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Jul 14, 2012

Thought for the Day + "Name that Pattern"!

I'm all out of Moth-Ded...can I just use generic DDT?

Friends, something new here at MPB -- our Thought for the Day (that was it, above; photo courtesy of Sarai's blog).  A little levity when your double-vented linen blazer lining is giving you headaches.  Mine is, is yours?

But that's not all. Today I'm also introducing "Name that Pattern."  Here's how you play:  I post a pattern I've found online (or in real life), and YOU have to give it a name.

Ready for Round One?  Here's the pattern (click on pic to view larger):

Got your answer?  (Mine is, "Pretty (Awful) in Pink")  

Ready for Round TwoComin' attcha!

(I'm still working on this one...)

Now, our final round, Round Three!  Hold onto your curler bags, ladies, it's something for the boys!

The winners of Rounds One, Two and Three will proceed to our FINALS!  Please number your answers 1, 2, and 3.

Good luck, clever ones, and have a great day!


  1. No names, but a little bit of semi-humor.

    1. satin and lace mixup
    2. a- fishnet stocking restyle
    b- shower cap ensemble
    c & d - lampshade lovelies
    3. what happens when 50's style pants and harem pants get married?? Item 3.

  2. 1. Yucktastic
    2.Boudoir lampshade
    3. Ali Baba's Other Pants

  3. 1) Hey Angela (from Who's the Boss?)
    2) Lady Gaga, old style
    3) It's not how many pleats you have, it's what you do with them.

  4. I have a confession to make. I made the awful in pink dress when I was in college. I made mine black. The lace was black and gold and I didn't feel like the bow was big enough so I made mine huge. Just like my hair which looked a lot like the owmne on the envelpoe. Oh the memories. Please don't judge me!

    1. My friend had this dress, though she bought it. Hers was black lace over pastel blue satin and the bow had rhinestones in the center and she had a matching bow on her head. And we were all so F-ing jealous of her at the 8th grade dance... well, I didn't actually go. But she looked all stylin' in the pics.

    2. My friend had this dress for her bridesmaid's dress. The bride's mother made all the bridesmaids' dresses in pink and with a bigger bow. They thought they all looked fabulous.

  5. 1) (Sarah) Fergie Fabulous
    2) Beryl Reid chic
    3) Lethal Weapon

  6. 1. My bow is as big as my hair
    2. Shower caps and lamp shades
    3. MC Hammer meets Clark Kent

  7. OK, guys, I assume you're just warming up. Here are mine.

    1) "Pretty (Awful) in Pink"

    2) "Tiptoe through the Tulips -- on my head"

    3) "The Pleats In"

  8. 1- where's my waist?
    2- bee keeper chic
    3- can't touch this!

  9. 1. A Dropped Waist of Good Fabric
    2. Be-Hive! (view 1 specific)
    3. The Pleats Go On (all the obvious Hammer Time references have been made0

  10. This made me laugh so very hard my stomach hurts! my face hurts! and I am snorting! I don't have enough energy left for the game although midgets came to mind with pattern number 3 and I wore something like pattern number 1 as a bridesmade dress once. ugh! I think Doris Day could pull off pattern 2 easily. Enjoy the hot weather.

  11. LOVE THIS! I could just kiss you for this fun game!!! It's like fantasy football-- only good!

    1- Jessica McClintock's dropped waist shoulder padded delight! NOW WITH BIG THIGH BOW!!
    2- "Why yes. I do also love snoods" Headpieces OR
    2- Stuff the discriminating society drunkess can slap on her head when she finishes the bathtub gin.
    3- Mom refuses to pay for the OP name...

  12. 1. Wedding Party Pathos
    2. Non-hormonal birth control
    3. Max Crotch-room

  13. 1. Bow-ho chic
    2. Nothing but Net
    3. Not NSYNC

  14. 1. Bow Down in Shame
    2. Lampshade Lil
    3. Reaches Parts other Patterns Dare Not Reach

  15. I have that last pattern and made the jacket for my man at the time (1990ish). It's way nicer than the drawing (for once) but short jackets are SO last millenium!
    1. Pepto Abysmol
    2. More Gross than Net
    3. Short jacket; big trousers; small ******!!

  16. 1. Little bow-tique of horrors
    2. You, me, and my helmet makes three
    3. Stop! Callorabrate and listen! My pants are back witha brand new pretension

  17. 1. What Mme Gumby wore to the awards dinner.
    2. Black fly net *can* be chic.
    3. Favourite Pillsbury Doughboy outfit.

  18. 1) Just be glad I remembered to pull my skirt out of my hose... unlike Julia Sugarbaker
    2) I cover my face to disguise the fact that I used a trowel for my make up
    3) Can't touch this da-nah-nu-nah!

