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Aug 1, 2016

New Month, New Fabric, New Projects!

No, you're not seeing double.

Michael and I wore our matching shirts to a workshop this weekend and this happened: pure serendipity.  These are our friends Ralf and Arne from Germany and we were excited to coordinate so well with them, especially since the workshop was all about creativity.

You may not remember that these tractor shirts have contrast inside collar stands done in red gingham.

In other news, I have so much new fabric to share with you.  I don't think I ever showed you these two lovely fabrics, gifts from MPB reader Pam (if I did, apologies).  One is a fine-wale corduroy with a tiger print; the other is sumptuous William Morris lawn shirting.

So many possibilities!

I also recently received a box of fabric from MPB reader Michael C. 

This blue and black cotton shirting reminds me of stained glass:

This black jacquard will make a beautiful shirt someday.

Same goes for this classic cotton plaid.

The brown cotton below has a turquoise design that's slightly raised and fuzzy to the touch.  Not sure what it will become but it's wonderful.

Last but certainly not least is this unique multi-patterned cotton.  Hard to believe it's all one fabric!

Meanwhile, I'm planning my next big project and I'm thinking winter outerwear.  I just picked up this 100% wool plaid from Mood and I could definitely see it becoming a men's macintosh-style jacket.

I've been going through my many jacket and coat patterns to see which might work best with the plaid.

(Four more here.)

I'm also eager to use this unusual crinkled black nylon, quilted onto poly batting.  It could be the inside of a coat or the outside.

As you can see, I have a lot of options -- perhaps too many.  My fabric stash has become an embarrassment or riches, thanks in part to the generosity of so many of you!

And speaking of fabric, don't forget that MPB Day is now less than two weeks away, on Saturday, August 13th.  If you plan to attend and haven't RSVP'd yet, please do so by shooting me an email (peterlappin at gmail dot com).   Can't wait for it to get here!

And that's it.

What's in your sewing docket for August?

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. I love that plaid and, of course, I am partial to the pattern on the bottom-right. I can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Beautiful fabrics. Michael and Pam have great taste! For the plaid, my vote is for the shorter length coats such as View B of the Vogue or the center view (also B?) of the Butterick. With detachable hood, of course.

    Odd to be planning for winter in this heat but thinking about rain and snow and wind feels good.

  3. I'm with Mr Tiny, the plaid needs to be made into that Butterick 3327. That looks like a cool pattern.
    I can't wait to see what becomes of your fabric loot!

  4. Lovely fabrics!

    I bet the person bending over in the background of the top picture would love to be cropped out :)

  5. Thanks for the pattern mixing Michael. I love it. That plaid shouts "more urban lumberjack". That's a good thing. IMHO.

  6. I like the vintage Butterick just calls to be made with the plaid!

  7. Love that top photo!
    You’ve acquired such great fabrics! Can’t say I care for the multi-pattern one, so I guess that means you’ll make it into something fabulous and make me eat my words again.
    For the plaid, I’m also partial to the Butterick on the bottom-right.

  8. (audible exhale) Well, well, well, so you did finally post a pic of Michael in the Tractor shirt atop the shorts.

    Like a meter maid salivating with pen in hand,

    Sign me, feeling utterly robbed of the rant

    A different sort of "Promise Keeper"

  9. I always thought that brown would make a great short sleeve shirt. I love the fabric Pam sent. I like the plaid for the vintage jacket.

  10. When they make the movie of your life, Peter, that photo will recreated with the following cast (from left to right):

    Josh Holloway
    Stanley Tucci
    Will Ferrell
    Anderson Cooper

  11. Lovely fabrics and I like your ideas for their use!

  12. I really love your matching shirts! I also love how the collar stands are of a different material than the rest of the shirt - nice touch. That black jacquard fabric will make a beautiful shirt.


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