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Feb 21, 2017

More Camo Capers!

Remember this jacket I made last August?

That was my first foray into sewing a camo print and I'm not even sure you'd consider that print camo, though it certainly has camo-like qualities.

Anyway, this week I decided to cavort with camo once again.

Classic army green camo doesn't flatter my "summer" coloring, but I found a light/dark gray camo cotton blend at Mood that suits me much better.  I started out with the idea of making a shirt but it is ending up more like a spring jacket.

My pattern dates back to 1939.  (Menswear hasn't changed all that much in the last 80 or so years.)  Echoes of Tyrone Power?

Rather than using the two breast pockets you see in the pattern illustration (which I did make, pictured above), I added two zippered breast pockets which are large enough for sunglasses or a smart phone.   The pattern's original pockets are nifty but they're too small to be practical.

Cutting long rectangles through the front of my garment is a little scary!

Rather than leave the zippers exposed, I created a narrow flap to cover them.  The flap hides the fact that the zippers are, indeed, dark blue.  Now tell me: do you see the image of a dead rat immediately to the left of the pocket flap?  I do!

A few more detail shots:


Sleeve placket!

Below, topstitching flat-felled seams with my pink Janome Hello Kitty.  I'll be writing a one-year anniversary review on this machine this coming spring.

This is not intended to be a replica of an army jacket although, given the fabric, there are some similarities.  I should be finished soon, then it's photo shoot time followed by the Big Reveal!

Anybody else have camo capers to share?  Did you go with green camo, gray camo, tan camo, or something else entirely?

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. I'm thinking that your spring jacket may be a mobile Rorschach if you're seeing dead rodents on it. Personally, I'd say the furry little guy is sleeping, but the death component certainly could be interpreted as a glimpse into what your day was like! tee hee. Love your blog.

  2. Love the jacket!! Very nice. I see the rat. Placket is wonderful. That little machine sure delivers--MichaelC

  3. Depending upon your mood, both Jane and Blanche Hudson might agree with you. Time for din-din!

    1. It's all those "Feud" previews I've been watching!

  4. Another great piece in your wardrobe - looking forward to the smart poses and city places you and your photographer visit.

    Bedazzle the "rat" an "eye" (in "smoke"). Understated kitsch is a thing of beauty.

    As for that calendar is marked; by the third week in June I'll be out of my cage.


  5. Do you mean the rat with the forked tail? Very spooky!

  6. I really like the flaps hiding the zippers. I think the "rat" is very appropriate for this garment. LMAO that this military-inspired project is being stitched with a Hello Kitty machine. Love it!

  7. Can't wait to see both the finished jacket and the one year anniversary review of your pink Hello Kitty Janome! (I've been secretly longing for a green Hello Kitty Janome....)

  8. I'd say more "dead possum" than "dead rat," my ownself. Rats have bigger ears ... but, hey, I see more dead possums than rats, where I live.

  9. Excellent sewing once again! I am considering some green camo. I am an autumn. Are you sending subliminal messages?

  10. Love the dead rat, I mean camo jacket and looking forward to the final reveal. I appreciate the close-up shots of all the detail work, including the tailoring tools (point presser, wood clapper). Great job.

  11. You have good sewing skills. I use to sew clothes but then cloths got less expensive and styles change and quilting took over like a tidal wave.

  12. The jacket is looking great and will love to have the same. Thanks for the share Peter.

  13. I've got some knit green cammo with peace signs and roses that is taking forever to become a pair of joggers. Love your precise stitching and confident pattern interpretation, as always!


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