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Aug 9, 2015

MPB Day - Holy Moly, what fun!

Friends, the truth: Since I launched MPB Day in 2011, the only thing I've changed is my clothes.

I'm from the If it ain't broke school: a little fashion museum, a little lunch, a little pattern swapping, a LOT of fabric shopping, a little schmoozing in the park -- just add water.  Like your mom's rice pudding recipe, it always comes out perfect.  It's a day I look forward to all summer long and I'm always sorry when it's over.

Before I forget: next year's MPB Day is scheduled for Saturday, August 13th (it's always the second Saturday of the month) so mark your calendars now.

But on to our day!  At 9:30 am a few early birds and I met for a fun-filled hour at the Chelsea Flea Market.  No sewing machines in sight this year (sob) but lots of other fun stuff!

I didn't buy this vintage straw boater but I do have the pic.

James scores with Elvis Presley's old Foster Grants.

Tracy bought a fabulous coat that includes an attached hat.  Instant outfit!

Kyle, Anne, and Lynn soak up some rays in their me-mades.

At 11 am, we met the larger group at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) Museum for the Global Fashion Capitals exhibit.  We all enjoyed the clothes on display and the clean bathrooms were a blessing.  At this point in the day we were all so chatty and excited it's a wonder they let us hang there for an hour!

Claudine in another show-stopping outfit.

Lunch at noon at Panera's up the street couldn't have worked out better.  As in years past, we had the upstairs entirely to ourselves and were able to use one of the long center tables for our pattern swap which, if my math is correct, was 35% larger than last year's.  I currently have a bag of EIGHTY-FIVE unclaimed patterns sitting in my living room.  Perhaps it's more of a pattern dump.

So many patterns, so little time...

We had eight (EIGHT!) men in attendance this year: here's Michael and me, Marty (in back) and Howard (to my left)

Aysha, Paula, Joanne, and Glennys

Next up, three hours of fabric shopping in the Garment District, just a stone's throw (if you have a strong arm) from our lunch spot.  I led a group up to 39th Street and some of the smaller stores, including Chic Fabrics, Paron's, and Daytona Trim, and then on to Metro Textiles (on 37th).  Another group went to Mood, Pacific Trim,'ll have to ask them!

Jackie! (with Amanda behind her)



At day's end we all converged in nearby Bryant Park.  We always manage to collect enough chairs and tables to create our own little oasis of fabric bags.  And the weather couldn't have been more beautiful.

Resting our tired feet at day's end.

In the park we shared our treasures -- up to a point of course. 

I expect to see Jackie wearing this fabric next year!

Elegant Enrique displays a classic plaid flannel.
Duane (Mainely Dad) in his awe-inspiring double-layered shirt.

For the first time on an MPB Day I purchased fabric myself.  I bought three yards of beautiful creamy white cotton batiste and two yards of this amazing black and white wool knit (below) both at Metro Textiles.  What I'll make with it is anybody's guess!

Mine, mine, MINE!!

One of the highlights of MPB Day for me is seeing so many familiar faces year after year.  Of course, it's always a treat to meet new people too!

I'm 95% sure that Pam and I ruled a small sovereign principality in another life.

In closing, I'd like to thank Teri, Carol, Stirling, Enrique, Marlene, Ayesha, Mimi, Aimee, Marty, Duane, Paula, Lynn, Howard, Amanda, Joanne, Glennys, Kyle, Anne, Trudi, Gloria, Lisa, Kate, Cindy, Jackie, Tomasa, Pam, Lily, Roberta, Nancy, Susanna (from Holland), James, Claire (from the UK), Claudine, Anna, Johanna, Tracy & Tom, and Claire & Mike.  You all helped to make this day unforgettable.

Before I forget, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Claudine, Joanne, Cindy, Johanna, and Roberta still have a perfect MPB Day attendance record (and never cease to remind us).  Will it last?  Tune in next year!

Hope to see you all back in 2016!

More pics of our outing here!

Read Kyle's recap here and James' here.

Get Tomasa's take here and Tracy's here.

Enrique shares his perspective (and excellent pics) here.

But do they SEW???  Avid knitters Johanna and Cindy.


  1. WOW!

    It's always a voyeuristic treat to see everyone and read of your adventures.

    Slathered in envy (and where the 8 guys are concerned, menvy).

    Maybe next year...

  2. Darn...I wish I had made it there in time for the group photo! Oh well, it was such a fun day. Thanks so much for organizing it Peter!

  3. So glad that you all had a lot of fun and got to enjoy a day of fabric, food and lively chat.
    It's amazing how it comes and goes so quickly and next thing its next year's MPB day.

  4. The day was so much fun!

    I loved chatting with Michael in line at Panera.

    I seriously have perfect attendance envy.

    Is Enrique the first person to wear a tie to MPB Day?

    You finally bought fabric at your own day!

    Can't wait to do it all again next year. Thanks for organizing it. You're the best!

  5. Jon said that the principality was probably called Boltopia. All hail Boltopia!

    1. Hail, hail, Boltopia, Land of the free and brave!

  6. I soooo need to be there next year! Looks like a ton of fun!

  7. It was a lot of fun and I always enjoy meeting sewers. Here's to next year. BTW we forgot to mention (Cindy and I) that Botani buttons is open on Saturday now! They are also carrying a really nice selection of cotton ribbing yardage and 8" x 36" acrylic ribbing. The cotton comes in a really nice assortment of colors and is always something people ask about. I wish that they had a better website.

  8. always uplifting...I like my fabric even more seeing it in a photo!! Always organized and cordial

  9. Thank you Peter for another amazing mpb day!

  10. Think I need to get on a plane and join this!

    Love how you gave everyone their mention, that's lovely!

    Nice one Peter!

  11. I love Tracy's fabric in her outfit under her new jacket/hat. Where's it from?

    1. Hi Russell -- it's from IKEA. (Love their fabric!)


  12. Excellent time. I was so glad to the opportunity to meet so many interesting people. An afternoon very well spent. Thanks.

  13. Hey Peter -- thanks so much for hosting! We had a great time and it was lovely to see you again. I just posted a recap with some pictures here (and I borrowed your photo of me in the jacket! Hope you don't mind):

    And here's more on Hussein Chalayan (this is why I was freaking out!):



  14. (okay, one more thing: I love that hat and I'm so glad you got a picture even if you didn't buy it.) :)

  15. Thanks for an incredible day. It went by all too fast. The world is certainly a better place because of MPB day!!!!

  16. What a great day! It was great to see you again, Peter. The itinerary was perfect. I had a lot of fun and met so many wonderful people. You attract a very nice crowd of sewists.

    I've marked my calendar for Number 6!

  17. You seem to attract the nicest people. Next year, for sure, I'm going to be there.

  18. Love the caption under the last photo-But do they SEW? :)
    Am delighted to see the various reports and photos of this grand day! You made my week after struggling with some pant alterations yesterday. Thank you!


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