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May 5, 2013

Pants-free Sunday + "Whatever Happened to....?"

I'm sorry, readers, but I just can't bring myself to blog about my gray pants again today.  It's pants-free Sunday.  Hope that's OK!

Instead, I thought I might update you on some other topics, both new and old.  In no particular order...

1) How is baby Simplicity?

Simplicity is growing by leaps and bounds.  Not even a year old, she's nearly as big as Patty Playpal.  She's can now say "Mama" and "Facebook."

2) Whatever happened to the latexure fashiondol?

I'm embarrassed to admit that I have yet to make an outfit for this lovely 18" doll.  Eagle-eyed readers can probably spot her in her granny panties now and then in the background of many of my photos.

3) Whatever happened to the Elnapress?

The Elnapress has a permanent spot in a dusty corner of our apartment, preventing me from putting more sewing machines there so I guess it serves a purpose.  Occasionally I even vacuum her.

4) Whatever happened to the 1939 dress?

I am happy to report that the 1939 dress is basically done.  It's rather warm however, and I don't think Cathy's willing to sweat in it anytime soon.  Maybe next fall.

5) Whatever happened to the vintage mink scarf?

Still wide awake!

6) What did you ever do with your silk chiffon?

It's laundered, pressed, and sitting in a Sterilite container.

7) What did you do with the vintage photo of Dinah Shore you bought on ebay?

I framed it and it's sitting on my credenza behind the near-naked fashiondol.

8) Whatever happened to your Ken dolls?

Put away.  I should probably store them without their clothes and shoes.

9) How's your orchid?

In beautiful full bloom!

10) What's up with the Rowenta iron?

I still need to experiment more with the Rowenta iron.  I neglected to do this last week but soon!

Friends, that's all for now.  If there's anything else I've discussed in the past that you may be wondering about, please feel free to ask. 

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. What happened to the last set of boxers you made? Could we get a brief update?

    Not that I have my knickers in a twist about this, but the last I recall you were washing them in the sink so you could wear them again sooner.

    Were you raided? By commandos?

    (I amuse myself too much when tired)


    1. Pfhttergh! That's the sound of coffee coming out my nose as I laugh at your reply and thispost...

  2. Thanks, Jim. The boxers are alive and well -- I wear them often!

  3. A fun, brief update! I like this format, I may borrow it sometime. The pants-free photo is very amusing, there may be a few of those on my own blog soon! Not of me, though, of my boyfriend. I asked if I could tally in his boxers I made him for Christmas in my Me-Made-May and he went above and beyond and pin-up photographed himself in them for me!

  4. Love the 30s dress, love the orchid!

  5. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear an update on your Rowenta when you get a chance.

  6. What ever happened to ...

    SIL's dress?
    straight skirt for Mom?
    the suit for Michael?


    1. My goodness, Spud, what a memory you have! ;)

      The SIL dress...well, yes, there's that.

      I never did finish that straight skirt for Mom, but I AM shortening a pair of pants for her tomorrow!

      I told Michael just yesterday that I should be able to make the suit this coming fall, now that I have a bit more tailoring under my belt.

      Thanks for asking!

    2. Thanks for the update!

      I have genuinely been wondering what happened to these three in particular. A couple of other Cathy projects come to mind too but I'll back off for now :)


      P.S. I love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing - you are an inspiration :)

    3. I was wondering about SIL's dress as well, there's were many suggestions on which pattern you might want to try, anything you fancy?

  7. I forgot to mention another weird (but useful) tip for your Rowenta steam iron.

    When resting for a moment, don't put in on end, like you do with a regular iron. Rest it on the unit, or in a similar angled position. Don't know why this works, but It seems to reduce "spitting" .

  8. *Waves "Hello" from the UK*. Just dropping in to say hi and was delighted to see this update, perfect idea for a low key blog post. Glad to see you are smiling and relaxing. Shona xx

  9. Oh man, your pants-free picture just killed me over here. I'm cackling like a maniac in my office, now. Thanks, Peter! =D

  10. Ha!! Love it. Also love the Jane Powell video---I had the most gorgeous paperdoll of her as a kid---still can remember a long purple evening gown! (hope it isn't freakish to you that some of your readers are THIS old---)

  11. I totaly get the Pants free Sunday....I prefer a No Bra Sunday now and then. As far as Monday, work again?! For Me?! Well shoot! 37 Days left till retirement. YaHooooo. Maybe I will have Braless Sewing days, cause I won't have to do the "Work A Day" life anymore. Only Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting around the world.
    Stay curious,
    Gabrielle AKA/Gabby....Rancho cucamonga, Ca.

  12. More underwear pics of that guy, please! Hope you let the vinyls out of their box soon, I miss them, especially Ben. x

  13. Peter: Just found your blog. I want to be you when I grow up. You're already doing the best thing one can do with big swaths of chiffon in the photos...swirl around in it in your underwear. Add another fan to your list!
    Cheers, Susan, Chicago, IL


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