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May 19, 2013

NAME THAT PATTERN: National Devil's Food Cake Day Edition!

Readers, what better way to celebrate National Devil's Food Cake Day than with an exclusive edition of the sewing blogosphere's favorite pattern naming game, MPB's NAME THAT PATTERN!

As always, the rules are simple: I present patterns I've found online (all of which are currently for sale on Etsy for those who may want to purchase one of these classics).  You must give these patterns a name.

We have some very special prizes in store for our winner, including an all-expenses-paid, two-week vacation to sunny Fukushima, Japan!

Are you ready?  Here's Pattern #1!

Are you still with us?  Great -- here's Pattern #2!

But wait -- there's more!  Here's Pattern #3!

Pace yourself, friends, here's Pattern #4:

We're coming to the end of our game I'm afraid.  Feast your eyes on Pattern #5:

We always have a bonus pattern for those of you who need some extra points.  Today, in celebration of National Devil's Food Cake Day, we offer TWO!

Here's Pattern #6:

And Pattern #7:

Readers, I hope you've enjoyed this special National Devil's Food Cake Day edition of NAME THAT PATTERN.  As always, I'll be contributing my answers in the hours ahead and hopefully clever Michael will too.  But please don't wait for us -- get your answers in early for a chance to win extra cake.

Have a great day, everybody and good luck!


  1. The only one I could think of, is the boy and bird, but that is not appropriate.

  2. 1. And his head comes off!
    2. View B Peep Show
    3. Ghost riders in the sand
    4. Striped djellebas we can wear at noon!
    5. Stepford wives only\
    6. Where am I? I thought we lived in Duluth
    7. Oops! You just did what?

    Thanks for searching these out to provide for our much needed entertainment!

  3. 1. Innocent?
    2. Innocent!
    3. The girls from Pattern 1 stole my head!
    4. Striped address
    5 9 Days of boredom
    6. Poof! Pouffe!
    7. Ventriloquism for furfun

  4. 1. Mommy, look what I found!
    2. There's something on your dress...
    3.Of course I can't show my face, I'm leaning on a horse butt!
    4. Simply Disturbing
    5."Turn this way, now look at me, now look that way again"
    6. would you like some tea?
    7.this isn't what it looks like!

    I've never heard of National Devil's Food Cake Day before. Now I need to go find some cake! Great pattern finds!

  5. Did you get Rod Hull and Emu in America? If not then No 7 possibly looses something in translation, but what it looses in that it no doubt gains in comic value, but sad as it seems, there's many a British child of the '70's that would (still?) love an emu like that - you get to be as naughty as you want and blame it on the bird!

    1. My Mum made me an Emu. It got a lot of action, attacking people. If you haven't seen Emu in action...

    2. Rod Hull actually made the rounds in the states too...although I remember him always wearing a safari type outfit, as if he was some kind of Emu conservation expert. The funny thing is I actually still have a SANCTIONED Rod Hull emu puppet. Not as elaborate as the one he actually used, but it looks just like him, and I do the Schtick with my kids where Emu acts all affectionate and encourages the kids to pet him, and then proceeds to attack them when they aren't expecting it....they LOVE it.

  6. My best friend in high school made a cream colored knitwear kaftan using pattern #4, then promptly outgrew it, giving to me. I used it as a bathrobe until I wore it out. It was the best thing to put on (with nothing under it but aloe vera) after a bad sunburn.

  7. 1. Who Killed Roger Rabbit
    2. The Boob(less) Tube
    3. The Headless Horseman
    4. Uni-Sex and the Single Girl
    5. The McGuire Sisters and the Lennon Sisters Meet the Andrew Sisters
    6. "You SOLD the La-Z-Boy?!"
    7. "And on your good white pants, too!"

    1. It's not fair that you're better at this than anyone else, LOL.

  8. 1. I will NOT be ignored!
    2. I Can't sew darts - so I had them removed.
    3. Horse Patootie!
    4. I look better in it than she does! (and she knows it)
    5. Triplet Trappin's
    6. Squat around the table.
    7. Wayland Flowers - The Early Years.

  9. 1. Look Mummy, we gave him a hare-cut!
    2. Does this sheath make me look fat?
    3. (Pattern for front ends of horse and rider sold separately.)
    4. The designer of these jammies? — Egypt you.
    5. Dress up your paper dolls!
    6. "A mall," said the night visitors.
    7. Outed by a bird.

