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Aug 7, 2015


Friends, tonight is MPB Day eve, which means I have only twelve hours to apply my hydrating facial masque and I may need all twelve.

The stockings are hung, the presents are wrapped, it's the perfect time to play another round of the sewing blogosphere's favorite pattern-naming game, MPB's exclusive Name That Pattern!

As always, the rules are simple: I post photos of patterns I find online, and you give them clever names.  We have some incredible prizes in store, including a three-day, two-night, all-expenses-paid vacation to sunny Acapulco with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump!

With no further delay, let's start our game.

Presenting Pattern #1!

Not quite your style?  Maybe you'll prefer something along the lines of Pattern #2!

Feeling peckish?  Enjoy a juicy burger courtesy of Pattern #3!

Let's not forget the young and the young at heart.  Here's Pattern #4!

As always, we have something for the guys -- last but not least, Pattern #5!

But wait -- there's more: our BONUS PATTERN for you overachievers.  Put your hands together for Pattern #6!

Friends, I hope you've enjoyed playing our MPB Day Eve edition of Name that Pattern.  As always, I'll be playing too, along with as many family members as I can coerce.

If you're attending MPB Day tomorrow, I'll see you soon.  If you can't be with us, tune in for real-time updates on Instagram (videos too) and of course, look out for my MPB Day wrap-up early next week.

Is everybody ready?

On your marks, get set, Name That Pattern!!!


  1. #2 ... Look at my sleeves, just LOOK at them!
    #4 ... Togetherness in dorkville

  2. Cant wait to see you!!! Happy MPB Day!!

  3. Bonus pattern looks like the characters from the Clue game or Downton Abbey.

  4. Funny... I've just been reading an 18 part (!) interview with the designer of #2

  5. 1. Evil Stepmother Costume/Venice Carnival Masked Avenger/Oops…framed with fur
    2. Kermit in Wonderland
    3. Aprons for Swingers
    4. The Shining II, Laura Ashley version
    5. 1980s athleisurewear?
    6. It's either going to be dolls or 10 cats…

    (sorry if this is a duplicate; my earlier comment disappeared into the ether..)

    1. Just read through, and saw your #4 was very close to mine!!! hahaha!

  6. 1 Mae West
    2 Cat in Sleeves
    3 Stepford Family Aprons
    4 The Good The Bad, The Downright Ugly
    5 Starsky Jacket for the 80s (or is it Hutch?)
    6 Upstairs Downstairs


  7. 1- The next villain on Once upon a Time
    2- Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon sleeves
    3- Stepford's host a bbq for the newcomers
    4- If you like it, put a bow on it and dust the floors
    5- You too can dress like Dave Byrne
    6- Upstairs, Downton Abby

  8. 1. The mask helps cut the glare of my reflection...
    2. I Believe I Can Fly
    3. Kangaroo pockets and food appliques are just so cool!
    4. I'm not really sure what happened with the second child...
    5. So hunky!
    6. Creepy companions you can make yourself.

    1. Funny! you have me shaking with laughter! Anne-Marie

  9. 1. Renaissance ray-bans
    2. Bicep curls gone wild or Sleevie Wonder
    3. Wanna sip my ice cold drink?
    4. Nightie nightmares
    5. White Man's Burda
    6. Honey, I shrunk the help!

  10. 1. Henry VIII Dominatrix

    2 Remarkable Period Swimming Costume with Inflatable Sleeves

    3 Is that Junk in your apron pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
    3 ONE SIZE? Surely Not

    4 Frighty nightie

    5 When Shoulder Implants Go Wrong

    6 Upper and Lower Class Clothes Pegs

    1. So do I! Anne-Marie. No 4. is downright creepy. Poor child! Anne-Marie

  11. #1 - "My eyes are up here..."
    #2 - "Consider the Floaties..."
    #3 - "Just kidding. Hand me a drink!"
    #4 - "The Shining, Part II: I Can't Run in This!"
    #5 - "Come in! I've got plenty of jacket to share..."
    #6 - "Lonely? No...I love retirement!" (Subtitle: "What are we doing tomorrow...?")

  12. 2. Full Guns Adjustment (FGA) already included
    4. Sorry no returns on patterns no matter how horrific they seem once you had a better look Fabricland
    5. Does my hand look big in this pocket?

  13. #3 : A-pr0n-ographic
    #4 : Matryoshkrap (or Matryoshkreep, to be completely honest)
    #5 : Just stole dad's jacket
    #6 : Downton Shabby (works with "Scary", too, I think)

  14. 1. Boob glasses dress
    2. Poof the magic dragon
    3. Aprons for all
    4. Sleeping tents for girls and their dolls
    5. The boxer jacket
    6. Downton dolls

  15. 1. Red Queen Masquerade
    2. Land of Oz: Spring Collection
    3. Aberrant Aprons
    4. Sister-Wives & Daughters
    5. Blazer Blunder
    6. My Fair Abbey

  16. 1. S&M Room this way.
    2. Paging Miss Poppins. Miss Mary Poppins.
    3. Just what is under that apron?
    4. Stepford nighties
    5. Guys posing with hands in pockets
    6. The Help - Downton Style

  17. 1. Whatever happened to Snow White?
    6. So you say you missed the whole apple-head dolls craze?

  18. 1. Cosplay for granny
    2. I think the costumers are doing helium again...
    3. Warning: Do not apply heat transfers while wearing apron
    4. Better get the DNA test for the little one before the divorce, Bob.
    5. Middle-American Gigolo
    6. PBS stars after budget cuts

  19. #1 Make your own wardrobe malfunction/Do my boobs look big in this?
    #5 Overjacket to wear over baseball kit (plenty of room for the shoulder protection)
    #6 Downton Abbey role playing character dolls.
    Words fail me for the others.


  20. Pattern #4: Raggie Annie, Annie, Annie......................................................................

  21. 1. Aaah, Vienna!
    2. Leg 'o' mutton dressed as lamb
    3.Hey Baby, wanna sip my cocktail? Nibble my sausage?
    4. Jemima was 6 when she begain to wonder if younger sister Raggedy Ann was adopted..
    5.Yeah toots, these are shoulders you can cry on...for hours...
    6. Borrowers' taxidermy was very popular at the beginning of the 20th Century.

  22. Wow, this takes me back. I worked for McCall Patterns years ago doing graphics and the counter catalogue. I even did the McCall logo. Ah, memories.

  23. I Spy a well-positioned hot dog on pattern #3.


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