  19. 1) Time-travelling Pollyanna designs for Bride of Frankenstein in 1984
    2) "The doctor swears it isn't contagious, but just to be safe I have to wear this mesh guard"
    3) Streets of Fire unisex bowling costumes

  20. 1. Block 'n' Bow
    2. Wrapping Hats
    3. Scoot Suits

  21. 1. for this one I meant to type "Block 'n' Bowed. Too late to change it?

  22. Three more from me!

    1) Walk a Mile in my Overlay.

    2) New Uses for Old Fishnets.

    3) "Can I tell you about tonight's specials?"

  23. As a family member of the blogger, I guess that I am disqualified from entering this competition, but here are the entries I would have submitted:

    1. Hungry, Hungry Hip-Bows
    2. If it's on my head, it must be a hat!
    3. Bitch, pleats.

    1. 1 & 3 -> love so much!


    2. Do we get a vote? If so, Michael gets mine.

  24. I jumped to the bottom to do this before I go back and read everyone else!

    1 - Drop your waist to the floor
    2 - Excuse me, there's a flower eating your head
    3 - Can't Touch This.

    1. Since the hammer jokes are running amok, how about -

      3 - Pants, Pants, Baby.

  25. 1. Does this make my shoulders look big?
    2. I couldn't find a hat, so went for a lampshade
    3. It's Hammer Time!

    To be honest I hate all of them, but at the time I probably thought they looked great; now I'm older and I know better.

  26. 1. Bride's Revenge
    2. 60's sexy
    3. Hangin'

  27. The first and the last patterns ate truly awful; they just SCREAM "The Eighties!", but I kinda LIKE the funny little hats! Just take a look at some of Philip Treacy's constructions and these don't look so 'silly" after all! In fact i'd say they have "possibilities"! Sorry i can't come up with witty names; I spent a good bit of the day out and about and my brain is COOKED.

  28. Actaully I was going to say: the hats have possibilities..all EXCEPT the shower cap one!.A shower cap is a shower cap is a shower cap! And the shower is the only place for THAT one!

  29. 1-Flapper Turns Pentecostal Nun

    2-The Lisa Douglas, A la Green Acres


  30. 1. The 80's Called and Want their Fug Back...
    2. The Upside Down Lampshade
    3. Hammer Time... Light.

  31. Love all of these, keep them coming please,
    1. You gotta swing your hips like this
    2. Bee keeping hats for the modern woman
    3. Birds does it again, look three feet tall and two feet wide!

  32. 1. New Life for Your Grandmother's Window Treatments
    2. Arachnotopia
    3. Not so Phat Pants

  33. 1. "Don't tell Miss Pink, but I think my cigarette has just fallen into her quiff."

    2. "That damn hairdresser, told me my 'jaune' pixie crop was one-of-a kind!"

    3. "Hey, Man A, Arnie called, he wants his clothes back!"

  34. 1. Flat chested 20's Gloria
    2. Embrace the Satellite wave(on your face love)
    3. I am too sexy for this pattern !!!!!!

  35. 1. Only to be worn on the swing shift.
    2. The day of the triffids.
    3. Six pleat ballroom trousers.

  36. This is great new game!

    1 (View c) The floral fullback
    2 (View A) Apicultural attraction
    3 (all views ) Slouching towards the ground.

  37. 1. Imelda Marcos Couture for Butterick

    2. Les Poupee de Petit Choux: Who-da thought the
    Cabbage Patch could be so chic?

    3. M.C. Hammer for Vogue Patterns: You still
    Cant' Touch This

    1. I didn't see all the MC Hammers before I posted. I need a new Number 3. How about this:

      3. Trending: Mom Jeans - now for Men!

  38. 1. Calimari anyone? The squid look was perfect for seafood dining along the Jersey Shore!
    2. The Bug Zapper. It came with batteries, and when turned on kept all those pesky bugs at bay - and it worked to keep the BF from running his fingers through that freshly coiffed do.
    3. Haz Mat Harry pattern. For the Dudes the want to look stylish while cleaning asbestos from the old school building about to be torn down.

  39. Fun. Here goes:
    1. Outfitted by the Enemy
    2. All in the Golden Afternoon (cue
    3. Relax, don't do it.

  40. 1. I'm going as a stick of gum for halloween.

    2. little hat shop of horrors.

    3. They're pants, honest!

  41. Just adding for fun.
    1. Come and unwrap your present dahhhling
    2. They do keep the flies away
    3. Your damn right I think am all that.

  42. 1. Totally 80s
    2. If Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga designed hats for Kate Middleton
    3. Stop!! Do not collaborate and listen, nor is it hammer time!

  43. "You're" even. I keep doing that getting my "yours" and "you're's" mixed up in my haste.

  44. 1. Help, I dropped my waist and can't find it!

    2. Look what I taught my pet spider to do.

    3. Hey, gramps old flight jacket fits, but his speakeasy pants are too long.

  45. OMG that is my prom dress!! ... in that exact pink, but not lace ... I can't go on!!


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