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Feb 1, 2017

First Fabric Haul of 2017

Readers, it's been a while since I've shared a fabric shopping haul with you.

Part of the reason is that lately I've been putting more energy into culling my fabric stash than growing it -- Marie Kondo and all that.  But I have plans for some exciting sewing projects in 2017 and purchasing new fabric feeds my creative juices like nothing else.  I know it's more practical to sew from my stash, but limiting myself only to my stash can feel punitive and, frankly, stingy.  I know many of you will understand what I mean.

I visited only two fabric stores yesterday: the ever-going-out-of-business It's a Material World on 39th St. (near where Paron's used to be), and Metro Textiles on 37th St.  I spent $50 in the former store and $80 in the latter -- not a little but not really a lot either in the scheme of things.

Here's what I got:

This cool cotton bird print shirting, $8/yd:

Looks good on Michael!

This Alexander Henry cotton hibiscus print, $3/yd.

I included the gingham to give you a better sense of what the red looks like.

This cotton patchwork in mustard and gray prints, a fabric I've seen in the store for the last eight years.  It's $5/yd., but I managed to get 7 yards for about $20 -- end of a bolt.

Now onto Metro Textiles.  I hadn't visited Kashi in more than a year, my bad.  I love hanging out with him and he always has surprises on hand and very good prices.  Here's what I purchased.

This lavender-undertoned patchwork madras.  Was it $5/yd?  Something like that.  Many of his fabrics are in the $5-7/yd range.

This polka-dotted poly charmeuse border print -- perfect for this vintage Pucci Vogue Couturier pattern I own:

This gorgeous Japanese cotton plaid with a soft-as-cashmere hand and slightly blurry look.

This leopard print cotton voile with day-glo orange highlights:

And last but not least, two yards of lightweight woven fusible interfacing.

And that's it!  I think I did well and I certainly had a blast doing it.  Which is your favorite?

I hope you've enjoyed this vicarious fabric shopping experience, readers.  If you're ever in New York, I do recommend visiting both It's a Material World and Metro Textiles.  (You can find out their exact address and hours by Googling them; Metro is only open during the work week with few exceptions.)  It's a Material World has had "Going Out of Business Sale" signs in the window for the last seven years.  When I asked when they were actually closing, the owner said "When I sell all this fabric."  I think that means he's not closing tomorrow, but I don't think he expects to be around much longer either.  Lots of gems there if you're willing to dig and it helps to know your fabric.

How about you?  Anybody have a recent fabric haul they wish to confess?

Have a great day, everybody!

See more cool fabric from my shopping trip on my Instagram!

Me and my friend Kashi of Metro Textiles.


  1. Peter,

    Fabric store envy oozes from my every pore.

    Not to be a cyber-curmudgeon, but (slight pause and voice goes up an octave) "someone" mentioned doing a blog about Japanese sewing books for men in the week following the interview; t'was on a Blab of some sort (not that the recording, or precisely recorded time of the utterance, need be referenced or mentioned, but... ).

    Mr. 15:29-15:35/1:04:01 a.k.a. Mr. 22:31/1:04:01

    1. I can't get anything past you, Testy!

    2. A Laura Mae/Cathy Lane garment swap meet-up (with Michael on piano)! Bring it on!


    3. We'll put this in Act 2, of "Laura Mae, The Musical".

      The song is "My kindness is a weapon", and it's sung out of the far corners of their mouths while they make nice.

    4. "My kindness is a weapon,
      so sister, keep in steppin'.

      He's my cousin/he's my friend,
      he loves me more in the end.

      Those clothes that you've been schleppin',
      are no match for my weapon.
      With gracious encouragement, please take,
      sheer joy as you parade in fashion's wake.

      The battle's your, I'll concede and say,
      we'll ditch you quick, and dance night into day.

      He's my cousin/he's my friend,
      He loves me more in the end.

      Then I'll smile for spoils I've won,
      a war well fought, with nary a gun.
      Out maneuvered, and disarmed,
      brighter bulbs this act has charmed.

      So as I smile and say,
      we've come such a long way.
      Awash in sheer bliss as we share,
      with our kindness in the air.

    5. Spud,

      You are my muse!


    6. Peter you got that one right! Test is a hybrid of Perry Mason and Dick Tracy!! LOL!!

    7. Oh, Scorp, so astute. I have Raymond Burr's sensibilities and a big jaw.


  2. My favorite is the bird print. Then, the patchwork madras and I have to put the neon leopard waaaaay down the list for me personally. But, surprise me and sew up something that will win me over.

  3. love that japanese plaid... who knew there even WAS such a thing??

  4. It's official - Michael looks good in everything!

  5. Love these fabrics Peter, especially the birds! Can't wait to see the finished garment!

  6. I love that oversized floral. I just bought merino wool jersey 30% off mail ordered from the Fabric Store in LA. I got 5 yards of silver gray, 3 yards of cherry red and 3 yards of light weight black merino boiled wool. Yummy. I can't wait to see what you make with your haul.

  7. Score! The bird print and the Japanese plaid - beautiful! Would love a shirt in each of those fabrics. I can knit but I haven't done much sewing.


  8. Great fabric finds Peter! Love that bird print.

  9. Love the blurry Japanese plaid! I was just at Kashi's recently - can't believe I missed that one! My stash is truly full... but/// you know...

  10. Has Kashi ever taken a bad picture?

  11. Great fabric haul Peter! That Japanese cotton is everything!! I would love to get my hands on that too! Guess I need to make another trip to New York soon!

  12. My favorite hmmmm Michael!�� Teasing. I like the blue bird print and the hibiscus fabrics.

  13. Those question marks were supposed to be smiley faces. Somehow they did not show up properly.

  14. I love the bird print and the floral. You did well. Looking forward to see what you make with them.

  15. I have that bird fabric in my stash waiting to become a shirt for my life parter! I think I got it at the same store you did. I absolutely love it—I've just been kind of fed up with sewing shirts last year, so I put it on hold for a while, but I think I am about ready to tackle it now.

  16. Love the Japanese plaid. No positive feedback on the leopard print às yet..... I wonder what you have planned......


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