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Jul 11, 2014

NAME THAT PATTERN: Matchy-matchy Semi-Finals!

Readers, the last season of MPB's exclusive pattern-naming game, NAME THAT PATTERN, proved that there exist among you some very talented players who are ready to step it up a level.

Do you have what it takes?  I bet you do!

You all know the rules: I post photos of patterns, you give them names.  Naturally, in this semi-final round, you'll have to push a little harder, but if you've made it this far, you're up for it.

Our prizes are so astounding I fear mentioning them at all, so I won't.  Let's get started.

With no further delay, here's Pattern #1!

Too easy?  Put your hands together for Pattern #2!

But wait -- there's more to come:  Pattern #3!

Now for something very special:  Pattern #4!

Finally, the last pattern in our semi-final round:  Pattern #5!

But wait -- as always, we have a BONUS PATTERN for you overachievers.  Pattern #6!

Friends, I'd like to thank you for participating in our NAME THAT PATTERN semi-finals.

Remember: you can name any of the patterns above, but in order to qualify for our next round, you MUST name them all.  As always, I'll be participating and I'm betting Michael will as well.

On your marks, get set: NAME THAT PATTERN!!


  1. 1. Three Little Piggies went to the Farmer's Market

    2. Saved by the Bell

    3. Twins NOT Separated at Birth

    4. Nurse Ratchet Regalia

    5. Modwives

    6. All You can Eat Shrimp at SIZZLERS

  2. Totally not embarrassed to admit that I have pattern number 2 and made it 3 times - twice during my raver days in high school, once for a costume party a couple years ago (since the originals were long since donated to the thrift store). After the costume party I donated that pair and saw it being worn on the street a couple of days later!!

    1. Ha ha!!! I made these pants in high school also...out of white and grey camo. They were amazing...10 years ago.

    2. I made those twice in high school as well! We called them "Pants for twelve". I still have an uncut copy because I gave the first one to my BFF to make them out of Sesame Street bedsheets.

  3. 1. Everyone and the dog
    2. Truckin' like the doo-dah man...
    3. One size fits several?
    4. Playing Doctor
    5. Color Block Bonanza
    6. The actual pattern name is "Bikini Sizzler." Maybe more of a big girl Coppertone ad...

  4. Forgot to mention that I owned a dress that my Mom made from #6. I couldn't walk home from high school in it without men pulling over to see if I wanted a ride...I gave it away.

  5. 1. Male Pattern Bonding
    2. Hell's Bells
    3. Little Red Riding Wrong
    4. We need Style, Stat!
    5. Connect the la la la la
    6. Gamtastic

  6. 1. Argyle Atrocity
    2. That's So Ravin'
    3. No, seriously, I'M Marge and he's Harry!
    4. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub
    5. Play-Doh Dresses!
    6. For extra sizzle, skip the bikini...

  7. 1) This family has more balls than the German national soccer team.

    2) Your groove may be in the heart. Mine is in my pants.

    3) The Altar Boy poncho

    4) Dr. No (That's what she said. "Dr., no!")

    5) China and the Philippines apologize for these schmattas.

    6) Little Orphan Annie, the main character in the upcoming Taxi reboot.

  8. I GOTTA SAY ...


    The first pattern .. my westie, i would never be so offensive to put him in fabric that DAMN UGLY.


    THAT SAID ... NO1 .. I COULD MAKE UP IN SOMETHING MORE STYLIST .. atleast I think I could

  9. Kia Ora from New Zealand. First post, but I couldn't resist because I swear people down here are still wearing these ;)

    1. The Father, Son and Holy Woof
    2. Who Flares Wins
    3. Mucho Poncho
    4. Nurse, Pass the Forceps!
    5. It 'Aproned One Fine Morning
    6. Cheeky Peeky

  10. 1. "Fleece Release Me, Let Me Go..."
    2. Each generation gets the palazzo pants it deserves.
    3. Me and My Stunt Double
    4. Mauve Over, Darling!
    5. Color Block-heads
    6. Gone with the Wind -- literally

    1. Cathy, I think your suggestions are the best so far but surely you can't expect to win a prize, being related to Peter and all?


  11. I made pattern no. 2 for youngest DD during her high school days, out of real rip stop camo from the Army Navy Surplus store. And she wore it (after it aged for a year or so).

