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Oct 21, 2012

Harem Pants-a-palooza!

Does Aladdin wear pearls?  I forget.

I don't know about your Sunday, readers, but my mine was all about harem pants -- or sarouel pants, Hammer pants, drop-crotch pants, or whatever you choose to call them.

I made these using Simplicity 4788 (the Aladdin-type costume pattern) and while they're not difficult to put together, they are time consuming.  I found the fabric -- a dull metallic poly satin on one side, with a sueded finish on the other -- at the Salvation Army last week for a whopping $2.  I decided to put the satiny metallic side on the outside.

The pattern is essentially two side pieces and a draped center, plus a waistband casing with elastic.  And side pockets.  (A long sash will tie around the waist.)

The draped center has multiple pleats on both the front and the back (which are essentially identical).

I ran out of fabric and had to make the inside of the waistband out of a different fabric.  No biggie; it doesn't show.

Before the elastic waistband was attached, the pants looked like this:

With the waistband, they look like this:

OK, not exactly exciting, but they'll work with the rest of the costume very well.  Let's face it: Aladdin is not supposed to outshine Scheherazade, though the fabrics I'm using are quite luxurious -- well, as luxurious as polyester can be.

Tomorrow I will likely tackle the vest or the shirt; I haven't decided which yet.

Readers, I hope you have had a productive weekend sewing-wise.  Can you believe it -- Halloween is just ten days away.  Yikes!

Have a great day, everybody!

PS - Do you think those pants are too costumey to wear in real life?


  1. yes, I did, thankfully, have a productive sewing weekend. I made an alteration to a dress so that it can be worn, and I nearly finished my daughter's Cleopatra dress, and I loooove it so much. I will visit her very soon for a final fitting and finish it. The gold sheer godets turned out to look super sassy.

    I did real stuff, too, like go look at art and eat nice meals. But I always feel a million times better when I have a productive sewing weekend.
    I love those harem pants! I seem to be in the minority on harem pants, but they look so comfy. And eccentric.

  2. I think they'd go fine for real life - especially with a tight black or white t-shirt or tank top.

    But then my taste runs to the avant-garde, so you may want to ignore me ;-)

  3. I don't think real shalwar are too costumy for public wearing, but those - which are more based on a Victorian British fantasy stereotype - may be.

    As far as Aladin wearing pearls, he was a Chinese character who had a djin to give him what he wanted, he could wear all the figured silk and pearls he could imagine.

  4. and furthermore, just think about all the Eastern Potentates...pearls the size of pigeon's eggs, or was that rubies? Aladdin can wear any damned thing he wants, especially with those pants.

  5. I just dont think they are that attractive outside a costume setting.

  6. " Aladdin is not supposed to outshine Scheherazade"
    ....then the Scheherazade had better be pretty spectacular!

  7. Do not, repeat, do not wear those pants as everyday wear. As part of a costume they are fine. Otherwise they are babies nappies. Diapers to you in the USA.

  8. "No...not unless you want him to cause hysteria as he walks through Wal-mart"


    I dunno - it takes a lot to get noticed in a Wal-Mart. Like the guy in ours who was walking around in an outfit that consisted in its entirety of a T-shirt, flip-flops and a thong.

    And he was at least seventy. That keester looked like two giant peach pits.

    No one batted an eye, and this is a small city in Iowa.

    1. Thankfully, Wal-Mart has yet to arrive here!

    2. There's a guy in my town with a big white santa clause beard and he wears really expensive woman's clothes, like the Queen of England would wear. My mother saw him riding a bicycle with a pencil skirt once.

    3. Riding a bike in a pencil skirt?! That's a real skill! My hat's off to him!

  9. Harem pants are comfortable to wear and looks cool. They look best as costumes and are great for dancing and special occasions.

  10. With all the brouhaha lately concerning public nudity here in San Francisco, I sure a lot of folks would welcome a pant of any kind!

    Seriously... these would not raise an eyebrow here.

    ron b.


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