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May 9, 2013

Check out my finished suit pants!

So how DID I ultimately hem those gray pants?

Lose sleep no longer!

Check out my finished pants over at the Mood Sewing Network today.

Too long?  Too short (though 1.5" longer than earlier pic)?

Whatcha think?


  1. Love how they turned out, great fit and the hem looks perfect!

  2. Pure perfection! Not too short, not too long. They look Great!

  3. Lovely outcome! The fabric looks luxurious...the length of the pants, to me is good. I really hate the look of 6" of fabric bunched up around look very sharp in these. Well done, sir.

  4. they are so cool the fit is and color is perfect looks perfect

  5. I love the shorter length! Very hip and sporty. They look great.

  6. Tremendously handsome on the whole, but I'd still like to see another 1/2 inch or so on the length

  7. I'm about to start a pair for my son.....haven't done welt pockets in 25 years, wish me luck.

    I think the length is great. Looks good with a summer oxford shoe and interesting socks.

    The fit on your tuckus is fabulous ;)

  8. They look great, so jealous that you can have a professional buttonhole done. I go back and forth on the length. Your welt pockets look amazing!

  9. Very nice and LOVE those shoes

  10. Pants - good when worn casually. Length - not-so-good, especially when paired with a matching jacket. Just an observation.

  11. Incredible work on the pants, Peter.

    I'm definitely old school--suit pants should be longer. The current fad will be long gone by next spring/summer. They are a great length for casual pants, though.


    1. I'm with Taja and Anonymous. BUT ...

      The workmanship, styling and fit are outstanding. Well done!!

      Did you end up taking in / letting out the seams at all? Whichever, they are perfect for you.

      Can't wait for the jacket.


  12. They look great! And the green sweater makes the whole outfit really elegant looking.

    I think you could go even shorter on the hem length next, if you want to.

  13. This is a great compromise length. While, and if you can, I'd buy enough of this fabric to make a longer pair. That way you can keep this suit going for a long long time. As always, amazing workmanship.

  14. I wouldn't say they're Jaleel White short, but in that very first picture on the MSN post they seem a bit Pee-Wee Herman. Especially because they're that exact shade of gray...
    I'm just saying, you might want to make them a smidge longer because it'd be a shame to take the focus away from the amazing workmanship of the rest of the pants by trying to compromise with your hem, which is the easiest thing to fix.

  15. I agree that the length is good for "casual" pants; with the jacket they just look like they shrunk some. But that's the current style! Hope you left enough hem in case you need it! BTW, the fit is exceptional; take a bow!

  16. Well, there is no question that all of us of a "certain age" will have a hard time adjusting our design sense to the shorter pants legs. But you made a significant point when you mentioned the width. Most of the shorties we are seeing on models and in the stores are practically skin tight. I mean, even in Europe, there aren't that many guys that can wear super, super, super skinny leg pants. And big flappy pants legs a couple or more inches above the ankle are just not flattering. So I wouldn't count on it as a long term trend. But hey I'm an old f...rt. so, what do I know. Bref. . . personally, I'd leave the option of adding a cuff to make them longer in the future. PS: I have to admit, along with all the rest of 'em, I will be curious how the 930 plays out in your collection. I have a couple of mechanical Berninas among my dozen or so keepers, but they are rarely the first machine I reach for. They are fine. But I have a feeling, like cars, they just have to fit your personality as well as your driving needs. In any case, have a blast.

  17. When I was a Saturday boy at a tailors (on Savile Row, so I took it as gospel) we were told that the correct length of trouser was a thumb knuckles width above the top of the sole. Side on, so you see your whole nail. It seemed churlish to ask whether this same rule applied to the goliath manager and his sausage wide digits. Maybe all his clients just ended up with short trousers.


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