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Jul 25, 2010

kathy girdle fun

Friends, I rarely make reference to the behind-the-scenes world of Male Pattern Boldness or its upkeep.  It seems, I don't know, unseemly, like pointing out that Baryshnikov sweats, and it spoils the illusion of effortlessness.  In Show Business -- and that's what I consider this blog you realize -- one wants to focus on the Show and not the Business.

But if truth be told, this site is not maintained by Oompah Loompahs.  Occasionally I will peek at the statistics available through Google Analytics and something new offered by Blogger called "Stats."

These features allow you to learn the (very approximate) number of people visiting your blog and how long they stay (hours!) whether over the last day, last week, last month, etc.  It also shows you whether they've come to you directly or via another blog.

For example, whenever Elaine mentions me, a great many of her readers come flocking here.  She's one of my highest-rated referring sites despite my not being included on her "Great Sewing Blogs" short list.

The statistic I find more interesting is the list of popular keywords readers have used to find us here at MPB.  For the uninitiated, these are the search words one types on a site like Google:  say, "male sewing peter" for example, because you haven't yet tattooed my URL on your forearm.

The most popular search words (or keywords) are mainly what you'd expect:  "male pattern baldness," "malepatternboldness blog," "mqale pattern boldnes" (sic), etc.  But occasionally you'll see one and think, What was this person looking for and did they find it here?

For example:

A number of visitors arrived via the search words "algerian suit folkwear pattern," no doubt interested in my harem pants project.  Makes sense, no?

Quite a few people arrived via the search words "Elizabeth Taylor."

Now, loyal followers and lurkers, I know I have written extensively about Ginger Rogers, Mitzi Gaynor, and even Connie Stevens.  But have I ever mentioned Elizabeth Taylor?  OK, maybe once, in passing.  But it makes you wonder about the accuracy of those statistics -- and the effectiveness of search engines.  How frustrating it must be if you're hunting for extensive information about Dame Elizabeth or White Diamonds or "A Date with Judy" and you find yourself directed to MPB.

But it gets stranger. More than one person it seems stumbled upon us using the keywords "Kathy girdle fun." 

Friends, where to begin?  First, my identical cousin spells her first name with a "C" not a "K."  Second, Cathy-with-a-C is not known to wear even control top pantyhose let alone a girdle.  Third, there is nothing fun about this restricting foundation garment -- just ask Shelley!  (Although, come on, you have to laugh at "Adaptolettes" which sounds like a girl group circa 1963.)

Perhaps YOU are the one who came here via kathy girdle fun.  If so, you needn't be embarrassed.  The important thing is that you got here.

Readers, there are so many more giggle-worthy keyword combinations, like "man in a pencil skirt," "age appropriate clothes at 50 men" and the ever-popular "blue dress from the hills knock off."  Kind of makes you wonder. 

If you have children in the house, please don't go searching on your own for "Kathy girdle fun."  You might not like what you find there.  But then again, you just might.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everybody, girdled or no, and please watch the video below -- it is fantastisch.


  1. HI I just discovered google stats, its really made me rethink my tags and titles!
    have a great day!

  2. "But have I ever mentioned Elizabeth Taylor?"

    But those leaving comments have. We could really mess with your stats by citing all kinds of weird stuff here. Or maybe I shouldn't have said this out loud, like to Elaine. ;-)

  3. I don't know about Google Analytics. I've been following it for my Etsy store, and the heaviest search words that get people to my store have nothing whatsoever to do with items in my store. Either I'm reading it wrong or the internet is weird. Or both. And the visitor traffic comes from strange places. When I visit those places, I can't find any references to me, so I'm not sure how they get to me from there. It should just marvel at it like the double rainbow guy and not try to nerd it out I guess.

  4. Very interesting - just set up Google Analytics on mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Channel Fabrics Inc. has a NY phone number if you Google them.

    The stats on my blog are usually zero visits on any given day.

  6. lorrwill, I just visted your blog twice from Peter's blog, so let's see what the stats say about that.

  7. 3 views!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are the best.

    Now can someone explain the beginning of that video? I am going to have nightmares about the monopoly guy stalking me now I think.

  8. Oh, Peter. You are a hoot. I save your blog for last when going through my reader because I just know when I am exhausted at the end of the day you are going to crack me up. And you do. Every time. Thanks!

  9. Beth, if I can provide you with a little girdle fun, I am happy.

  10. Oh! What I wouldn't give to be a member of the "Adaptolettes". I can shoo-wop with the best of them!
    Hmm...I wonder if my girdles would be free then. Oh joy!

    Google analytics is addictive. I have all my sites on it. Before them, I used statcounter. They are at least real time, but GA has way WAY more tracking features...

    Sorry, computer geek in me.

  11. bwahahaha! Whenever I'm feeling in the need of a good laugh, I go take a look at the search terms that generate hits to my site. Never a dull moment, I tell ya. Although "Kathy girdle fun" is slightly hilarious and terrifying at the same time. rofl.

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  12. I'm gonna have to figure out how to get the Google Analytics thing set up on my blog... How do you get to it?

  13. Sarah, Google it and take it from there. It walks you through the instructions as I recall.

  14. Well, since you mentioned lurkers, I guess I may as well out myself. I have been a loyal lurker (I guess no longer :) at MPB ever since I found you -- I don't even remember when or how. But now I am definitely one of the ones that arrives directly! I always look forward to reading what you have to say. And by the way, thanks for cheering me up this evening after a rather rotten day! :-)

  15. Just to clarify, I'm still loyal. I'm just not a lurker anymore. ;-)

  16. Welcome, Melissa, and I hope you're up for some girdle fun in the months ahead!

  17. Oh that was fun Peter, thanks for the uplift.. It has been quite a dreary day...

    I am quite jealous of your Channel fabric find.. Cant wait to see what you make with it.



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