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Oct 12, 2012

New Halloween Fabrics!

Friends, I really shouldn't be left home alone with beads, chiffon, and an auto-timer.

So there has been a slight change of plan -- or rather, inspiration -- in my Halloween costume.  After playing around with McCall's 9559, the I Dream of Jeannie pattern, I've decided on modeling my Scheherazade costume more along the lines of the High Priestess Astarte (goddess of the flesh) in The Prodigal.  Move over Barbara Eden, hello, Lana Turner!  I have more than fifteen yards of beaded gimp and I intend to use them.

I've also been thinking a lot about Marlene Dietrich in MGM's non-musical version of Kismet as well as Douglas Fairbanks in The Thief of Baghdad as costumed by Mitchell Liesen.  I draw the line at gold leafing my legs, but I'm not opposed to a beaded bullet bra.


Then there's actress Susan Alexander as Charles Foster Kane's mistress in Citizen Kane -- remember her?  Lots of beads there!

After cutting the McCall's Jeannie pattern, and even muslining the shorts and yoke (which the loose chiffon pants attach to), it just didn't seem sufficiently over-the-top, but rather depressingly under-the-bottom.   

So today I poked around Chic Fabrics and picked up some more glitzy fabrics, mesh!

Shimmery stretch velvet in celadon green!

Lustrous, heavy, pale pink poly satin!

Nude power net!

And one yard of heavy buckram from Steinlauf & Stoller.

Meanwhile, Michael has been hinting about his costume.  One thing at a time, Mister!

Halloween Sew-Alongers, I hope you're making progress.  Of course, Halloween is still more than two weeks away, but you want to be ready, don't you?  What if your local stores run out of beaded gimp? (If they do, call me.)

How are the projects/project planning coming along?  

Have a great day, everybody!

(And for you over-the-top fans....)


  1. I love reading your posts I check in every day to see what the topic of the day is. LOVE IT!!! I'm not doing the sew -a-long but I am making a totebag in your honor. I've been looking at the fabrics for the last 2 hours trying to decide which one to use as the outside and which for the lining. Time to pick up the scissors and commit or else I'll be here all night!

    I love the new fabrics and all the bling! Can't wait to see the finished costume.

    Pat in KS

  2. Thank you Peter for your always delightful blog posts. Today you may have reached for the brass ring, so to speak. That last video you shared was worth opening the laptop today! The word for today is "spell binding". Brought to you by Peter.

  3. Wow! Those beaded outfits are HOT! Can't wait to see what you both end up with :-)

  4. Well, my attempt at a Rapunzel wig was a total craft fail, so I caved and bought the commercial one. I can't wait to see your results, Peter! Don't be like me a wimp out!

  5. I have no opinion on costumes, I'm not into holidays really. I, however, could not resist commenting on these outfits and how much they look like something Beyonce would wear (AND dance like that in!!) and be roundly trashed for it! There truly is nothing new in fashion!

  6. I love your posts.

    For Halloween I have visions of a rockabilly type dress, in black, red, and black and white stripes (you know Queen of Hearts meets Beetlejuice...meets Circus Ring Master). However, my garment construction ability lacks tremendously. At least the vision in my head keeps me dreaming. Maybe I can just live vicariously through you?

  7. That looks Fabulous on you! I hope you go with Marlene's hat, and a bead-covered bra to finish the look.

  8. LOL for a little while there I thought you were going to do a no-sew halloween sew-along. You could construct quite a costume with miles of beaded gimp and a hot glue gun! I can't wait to see what you come up with:)

  9. hi
    the first sentence made me nearly spit out my tea from laughing so hard... i love your writing, it's so funny.
    thank god i live in a country without halloween, so i can just keep sewing normal clothes. i love to read about your sewing adventures, though.
    barbara (switzerland)

  10. will you throw in some Pola Negri eye work for us?

  11. I second the Pola Negri eyes.
    There is something Lana, Marlene and other "sexy stars" of their time had that the ones now-a-days don't. Class and elegance.

  12. Peter, I love you! Lucky for Michael you're gay, or I'd give him a run for his money!

  13. I heard about this sequence but never actually saw it; apparently Marlene's legs turned GREEN from the gold paint and STAYED that way for a bit!

    Funnily enough I remember that photoshoot with Marilyn; it was THAT costume (a repro of a Theda Bara costume) that stuck with me!

    I am looking forward to seeing the finished Scheherazade costume...and that of Michael as well!

  14. Peter. PETER. Peeeeeeeeter. For the love of Divine, gold leaf your legs! DOOOOOO EEEEEET. I was not even kind of excited about this costume until now, because I've made harem pants and I know how they look in reality. With the design shift, I'm sold! It takes the idea from cute and campy to dramatic and a little naughty. Your costume is going to look epic!

  15. I'm new to this blog (which I really enjoy). I'd seen several comments referring to an unknown (to me) woman, and (or so I thought) a baby/child. For some reason, I thought you were a married (to a woman) guy, with a kid, who happened to like sewing (hey, it's possible).

    Imagine my surprise when I read this post. LOL. Thanks for a really good chuckle.

    And I'm with Octi -- go ahead and gold leaf your legs (I'm thinking maybe that hair-coloring spray that washes right out?).

  16. So you have decided to skip the harem pants? Good choice. Harem pants are nice, but if one has legs like a dancer, why not take advantage!?! What did you say Michael will be wearing?

  17. Is it just me, or do you look exactly like the gorgeous Rupert Everett from "My Best Friend's Wedding" in that first photo? I mean, if Rupert had been dressed like that, of course. Smashing!

  18. thank you for the amazing Marlene video! i still have not quite recovered! what a fabulous star she was, and those legs!

  19. Loving it! You certainly have the legs for it.

  20. Loving this! Can't wait to see the final costume!


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