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Jul 7, 2010

Troy Donahue Lives!

Squint hard -- don't I look like Troy Donahue?  Harder, harder!


Despite temperatures in the triple digits yesterday, I completed my cabana set.  Now all I need is the cabana.

Despite the worst directions for attaching a shirt yoke facing ever, I managed to stitch this up pretty fast.  I used a few vintage buttons on the front...

And added the oversized front pockets, which definitely give it a vintage look:

Having only purchased a yard-and-a-half of this seersucker, I didn't have quite enough for the shirt, so I had to make the inside yoke out of a different seersucker I had left over from a pair of pajama bottoms I made for Michael way back when.

Not pretty, but thankfully hidden inside.

The dogs were so happy to model with me this morning, despite not getting matching muumuus.

I hope you like the shirt as much as I do.  But more importantly, what do you think of me as a blonde?  Dreamy...or bad dream? 

The beauty is there was absolutely no peroxide involved!



I'm tired and hot but plowing ahead.  Five days to Fire Island!

P.S. -- A special thank you to the many readers who expressed concern about the wisdom of wet seersucker.  Rest assured I will be wearing the appropriate foundation garments.  I'm strictly a pre-code kind of guy.


  1. I love the shirt! I also find it interesting that the sleeve length here gives it more of a vintage feel as well. Kind of like the skirt length for ladies maybe? Fun, fun in seersucker.

  2. Very nice! And using different seersucker on the inside works well. Especially since it doesn't show from the outside.

  3. I love it! Now I just have to figure out how to get my fiance into a cabana suit like this.

  4. Nay, to blonde! But I do like this seersucker set. Perfect fit as your usual.

  5. This ISN'T Troy Donahue? Love the shirt, very chic.

  6. Will you be renaming your blog, "Male Pattern Blondness"?

    Love the outfit, love the fabric, you look divine!

  7. You could be single-handedly bringing back this look. The blond? Not so much. But who needs blond when you've got the cabana outfit? I mean, seriously now. The next thing you have to make is one of those shirts, a little bit larger, lined in terrycloth. The Bomb, I'm telling you.

  8. Not only do you need a cabana, but also a pool boy to whom you can bark out orders for more mimosas. I really like this ensemble.

  9. You did a wonderful job on the ensemble.

    I agree you need the pool boy to keep the drinks coming.

  10. If you're going blonde, then you have to spring for the spray tan, too. And I really love the matching shirt, but I want to see a puppy muumuu, too.

  11. Can't the puppy muumuus be made from the green seersucker, ensuring a family set of coordinates?

  12. Puppy Muumuu... that could be a dance craze!
    Peter this is a fantastic outfit, I can't wait for the sea side pics!

  13. The blond doesn't work without a spray tan (like Elle said), but I'm diggin' the cabana look.

  14. Love it! Peter, surely a sophisticated destination like Fire Island has a cabana to do this fabulous outfit (and you with a pool boy) justice! I even adore the inside seersucker. A surprise like a non-matchy-match is a good thing sometimes, esp. for casual beach attire. Rock it!

  15. Yes, it's cute, but I don't like blondes. You need a co-ordinating beach towel now.

  16. You look marvelous!!

  17. Holy Cow we just had another earthquake! Either that or the cabana set just rocked my world - 5.9 - looks like it was a quake and the rocking set! Too bad you don't have enough seersucker for puppy sun hats, those two are too much!

    I must admit, I'm not partial to blondes myself but I did have a couple of steamy romances with the fair haired type...a French attache from Nice and a very tall German chef who wore an ascot on our first date. Ahh memories...

    Sorry. I got off topic there.

  18. My man would kill for that cabana set!Oooo,I think I better make him one for our upcoming cruise!
    Those dogs of yours are TOO cute!

    I'm a new reader-you totally rock!

  19. Please, please, please use what ever scraps you have to make something coordinating for your fur kids!

    MPBlondness, not so much, seersucker awesomeness, you haz it.

    Looks really good, my man.


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