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Jul 10, 2010

Upon Winning My First Oscar

You really like me!

I told you that I won that vintage Vogue American Designer Oscar de la Renta on eBay right -- the one that the Selfless Songstress assigned me?  Well I received it yesterday and I must say I love it.  I've always admitted that Elame has impeccable taste.

Frills and ruffles everywhere!

But look at this:


Do you see that "14" in the far right column I'm pointing to?  That is the number of yards of chiffon I'm going to have to use.  Four-friggin'-teen!  That's eleven more yards than I have ever used for anything ever before -- ever!

Drat that girl -- she always has a trick up her chic sleeveless sheath dress!  Will I never learn?

Thankfully, I'll have my upcoming mid-week vacation to recover from the shock.  I'm not exactly sure if this will be my next Cathy project or not; I'll have to ask Her Highness.

Meanwhile, I don't think I'm speaking out of school when I reveal that there's someone else slyly suggesting new outfits for Barbie Cathy.

Gertie, yes, Gertie has now gotten into the act.  She wants me to make this 'plicity' pattern, which she believes "will show off Cathy's awesome gams perfectly" (the short version, sans pants).

Readers, I nearly choked on my chopstick!   Honestly, that Asian inspired pattern is barely one step above these:

Can someone please explain what Santa has to do with what looks like Charlie Chan in lounge wear?  Is this a veiled allusion to the fact that we Jews often eat Chinese food on Christmas?

All I can say is, Gertie, look a little bit harder, please, and nothing that screams "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing."  Jeez!

That's it for today, folks. I stitched up a terrycloth knit tank top for Michael -- or for me -- yesterday to make up for that "man-kini" embarrassment of the other day.

I still haven't decided whether to keep the man-kini or to give it away. It seems there are some oddballs who think it's perfect for Fire Island.   Is there something about that place you're not telling me?

Happy weekend, friends, and please stay clear of loud knits and rice paddy hats!


  1. If you're really going to make that chiffon monstrosity, I recommend that you find a ruffler attachment for one of your machines. Otherwise, you're really gonna hate life. (I have three--two low shank and one high, none of which work for my machine. Want one?)

  2. Laura, I don't think a ruffler will work with chiffon. I think it's hand gathering all the way.

  3. I used to have a Barbie dress that looks suspiciously like the Oscar one above. It probably required at least a metre of fabric itself to make, that thing was fluffy! Cathy would probably look more fab in it than my favorite Barbie doll did.

    And Hi! *waves* I've just come across your blog and have been enjoying your posts the last week or so. :)

  4. I rather like the Asian sheath with the high collar for Cathy.

    The ruffled thing will be a challenge, but you seem up for these sorts of challenges. I don't really see Cathy in it, but then you do know her so much better!

    Have a nice holiday.

  5. Now see, I agree with Gertie on the Asian-inspired dress. I think it would look marvelous on Cathy.

    And the mankini is great! Although the tank is a bit short worn with the "budgie smuggler," it looks good with the white trousers. I like the beach bag idea as an alternative.

  6. I don't know if it will or not, Peter. I'd have to do some research. But you're welcome to one of them if you want it. :) And if you have to hand ruffle, I'm sooo sorry. Trying to get the gathers even is a pain! I should know. :D After all, baby and little girl clothes have lots and lots of ruffles!

  7. I think Cathy would look wonderful in the Asian dress! And I like the tank with the white pants also.
    Notice I'm not commenting on the foofy toilet paper dress.

    Have a great vacation!

  8. (I must be using the wrong brand of toilet paper...)

  9. Now I know you're crazy. Fourteen yards... of chiffon??????? Chiffon. It must be the heat that has your addled brain thinking this is a good idea. I suspect Cathy will agree with me.

    As for that McCalls pattern with Santa and the Chinese dude, that 1890 printed on it, it must be the year printed on there when such stereotypes were the norm.

    Fourteen yards of chiffon. I think even Joan Collins would tell you you've lost your mind.

  10. First of all, get tricot chiffon - no fraying and no hemming. Second, get the ruffler foot. You can use it with chiffon. BTDT when I made a chiffon pettiskirt for my princess Gracie.

    Consider - I was trying to find the retail link, but I don't have it on this computer. I'll post it on my blog when I find it again. I ordered rolls of chiffon for pettiskirts, but they have yardage as well. A roll or two for those hems will save your sanity since it comes in various widths.

  11. Indeed! I stand by my original suggestion, and several others agree with me, I see (she says, smugly). It also must be noted that I am clearly *not* trying to sabotage you . . . unlike others who recommend patterns that call for 14 yards of chiffon!

    If you make it, I'll even provide the hat. (Did you know those hats were actually quite popular in the era of Dior's New Look? Look at pics of the Bar Suit - the model is wearing one!)

  12. I might take you up on that hat, Gertrude.

    Sandi, thanks for the links. I had never heard of tricot non-fray chiffon. Cute pic, too!

  13. love the cheongsam style dress (that Gertie has darn fine taste!)

    You could always make it without the trim and in a non-asian-y print to make it less....stereotype-ish

  14. I love pattern that Gertie suggested for Cathy! Its beautiful! I might have to locate one for myself. yes indeed I must.

  15. With all due respect to Elaine, I think you should dump the fourteen-yard nightmare.

    The demographic at the Noile household agrees: My husband pointed out that "Cathy's just not that kind of girl."

    I say go with Gertie's shift. As for good old number (year?) 1890: Wow. Just wow.

  16. I think Cathy would look great in the pattern that Gertie suggested. You can ramp up the look with a hat (as per Gertie's suggestion) some strappy gladitor sandals and a sleek purse. Cathy would be 'smokin hot' for those warm summer city nights. Come on, let's face it - we sew to emphasis the best parts of our bodies and Cathy does have the legs for that dress! Go for it! Don't be shy! And, as for that dress pattern that takes 14 yards of chiffon, well all I can say is - Don't go there!

  17. hehehe only 14 yards!I am currently sewing flowergirl dresses for 5 little girls and in the the size 5 dress there is 23 meters yes 23 meters of tulle!!!Oh well,at least it's not chiffon!

  18. I think Gertie is right.

    Have you tried craigslist for fabric Peter?

  19. Hi,
    Would you be interested in selling your vintate Oscar de la Renta dress pattern 1926? I had that dress made for my 1979 wedding, misplaced the pattern and have been searching for another since.

    Thanks. Joni Bravo

  20. Joni, I think I'd like to hang on to it, sorry.

  21. Peter, may I use the picture of the pattern on my blog. It's a brand-spanking new blog and the first few posts will be background info. I used that pattern for my wedding dress (and married the same year as Joni too!) and want to show the pattern picture along with the dress I made.

    I can't believe I found that pattern on the internet so quickly! Guess that's one bright spot to the mess Google created with their recent update.

    I would, of course, give the link to this blog post.

    Thank you,

  22. Thank you! Here's the post:

    You can see my version of the dress. :)


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