    1. 3. (Pattern sold separately...) this is THE BEST caption ever. :)

  10. 1. What's worse than a horse's head in your bed, or a bunny in your stew pot on the stove? A bunny's head in your bed of course!
    2. "Do YOU know where they put my bust?" "Don't look at ME, Darling!"
    3. Does this make my ass look big?
    4. Perfect for your next visit to Dubai.
    5. The entire population of Cargg. (Let's see how many of your readers get this one!)
    6. Roundabouts and swings
    7. It's not Ossie Ostrich! It just looks a bit like him.

  11. 1. Clarice! Have you been ripping the heads off the rabbits again?
    2. Let's Charleston in our underwear!
    3. What to wear when riding an invisible horse.
    4. "You look sillier than me." "No I don't, you look sillier than me!"
    5. Get Shifty.
    6. Ottoman Empire.
    7. So That's where Ozzie Ostrich is now!

  12. I had immediate inspiration on #4 only

    4. King and Queen of Kaftanistan

  13. 1. This is what happened to Baby Jane.
    2. Trousseau for Bride of Flat Stanley
    3. Ghost Rider Coverup (includes booted unitard)
    4. “Oh, Kaftan, my Kaftan”
    5. The Stepford Variations (yes, it’s an oxymoron)
    6. Cover everything in the “cheese and meats” drawer in your fridge with fabric and….pouff! (plus instructions for roll-away bed).
    7. Pattern includes the unmentionable

  14. 1. Mr. Rabbit was naughty
    2. Breasts not included
    3. Front end of horse not included
    4. The original snuggie
    5. The Stepford Wife triplets
    6. Asia... In the 90's
    7. Dear God where's my other hand??

  15. 1)"And that's how Katie ruined Easter."
    2)Even in their 50's the twins had not given up hope of someday reaching puberty.
    3)Sleepy Hollow Rodeo Collection
    4)Yes Dirk, even if you use a different fabric you are still violating the restraining order.
    5)Sister wives convention
    6)If a man in a striped kaftan knocks on the door, do not let him in the living room.
    7)OMG! It sharted.

  16. My mum made me and my brothers an emu each one Christmas. They came with us to church and sang along to all the carols!

  17. I could only think of one for #1:

    You're invited to Rhoda's sleepover!

  18. My mom made me that bunny when I was little! Probably the pyjamas too, but I don't remember them. I loved that bunny head! It was also a pyjama bag. When my son was born I asked my mom to make one for him! I've never seen the actual pattern. Thanks for the flash back!

  19. wow, people are on fire with these! I, as usual, am speechless as I am once again totally frightened by your finds here. what is with the horse butt???!?

  20. 1# Even time travel couldn't save Frank. (Donny Darko)
    3# Dude, you look like a horses a**.
    6# I always wanted the grannies whore house look.
    7# Eww! And on white trousers, too.

  21. Ah Pattern 7 - my Mum made my brother and I one each and we would use them for arm wrestling - it seemed perfectly normal at the time! J

  22. #3: What to wear when you hang out with a horse's a**.

  23. #1. Santa's Warning
    #2. Shapeless Delight
    #3. Who needs a face when you've got an a** like this?
    #4. Asylum Chic
    #5. Frigid B****
    #7. Reason #38 Billy will need years of therapy

  24. Oh gosh, I actually quite like the Vogie pattern, even with the creepy clones. This os my first attempt 'name that pattern', so please don't laugh too hard at me!
    1) The boys messed with the mob. You know what to put in their bed....
    2) Drop-waisted noodle
    3) You know, Sam always did have a bit of an attitude problem.
    4) It's ok! We don't have s*x any more!
    5) Triplet triple trouble (clearly dressing differently was too hard, so hair dye does the trick)
    6) Why I am grateful the Crusades were in the middle ages
    7) Dammit! You put your beak in it again!

  25. I'm sure I'm terribly late but just for fun:
    1. Give me your Ovalteen our you're next!
    2. Are my boobs gone too?
    3. Habitats for Habits
    4. Two Wise Men
    5. Stepford Chic
    6. Aladdin's Rumpus Room
    7. Karate Kid Ventriloquist

  26. I stink at this (though I love reading the entries). My first thought when I saw #1 was "You should see what I did to the Tooth Fairy!"


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