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Jul 1, 2014

Juicy July Jottings!

Readers, with the excitement of the last few days, I completely forgot that we have a brand new month before us.

I generally like to start a month with a list of upcoming projects.  You may have already noticed that I often use my blog -- and now my vlog -- to record my plans and to keep myself on track.

I have high hopes for July, but I must prioritize.  It already looks like today will be a wash -- the heat has left me feeling quite tuckered out.   I hope you'll forgive me if today's post reads a bit like a stream-of-consciousness to-do list.

I'm feeling like it may finally be time to make a dress for Suzanne, my 15" Latexture doll.  MPB reader Muscato has shamed me multiple times over the last few months, reminding me that this mini mannequin has been on display in nothing but bloomer bottoms for nearly two years.  I think that petite polka dot print from the flea market (up top) might work.   Another option is the blue print below.

I actually have a pattern for Suzanne already, but more can be found on eBay.

I've mentioned a number of times that this Kwik Sew coveralls pattern is high in my queue.  Can I finish it by the weekend?  I have fabric for it already, all laundered and pressed.  (I seem to also recall something about a cotton shawl-collar sweater for Michael.)

Meanwhile, I received one of my new patterns in the mail yesterday.  Love it!

I'm not one who thinks you can have too many patterns, and I'm conscientious about archiving mine, but I was digging through my stash today and found a couple of things I didn't remember I owned.  I think this little sun dress and bolero pattern is quite chic; I'm guessing it's early Fifties judging from the Jane Russell look of it.

Moving back in time about twenty years, what do think of this early Thirties pattern, my newest acquisition?

There are a few period gaps in Cathy's vintage wardrobe, and this is one of them.  This pattern seems not to have a date (or a pattern company name) but I'd put it around 1931-33, wouldn't you?  (That yoked bodice with flouncy sleeves was a popular look at the time.)  Hopefully this will arrive in the next few days and I'll know more.  I think this could be lovely in a simple cotton print.

Good news: at the flea market on Sunday I hit the vocal-selections jackpot, so I have enough show tunes to open and close my vlog at least through Labor Day!

Friends, it's time to walk my restless dogs and get on with my day.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. I vote for the red polka-dot for Suzanne x It really makes her blue eyes / eyeliner / mascara 'pop'!!

  2. The sundress and bolero is lovely. I think is would look splendid on Cathy, maybe in dark green velvet!

  3. I too vote for the red/white polka dot -- together with her eyes, she looks rather patriotic and what better for a project in July?

  4. A gown for Suzanne - at last! I'm so relieved. While I do adore polka dots (and I agree with Caroline that it's terribly flattering for the dear doll's somewhat basic maquillage), I think the blue might be better for a dinner dress like this. Add a few simple strands of pearls, and she'll be all set.

    As for the thirties gown - dreamy. Cathy can have a pre-Code, Ruth Chatterton moment.

  5. I vote for the red polka dot! loving this doll reminds me of the things I used to make for my Barbie dolls!

  6. ohlordy, your coveralls are making me sweat just thinking about them! It's so hot right now, how about ....a caftan for Cathy? ;)

  7. As much as I've been hankering after that sweater--and given the intense heat--I'd be willing to cede my spot in the queue to poor Suzanne, who has been unfrocked for far too long.

  8. That hat and clutch pattern is georgous! And I feel like Suzanne would look extra sophisticated in the blue print, as much as I usually LOVE red polka dot.

  9. Polka-dot! Perfect! I have The sweater knit that you and Michael have and there is NO reason to make it in this heat. I see Suzanne in the blog and all this time I thought from her garb (or lack of) that she was a Ken doll.

  10. Peter, since you forgot you had that Marian Martin pattern, surely you won't have a problem giving it to me! I'll even pay!! Its my size and its AHHHHMAZING! And I vote that you sing something from Carousel. I quite enjoy singing along with your vlog, and I quite like that musical!

  11. The 1930s pattern is lovely. I can see it in a silk-cotton blend.

  12. with the kwik sew coverall pattern will you alter it so it is closer to the body i think that would give it a current jumpsuit look

    good luck with all the fabulous designs this month

    as always i admire you workmanship in all you do


  13. oh the red and white dots without doubt - Gemma (UK)

  14. RE: Pattern 3333

    I'm astonished at the suggestiveness of the triangle placement! I thought those folks were all prudes of the highest order!

  15. That poor Suzanne needs a dress. I do like the red fabric, but the blue looks nice too. Love the fifties pattern and the thirties pattern is great. That godet or gusset? is placed very interestingly. I love them on Vionnet gowns. Certainly gives the skirt design interest.

  16. Newest pattern is definitely early 30's. I made a repro dress almost exactly like that a few months ago. Mine was marked as 1931-1932.


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