do, would a video be too much and would there have to be a parrot in it?  I've always been a big fan of those grooming/hairstyle vidoes on sites like Sally's and Casey's.  Is it time for me to share my beauty secrets?

You have until midnight, Friday, EST, and readers the world over are welcome to enter -- especially my beloved Aussies!  The two winners -- chosen at random, as always -- will be announced on Saturday.

Oh, and don't forget to tell me which pattern you prefer -- a first and second choice would be ideal.

Friends, we're nearly out of time and I really need to pee.

Ready, set, go!

4 PM UPDATE:  Still no home Internet but check out my new article on BurdaStyle this week -- swing by and say hi!


  1. I spit my coffee out laughing at your second para. Gotta say, I'm very intrigued to know where Gertie is - and I really hope it's somewhere more fun than your destination :-)

  2. How about covering the 'comb over' in honor of Mr. Trump who seems to want to run for office. It is a huge fashion 'don't' - I really think men need to see how handsome they can be without trying to cover a bald spot! A video would be the best, and most hysterical, way to accomplish this.

  3. What I especially like about Root Beer Guy is that the pattern was bought in Wichita. Were there lots of cool shades-wearing lounging types in Wichita in the 70s?

    Hm. What would I like you to cover? Well guys' week has had its fair share of Lucy already... and I did enjoy my wikipedia research on Lypsinka - how about headwear? Really whatever you come up with is entertaining.

    I like the pjs and the vest and shirt too! and 38 is perfect for my bloke.

  4. Please don't enter me, but I have to say … Fantastic news about Priscilla! How fun! When are you going? What will you wear? Who is more excited — you or Michael?

    And thank you for making the bagel shop sacrifice for your blog family. An unexpected day without Peter is too sad to even think about.

  5. I'm really fond of the robes, with the 60s pattern as a close second.

    Hats, please! I have seen a smattering of patterns for sewing men's hats, but most seem to be targeted at turn-of-the-century newsboys or frat guys who seemingly aspire to be New England fishermen.

  6. I am in luck my husband just happens to be the right size for those patterns, and he also has been known to drink a root beer before going to bed. However not in a baby blue robe or while wearing sunglasses.
    I have enjoyed the posts this week, I wish I had inspiration to give but I do not. I will however be looking forward to what comes next.
    I am a follower or staker what ever you want to call it.
    I would like to have the Troy Donahue look, my husband is named Troy after all.

  7. I'm a bit stumped for more topics that you could cover (that's why you're the blogger and I'm just an avid reader), but I'm happy to read more guy topics if you are happy to write about them!

    Yes, please do share your beauty secrets.

    Videos are great; parrots are optional - though certainly welcome.

  8. We lost our Internet service yesterday so I'm sitting in my local bagel shop/Wi-Fi hotspot and I sure wish they'd turn off the radio

    HEADPHONES. (Etymotic has decent, but $$, earbuds that will entirely block out outside noise. love them. (; )

  9. Its not exactly style or fashion related, but how about a quick overview of shaving? I think that too many men hack away at their faces using disposable or electric razors and have never experienced the pleasure of a shave with fine english shaving cream and a double-edge razor.

    Either the shirt or suit pattern works for me.

  10. While you are tackeling the combover, you could venture into the whole facial hair thing. I have never seen my man without a moustache, although the rest of the facial hair is pretty variable and seems to correlate with the amount of time spent before the mirror (which is generally not so much).

  11. Neckties! I really enjoyed this series -thanks for putting it together! The second and third patterns are awesome.

  12. UGh. My internet was out for an entire month in Jan. It was very stressful. The music was terrible and the coffee was horrid. If I never see another internet cafe...

  13. My favorite is the carefree pj pattern, followed by the leisure suit.

    How about covering toupees? Think they will ever make a comeback? My grandfather apparently wore one, and according to my father he never let anyone (except my grandmother) see him without it.

  14. Root beer? It looks to me to be either a box of salt or a can of 30-weight. Man, just LOOK at that guy. You can hear the thumping, groovy electric bass in the background, can't you? I like to think he's posed on the edge of a hot tub. >sigh<

    I agree with Barb: Please do a post on hair and hairpieces. You could include hats, too. That would "top" off Guy Week quite nicely. (Feel free to use that.)

