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Aug 18, 2016

Peter at the Manus x Machina Exhibit + New Pattern Book + More Jacket Pics!

Readers, today I finally got my a** over to the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Met Museum Costume Institute.

Many MPB readers from even thousands of miles away had managed to get there, couldn't I?  To be honest, these big Met museum blockbuster shows are not my thing.  Yes, they're bursting with extraordinary treasures, but there's simply too much show (more than 170 ensembles), too many people, and I never end up having as good as a time as I have at an FIT exhibit one-fifth the size, like say, Uniformity, which we saw last Saturday on MPB Day.

I arrived at the museum before noon and, while the exhibit was busy, it wasn't as crowded as I'd feared.  I saw some fantastic gowns -- in fact, the exhibit is mostly couture gowns, created with the most extraordinary workmanship imaginable, done both by hand and by machine (which is the point of the exhibit).  Still, it felt overwhelming: like sitting down to a tray of six dozen cupcakes when you only wanted to savor one or two; I lost my appetite.

Boué Soeurs

Yves Saint Laurent




Having just taken a draping class, I think I enjoyed seeing the Charles James toiles (below) most of all.  I'd love to hear what you thought of the show if you've seen it already (it closes first week of September).

Many excellent photos (not mine) from the show here.

In other news, yesterday at Kinokuniya bookstore, I treated myself to a copy of the new men's Japanese pattern book, Men's Clothes for All Seasons.  This little softcover has patterns for more than twenty garments: shirts, jackets, pants, pajamas, boxers -- you name it.  I love the layout and styling -- clean and preppy -- and I'm excited to try some of the patterns in the months ahead.

Next up, here are a few more jacket pics.  There was some question about whether the wool knit I used is actually camo or houndstooth.  It does seem like the individual elements echo houndstooth, though clearly the colors and arrangement are more camo-like (or, as someone suggested, digitized camo).  A big thank you to MPB reader SJKurtz for coining the term camotooth.  I think I'll use that moving forward.

This is true houndstooth.

And that's it!  I'll be on vacation next week, but will be back the week after.   I'll be posting to Instagram in the meantime -- lobster pics by Wednesday I'm sure!

Have a great day, everybody!

Embellishment-free Courreges -- refreshing!



    I love the wide spread collar on that last shirt. I'm spending August sewing shirts with/for the SlenderTeen, and he'd love that one.

    And I release all the royalties from #camotooth to Cathy Lane and her agents.

  2. I was there on Sunday and it was uber crowded. I loved the muslin section, and all the 60s dresses. The music was driving me crazy by the end though. I really regret missing the Isaac Mizrahi exhibit at the Jewish Museum because I had spent too much time shopping the day I visited NYC in June, ugh, and it closed Aug 7.

    1. p.s. I loved the hand cut leather jacket. I want to learn how to cut leather the way!

  3. I'd kill for a close-up look at the workmanship inside those couture garments.

    Your camotooth bomber is a winner.


  4. Your jacket is fab, although I can't imagine how you stood it taking pictures in the 90 degree heat. The picture of the inside is amazing!

  5. Have a casually-motivated-all-the-time time on your vacation.

    Awaiting your return...

  6. "like sitting down to a tray of six dozen cupcakes when you only wanted to savor one or two; I lost my appetite".

    This is exactly as I feel when visiting big museums. And this is why I usually never expect to be too long in an exhibition. Better to come later and to see it a second (or a third!) time.

    And by the way, thank you for your blog. I am very happy when I see in my feeds reader that you have published a new entry in the blog.

    (Greetings from Spain)

  7. Wow, thank you for posting the pictures from the exhibit for those of us who can't get down there. I love that picture of the Chanel dress, maybe because I'm currently reading Mademoiselle Chanel and there is a lack of detail about the clothes and more about her love life ~sigh~ Your jacket is perfect inside and out and it's a perfect fit. Well done. Enjoy your vacation!

  8. "Camotooth." Excellent. Not to be confused with "camel toe."

  9. The jacket is really fabulous Peter! It will make a nice addition to your winter wardrobe.

  10. Lobster? Wahhhhhhh ... so jealous. Have fun on your vacation. I'll be looking forward to the IG pics.

  11. Wow, that Yves Saint Laurent floral gown is stunning - I am in love with it. It's so cool you got to go, I envy you! I need that book, I am in love with the blue shirt and absolutely need to get my hands on that pattern. I love your jacket as well! I typically don't like camo prints, but that looks awesome.

  12. I, too, was fatigued by the end of the show. It had some amazing things, but maybe too many to really take it all in on one visit.

    Love the jacket - the fabric is definitely the lovechild of houndstooth and camo.

  13. I am not a fan of overcrowded places or large exhibitions either. I would rather look on line and enlarge, or find a book with the designs. I do like going to exhibits but I just don't like the crowds of people. Love your jacket, you did a great job.

  14. Hey Peter, i bought some japaneses patterns too but was overwhelmed by the language barrier (since my sewings skills are limited i need the instructions, drawings are pretty explicit but never had the courage to start a project with thoses patterns). If you have advices, tips and a lot of pictures, that would be awesome.

    Sorry for the bad english, it is not my native language ! ^^

  15. I love your jacket Peter. It fits you well and your sewing is impeccable as always.


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