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Jul 11, 2010

Buh-tcha ARE Blanche!

Loyal readers, you're bound to have feelings as you contemplate my very first break from Male Pattern Boldness since bearing this high maintenance child on January 23, 2010.

It's totally normal; let yourself feel them.  One day sadness, another self-pity, invariably some rage too.

While I'm away, I encourage you to rest...


And sew yourself something beautiful.

You'll be fine, I assure you.  If you need an extra push, MPB will still be here in archival form.  Surely you haven't read everything and you can start now.

Some updates:

Those who enjoy a little schadenfreude (and who doesn't) will be glad to see this:

Nice, huh? (I'll be sure to bring my anti-fungal foot powder.)

It should come as no surprise that my loyal (?) cousin Cathy has made other plans and will not be joining us this week.  The fact that I never did sew her a bathing suit as promised may have had something to do with her decision, I cannot say.

A few belated thank you's before I depart...

Reader Cherri recently sent me this wonderful men's tie pattern along with some fabulous vintage poly tie fabric!  Does it get any groovier? 

Ruth sent me this lovely top and skirt pattern that seems ripped right off Victoria Principal circa 1978.  As soon as Cathy firms up her upper arms a bit, she'll be ready for that halter top.  Thank you, Ruth!

Kelly sent me a bounty of fantastic patterns in assorted sizes and I may give a few of them away to YOU -- having cleared this with Kelly first, of course.  Kelly, you're the best!

And finally, reader James sent me these:

Honestly, have you ever?  James, as Dinah Shore used to say, Mwah!

During my vacation I'll be studying.   As you must know by now, I'm a sucker for any book that promises to make me more attractive.  Here's a peek inside this recent flea market find and my new beauty bible:

I'll be able answer your many beauty questions much more effectively now, so if you have any, just ask!

Friends, while I won't be blogging this week, my staff will be bringing anything urgent to my attention.  (They will not be answering phones, however, so please don't call.)

Have a wonderful week, everybody, and don't forget to write!  I'll be back on the weekend.

Arrivederci and keep sewing!


  1. I'm glad someone is going on vacation this summer. Are you going to recycle old posts? That might be fun.

    It looks like all of us have been sending you our unsewn patterns which suggests one of two things. 1) We like watching you sew. 2) We are sewing nothing.

    The first is certainly true. The second is likely true as well.

    Happy camping. You'll be roughing it on the island, right? ;-)


  2. A week w/o MPB will be tough to bear, but I shall persevere. Have fun!

  3. Have a wonderful time away!

  4. Have a great time, Peter! (And Michael too!) Are you bringing the pups? Take lots of pics, watch lots of people, and be mindful of the sun. We'll miss you TONS while you're gone and will be counting the days 'til next weekend.

  5. Have a wonderful family vacay, Peter! Enjoy your blogging break. I hope you'll take lots of pics and treat us to some when you get back.

  6. Wow. I guess instead of reading your blog, I will have to go actually sew something.

    You enabler, you.

    I want that beauty book. ISBN, please.

  7. Could Bette Davis be any more fantastic?

    That Vogue 5527 is to die for!

    At least you made yourself a variety of swimwear!

    Have a great vacation and see you when you get back!

  8. Have fun, Peter, and we'll see you when you get back...

  9. Enjoy your vacation. I assume it will provide fodder for new posts in the future. Stay cool.

  10. I'll ... be

    But have a great vacay!

  11. Oh, your posts never fail to make me laugh out loud.

    Have a wonderful, restful vacay.

    And Kelly, please start reading my blog!! Hehe.

  12. Have a fantastic vacation!! We'll miss you!

  13. If you give away your man-kini tank top, do give it to me! I'm a 34 bust and in need of something cool to wear while I sew prairie dresses so a man I work with, his partner, and some of their friends can dress up as sister-wives this Halloween. It should be interesting... :)

  14. have a great time away. Is your "staff" the dogs?

  15. Have fun Peter we will miss you... looking forward to your speedy return..


  16. I'll be ok.Having just discovered you(and how divine it is)I have loads to catch up on!
    Enjoy,hope you packed your frilly sleepmask.

  17. This is my first visit to your site and I must say that I LOVE the blue eye shadow in that book. Does seem like I can't wear it though with the can't wear it twice in your life rule. Maybe I should teach my daughter's how to thickly smear baby blue shadow on their upper lid.

  18. Nice infiltration over there "Troy" I knew you would pop up somewhere during your hiatus...

  19. Omigosh! I just dug that same tie pattern out of my in-laws' attic over New Year's! After paging through your blog (yes, I like to look at all the back posts of a new blog I'm interested in), I'm becoming more inspired to sew for my husband. This might be the pattern! :)


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