    Have you ever thought of doing video podcasts?

    (Please exclude me from the giveaway. My husband hasn't been that size since the 80s.)

  15. I insist that you cover the comb-over as barb suggests, perhaps with a side trip into toupes á la Seersucker Sally. But don't enter me in the give-away--I can't really use the patterns.

    The Carefree robe and jammies reminds me of Pattern Junkie's priceless series on the "Pajama Problem" faced by pattern illustrators who have to depict multiple views of men's pajamas on the envelope. Check it out here.

    (It looks like the link is working, but if not, it's

  16. Oh Peter, how lucky you are! I love PQotD - the stage show is so good I nearly wet myself laughing (Did I just admit that?!)
    Have a lovely, lovely time.

  17. Instead of just doing toupee's and comb-overs maybe talking about hair in general. The other menswear topic that I love reading more about is lapels/suits/width of ties ect. Business wear through the ages.

    Also a video with shaving and a parrot would be awesome.

  18. If you're going to cover hair in general, how about a nod to sideburns? There are sooooo many guys out there who NEED that information- not that I know any of them.

    How about when to let go of "lucky" clothes? Yes, you did win the 7th grade basketball championship wearing those socks, but do we still need to keep them?

  19. Ooh, how about men's swimwear - from neck-to-knee through to budgie smugglers? (And back again, if I was still sucked in by your promise of a vintage-inspired swimwear line.) Our Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott (Google for some very unattractive images I'm sure) is a fan of the budgie smugglers. Budgie smugglers... parrot video... surely there's a link there somewhere.
    I also would love to see the hats and hairstyles as suggested by others.
    Patterns... I adore the pjs and robe, and the waistcoat might actually be of genuine use since my husband has begun a bit of a waistcoat-wearing thing in winter :-)

  20. Make sure you keep that coffee away from your laptop, or more than your internet will be out! I'm speaking from experience, of course!

  21. Hi Peter,

    It would be great if you could do a post on men's hair styles (perhaps this could be tied in well with men's facial hair styles/shaving).

    I have finally managed to convince my boyfriend of the merits of going to a hair styling PROFESSIONAL. And he looks even more handsome now! Some vintage inspiration for next time would be be great!!

    As for the patterns, the vest would be very useful for us (have spent weeks looking for one that fit just right in the past). And when I finally finish his shirt he can wear the two together.

  22. Footwear. Especially a guide to what not to wear.

  23. Peter I love the vest pattern but haven't been a 38 since i was 16. overflowing the robe patterns now from a recent pattern grabbag from fleabay

    EXTEND IT! or some attention grabbing expletive

    why be cause i'm a chauvinist just ask my husband. Ok maybe not but its been a fun week of posts

    I vote for mens swimsuits. this would give you plenty to cover about styles, history, enforced modesty, freedoms, insecurities and modern self imposed male modesty.
    of course Shaving is very male

    this may be another idea possibly under classic style but the tucking in of shirts. when you should have a belt. when the belt should match the shoes (brown belt and black shoes means he's straight, single, dresses in the dark, and doesn't look in the mirror) and most of all when you shouldn't. If you look like violet the blueberry then untucked is best
    Ladies please remember you are judged by how you let you men dress. I know I am.

  24. I was @ "Miss Celie's Pants" admiring Cidell's tuxedo pants, and thinking how gorgeous she is in them and how awesome the outfit will be when she finishes the tuxedo jacket, when it suddenly occurred to me- women in tuxedos are not cross dressing, and women in clothes also worn by men look more feminine, not more masculine. Women can wear everything, but men have hardly any choice at all! What are guys going to do about this?

  25. Great videos in the next post! My son looks good in a vest so that would be my first choice. I can't imagine him in a leisure suit so the bathrobe would be my second choice.

  26. I want to know the answer to the eternal question:

    "Why do men wear their good clothes to work in instead of just washing their work clothes more often?"

    My boyfriend's wardrobe is now almost all work clothes. I am not amused. He does take good care of "HIS" favourites, though, my opinions be darned :P

    The good news is that the leisure suit pattern is right up his alley, especially if I narrow those trousers a little bit. He really likes the slim fit and mega-pointed collars of seventies shirts. Otherwise, that bathrobe looks really cozy!


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