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Feb 23, 2017

FULL FRONTAL: Peter Models the Camo Shirt Jacket!

Readers, as promised, the BIG REVEAL.

Check out my new camo jacket over at the Mood Sewing Network here!

The forecast calls for mild weather today and I'm going to be sporting camo, natch.  I know it's scary in the big picture, but I'm enjoying this spring-like February.  Maybe it's age.

I'm very happy with my cotton camo jacket and I'm pretty sure I have enough fabric leftover to make shorts.  Camo head-to-toe?  Why not!

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Curious, why is there a link over to Mood? Rather than just show it here?

    1. The things I sew for the Mood Sewing Network get posted there first. Great question!

  2. i love the jacket, which surprises me, since i find camo and the things it is usually associated with usually among my least favorite things. that pattern really works with that cloth!

  3. Very nice. Not into camo, but colors look great on you.

  4. I ordered some camo fabric last night. You have part of the responsibility for that! the leftovers will make my kid a camo tee shirt.

  5. What a beautiful shirt/jacket, shacket?I love the camo fabric, the grey is a very elegant variation. However, now that you have mentioned it, all I can see are the "rats". :D

  6. Really nice! I love this look!

  7. Nice shirt jacket, I think the gray is good on you. And I agree with those who say the rat-ish silhouette is somehow suitable for NYC. And thank you for not using that ghastly word "shacket"!


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