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Aug 23, 2015

Liked It So Much, I Made Another!

One of the garments I'm complimented on most frequently when I wear it is the blue cotton shawl-collar sweater I made a little over a year ago.

You may recall -- or didn't I ever tell you? -- that I purchased this sweater knit in two colors: blue, which I used right away, and sand, which I haven't.  Or rather hadn't.  Michael has been asking for his own sweater since I made mine, and I finally got around to making it this weekend.

Here's what the knit looks like -- a friend of mine who's a textile designer said it's knit in the round (I think) which explains why the right side of the fabric doesn't run perfectly horizontal, but rather at a slight angle.  Did I understand her correctly?  You buy it off the bolt like any fabric (i.e., it's not in a big loop).  Maybe you know.

Anyway, once again I'm using vintage McCall's 5267.  I love this pattern and it goes together easily.  Someone on Instagram asked me if I serge the seams and I replied that I do not: I stitch them with my Singer 15-91 (the machine I've been using most this week) and then serge the seam allowances.  It's a very heavy knit and serging the seams -- while totally do-able -- doesn't look as nice as stitching them with a sewing machine and finishing the seam allowances.

This time I lined my front patch pockets with leftover paisley fabric from Zack's shirt (and my boxers):

I'm mostly done, I just have to whip stitch down some seam allowances so they lay flat, buy buttons, and make (or have made) buttonholes.  Hopefully tomorrow.

This just in: I got a new pattern!  It's Butterick 5811, a unisex (!) raglan-sleeve jacket pattern.  Looks like something that might be fun for the fall with a knit waistband and collar.

I have a busy week ahead: a pair of pants are in the pipeline, as well as a few shirts for clients, before we leave town for a week's vacation.  Hope the summer weather holds out a while longer.  

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. I love everything about this. That blue sweater is a secret blanket! And in the cream! Beautiful. Perfect fall preview sewing!

  2. Will you "take us along" on your vacation??

    We love your travelogues, and any sightings of Cathy in the wild (should she be summer-ing with you all).

  3. Just LOVE the glimpses of your busy sewing life, New York style. These two pieces are fabulous. Keep up the good work.
    I need a kick to get the structure into my life, and thus sew more.. you truly inspire me!
    Have a well earned happy holiday too!

    (this same message removed above by mistake, sorry)

  4. Enjoy your holiday.

    Will Mary Porter be minding the MPB shop while you're away?


  5. The shawl collar looks new again. Looking forward to seeing the finished tan sweater. Have a wonderful vacation.

  6. That sweater is one of those garments that you'll wear all the time, until it's a rag. The fabric is perfect and the style timeless.
    Enjoy your vacation.

  7. That sweater turned great! I love using leftover fabric from underwear. I feel extra put together when my underwear matches my shirt, haha! Looking forward to seeing how your new pattern turns out!


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