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Jul 9, 2010

You win a few.... + GIVEAWAY!

Good morning, kind and compassionate readers!

So the day I bought that multicolored seersucker I also picked up a yard of this bold, sturdy stretch knit, thinking it would be great for Cathy.  Then I changed my mind:  I wanted to make myself another bathing suit and, fresh from my cabana set success, decided I would make a matching racing suit and tank top.

Well the racing suit turned out great:

I used elastic in the waistband; the legs were snug and secure enough to simply serge, turn under, and topstitch.  And rest assured, I did the "wet test."  All clear!


I can do the Watusi, the Frug and the Boogaloo in it with confidence!

But then.  The matching tank top.

I used an old favorite, McCall's 3438.

Oh, my.

And with the suit....

Go ahead, laugh.  I can take it.

With blue tights, I could it wear it on the flying trapeze.  Barelegged, strictly women's gymnastics meet.

I should have done the trim in a solid, made the neckline lower, never started the thing to begin with.

It's a 36" chest and quite well made-- would anyone like it?

I think it would look best on someone with a 34" chest or smaller as it's a snug-fit.   It's completely clean and sure to be a collector's item in the future.

Let me know by leaving a comment below and I'll drop it in the mail.  Of course, we'll expect a pic of you in it!

So that wraps it up.  I have a few more little knit tops to stitch up for Michael in the next few days and then we're off.  I'm really starting to enjoy using my serger, by the way.  I find that I have much more control over the fabric feed and can see better if I stand over it -- that gives me a clear view of the knife cutting through the fabric.  Mine is the popular Brother 1034D -- highly recommended.

Happy Friday, everybody -- Watusi!


  1. Oh my. Well, at least you've got the bottom half, right?
    I love that clip in the first video from It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World. It is one of my favorite movie scenes ever, and the rest of the movie is good too!
    Watusi on!

  2. This is amazing! I want to know - are you taking the pictures on a tripod or is Michael is taking these pics? And if he is? Is he giggling the entire time?

  3. i would totally wear this to sonic yoga....

    i like your moves!

  4. ::sounds of chirping crickets::

    I'm speechless. Is it too late to take it apart and make matching chihuahua racing suits? Or if you stitched the top and bottom together and grew a big black moustache, you could get a Russian strong man act going.

  5. Oh Peter! I love everything about it. Seriously. I like the top with the white trousers and red hat. There, I said it.

    Agreed: your moves are way groovy.

  6. You know, you could always close off the bottom of the tank, or insert a piece of sturdy oval fabric and make a great matching beach tote. You and Cathy will need a place to keep all of your sunning accessories and extra clothes for your impromptu photo shoots.

  7. Matching beach THAT'S an idea! Still, I'd rather give it to someone who'll wear it -- or frame it.

  8. Funny, but the pieces together, well...I think you DID make a suit for Cathy.* A nice vibrant tank-ini! But if you are giving the tank away, I'll take it!

    * maybe subconsciously?

  9. You know Peter, while it does seem that you were thinking of Cathy when you made this, I must say that I've seen guys wearing flowery stuff before. Think Hawaian shirt, for instance! The picture of you with the top and the white pants looks good. You could wear the top under a solid white or navy blue short sleeve shirt and it would also look good. You don't have to wear the pieces together and you don't really need to wear a top for your bathing suit. I mean, you're trim enough not to worry about it, unless you're worried about sunburn, that is. :-)

  10. Laughing my head off! I love your boogie woogie moves. I like the tank too, I think you should keep it and wear it like others have said above

    yeah and matching doggy wear would be appropriate, and a headscarf for when Cathy borrows it.

  11. LOL! Perhaps made it longer, too? That way, aside from the graphic print, you'd match old pictures of old-style suits... though you'd need a white belt! ;) And no, I don't want it, 'cause there's nobody around here that can wear it.

  12. Peter - you are too much! Cathy might just have to borrow this suit.

  13. Oooh. Man + tankini = Mankini!

  14. LOL Elaine!

    The bottoms are awesome, as are the dance moves. Letting go of the top is a good call.

  15. Shannon, please don't encourage the selfless songstress...I mean, the seamy stress test...

    I mean, the smelly fish mess...I mean, the elfin fish girl!

  16. I know a girl with a 34'' bustline that happens to look great in blue; me :)

    Cute trunks though!

  17. Your face in the dancing photos!!! OMG!! My children think I'm going crazy I'm laughing so hard! I think I've said (commented) this before, but it can certainly be said again. You are BRAVE!

  18. I know you have offered to give it away;
    being an Indian Giver is just not your way;
    but PLEEZE keep the top and wear as suggested, then let lend it to Cathy once she's totally rested.

    You'll both look tres chic (matching beach tote or not)...
    Fire Island, Peter's coming - it's about to get HOTT.

  19. Why are you giving away the mankini? Looks great and we think will be a big hit on Fire Island.
    Signed your fans in Toronto

  20. I love your new suit and great dance moves.. :) I would wear your tank I love that print!...


  21. Thank you Peter, I really needed a good laugh today. Interesting if not useful fact: racing suits are called 'budgie smugglers' in Australia.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Well I love the top lol. Can't wait to see who wins this. I would very proudly wear such an outfit by you especially in the future it will be worth something :-)... I just remembered also my birthday is in a few days hint hint well I turn 20 on July 18, The big 20!!!! lol

  24. I started laughing like a mental patient when I saw the whole ensemble, and then started again when I read "Go ahead, laugh, I can take it".


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