  12. 1. CPS and PETA Fashion Victim Series
    2. Suburban Cred's We Be Trippin' pant
    3. Camping by the Yard: Wearable Tents, Picnic Blanket, and Place Mats All-In-One
    4. Togs and Clogs
    5. Merit Badge #46: Naughty Den Mothers
    6. Shotgun Wedding Dress/Sizzle Your Way to a MRS Degree

  13. 1-Like daddy, like bowser
    2-Stompin'elephant pants
    3-Conjoined poncho funsers
    4-Paging Doctor HankyPanky
    5-Blocky not stocky
    6-Beware the breeze mini-mad-dress

  14. I love anything with a Westie. My Westie died at age 14. Still hurts 4 years later.

    1. Animals add something we can neither put into words, nor replicate.

  15. 1. Stifled Straight
    2. Unisex Smuggling Pants
    3. The Family that Ponchos Together...
    4. Bad News Scrubs
    5. Jane Jetson- 1998
    6. Laverne and Surely You're Going to Need Bloomers!

    1. all, but particularly no 6: Hilarious! Anne-Marie

  16. 1. If we get lost in a blizzard, we can find each other
    2. We're smuggling snacks into the movies in our pants
    3. Wanna fool around at the game?
    4. I'm not a doctor, but I play one on tv
    5. Why yes, the panels DO glow in the dark
    6. Oops, I forgot my pants!

  17. Getting harder! Here’s what I came up with:

    1. Embarrass the Whole Family Fleece Outerwear

    2. Too cool pants for white people, Unisex

    3. Converta-Cape Picnic Blanket, Unisex

    4. Burda Carnival Edition, TV Drama star costumes

    5. Do You Remember Parchesi? dresses in two styles

    6. When Grandma says It Needs to be Shorter*

    *Okay, personal experience. She used to make matching panties for her clients.

  18. Ok. I came up with:

    1. Fashion Family Fleece
    2. Restrained Raver Jeans
    3. Parka Picnic
    4. Scrumptious Scrubs
    5. Color Block Chameleon
    6. Sassy Shifts

  19. 1. Harlequin hell

    That's all I have, you'll find me in a corner rocking

  20. #5 looks like a colour block apron to me {shudder}

  21. 1. Mom's got OCD
    2. Popeye's illegitimate children
    3. Married Too Long
    4. I'm making this for my son, the doctor. Did I mention my son's a doctor?
    5. Transgendered Ronald McDonald
    6. Cosplay time at Juvenile Hall

  22. 1. kill mothers sewing machine
    2. instant pop group just add fabric
    3. no need to pack the tent dear, ive been sewing
    4. Lets play doctor
    5. Flat pack dress
    6. clean knickers advised

  23. Pattern #1: The Joker, the Joker Junior, Joker Terror.
    Pattern #2: Bells of Saint McCall's
    Pattern #4: Does this cap make my ears too large?
    Pattern #6: Presenting Gimbels Follies!

  24. I think I actually made #1 ... I managed to look past the fugly fleece.

  25. 1. "Look son. Look how silly the neighbors look!"
    2. The neighbors.
    3. "Here we come, walking down the street. We get the funniest looks from everyone one we meet. Hey, hey, we're the (siamese) monkeys."
    4. You too can be a cast member of General Hospital!
    5. "This window pain LSD is GREAT!"
    6. Daisy Duke prom dress

  26. 1. Von Trapp Inspiration
    2. Palazzo Combat
    3. When Onesies Aren't Embarrassing Enough
    4. Medi Mixy Matchy
    5. Tron's Retro Girlfriend
    6. Turn Your Daughter Into Jail Bait


  27. well Peter, how can you choose from all those great entries? I was howling with laughter reading the creative pattern names everyone came up with! Thank you everyone. Anne-Marie

  28. 1. Train Your Dog Through Humiliation
    3. The Chang and Eng
    5. Stepford Wives: New Girls on the Block
    6. Oh Yes, They'll Call You The Breeze

  29. Hope I am not too late to name the patterns.
    1. Score!!! Big fabric sale at Walmart.
    2. These are normal bell bottoms--camera angle created weird pant leg optical illusion.
    3. Off to a picnic , forget about dancing with those Kim Novak look-a-likes.
    4. Looking for cure for insipid pastel uniforms that were once crisp white.
    5. Your maid ditched perky black and white apron
    look for a mod retro style.
    6. Sweet things playing on their sugar daddies weaknesses.

  30. 1. Plaid bomb exploded, 3 casualties
    2. Casual waders
    3. Tableclothwear
    4. OR garanimals
    5. Star Trek air hostess
    6. NSFW

  31. 1. The sublime made ridiculous
    2. Early 70's hipster
    3. Cheap disposable Poncho made in fabric.
    4. Marcus Welby M.D.
    5. Contents - Half Full
    6. Flirty and Twiggy-esque|

    Carol :)


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