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Jul 6, 2014

Sunday Sewing VLOG TIME!

Has a week gone by already? Where does the time go?

To find out, tune in to my latest vlog -- fresh out of the editing room and ready for your viewing enjoyment.

As always, to watch directly on You Tube, or if you're watching on a portable device, just click here.  (Apologies for some minor synching issues.)

I welcome your questions and comments, so if you have any, please leave them below.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Love your ending with one of my very favorite musical theater songs! If you and Michael have never done a cabaret show, you should really think about it.

    PS - why does he always wear a hat when he plays the piano?

  2. The jacket is coming along beautifully - reminds me of Paul Smith. Have a happy week. :)

  3. You've made me start my work week with a smile. Thanks. Peter.

  4. Glad for Nancy's question. I was beginning to think he was trying to hide from us. Could he please stand up and take a bow next time? Of course, he MUST be wearing a Peter produced outfit.

  5. "What's the Use of Wonderin'" gave me a "Carousel" summer stock flashback. Four hours of singing about clambakes and then we had to do a dream ballet at 10:45. Your singing is lovely, though.
    I used to love to wear Army/Navy store flight suits around the Village in the 80s. That may be one of them, as I think I left it at my boyfriend's in '86. I look forward to seeing your version!

  6. I'm enjoying the heck out of your vlog every week. Well done! And I think Michael should take a bow, too.

  7. Mister Rogers lives on. I always feel good ( and safe) after watching your Vlog.

  8. Your choice of trim on that jacket is fabulous! Love the polka dots and the binding. Look forward to seeing the whole thing done, and of course, the photo shoot!

  9. Love your Vlog. I agree, we need to see Michael taking a bow.

  10. *Aplause* You guys are great artists! Thank you for the great time here with these uncomparable Vlogs!

    Peter, the jacket is coming out very chic! I think you are really fast. I have to do a couture Chanel-like Cardigan Jacket for my MIL and wonder if you would not like to do one for Cathy. She would look classy, and I can follow you and have an inspiration. ;-) I will use the the book von Claire B. Shaeffer as a guide for the construction of the jacket. There are lots of interesting contruction techniques in this little jacket, that make it a challange. By the way, the book is also great!

  11. I'm waiting to see how you go about the teeny seams on the sleeves for the model/doll. I've made doll clothes, I nearly always sew by hand if the seam can't reasonably go under the presser foot.

    I do like the feeling that we're visiting with you during the vlog.

  12. lovely!

    was wondering if you would share your storage solutions for your patterns, fabrics, pending projects,
    I have a terrible time keeping track of stuff and keeping things tidy, sigh...also how is your daily ditch project coming along?


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