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Oct 13, 2012

Sew-Alongus Interruptus: Saturday Flea Market Finds!

I think we all could use a break from my Halloween hysteria, don't you?  So let me share what I found at the flea market this morning!

This auction catalog from last year is chock full of movie memorabilia, including a ton of Marilyn Monroe photographs, many taken by photographer Joseph Jasgur in 1946, when Marilyn -- then still Norma Jeane Baker -- was modeling for the Blue Book Modeling Agency.  I generally avoid auction catalogs, but I do love Marilyn in a vintage bathing suit!


The photo I opened with up top is from Marilyn's famous photo shoot for Life by Richard Avedon.  I think you know why I find it inspiring, and I didn't even notice it till I got the catalog home!

I also picked up two vintage dead stock aprons -- I couldn't resist their charm and they're in such perfect condition -- classic examples of the American mid-century home entertaining craze.

Black, white, and pink is so classic Fifties, plus the ball fringe and cutesy message -- fabulous.  

This second apron has a more masculine feel -- rope ties, and don't you love the bar bottle motif?  Not for sissies.

Finally, this Roxanne swimsuit/romper looks like it was never worn.  I'm putting the date at 1967-68 based on that orange/pink gingham floral print and the fact that it's 100% cotton; it even has its union label!  Pieces like this are great for studying construction techniques, and you know how much I love vintage swimsuits.  This suit has some wonderful construction details I may blog about later on, but look how nicely put together it is.

And that's it!

Readers, I hope you're enjoying your weekend.  The weather couldn't be lovelier here in NYC and I hope yours is equally splendid.

You can see more shots of my purchases -- with fun surprises for you Bewitched, Munsters, and Wizard of Oz fans -- here.

Happy sewing!


  1. Wow! When I come home (from Atlanta to NYC), can I tag along to whatever unbelievable flea markets you visit? Such great finds!

  2. I just made a couple of retro aprons. They are pretty fancy for aprons. I gave them as a gift and she loved them. I LOVE your finds. You always seem lucky. Do you still have that toddler baby doll? I think she was a great find.

    1. Oh, yes, Patty Playpal is still with us. Though Michael would love it if I found her another home!

  3. Peter,
    Thanks for sharing your finds. I never get anything that good in suburbia. I can't wait to get back to the costume. After your Friday post, I'm more excited than ever to see your creation.


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