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Jul 30, 2012

Coming to MPB this August...!

Readers, whatever happened to Teen Time magazine?  I found a copy at the flea market and what a great read it is -- provocative and oh, so real.   I especially enjoyed Connie Stevens' cautionary tale "Liquor, Sex, and You" which totally opened my eyes to the teen parking-and-necking phenomenon.  Better late than never.

And speaking of Connie Stevens, I also found this July 1962 issue of Movie Mirror, which boasts the enticing photo spread "How Dick Chamberlain Smothers a Girl With Kisses."  (Probably with the aid of a lot of liquor.)

Moving right along, one of the (many) frustrations I have with vacations is how long it takes me to get back into the sewing groove.  I was really on a roll before I left and now I have to wind myself up all over again.  Assuming I am able to do that, I thought I'd highlight what's in store for the coming month.  Here goes!

1) This 1940's swimsuit and topper is August's big Cathy project, but first we have to see if big Cathy will be ready for it.

Now approaching her ninth month, Cathy rarely moves from the air mattress we have set up for her in the living room and just complains all day and eats junk food.  She's a very bad influence on the rest of us.

2)  MPB Day is August 11 --  are you packed yet?

We have someone flying in from Australia for Pete's sake, and I'm very excited about what is, for me, the biggest holiday of the year.  If you plan to come and haven't RSVP'd yet, please shoot me an email (peterlappinnyc at gmail dot com).  Even if you can't attend, you can still celebrate at home with barbecues, fireworks, and a little straight stitching.

On MPB Day 2011, Suzanne revealed she is strictly a Paypal gal.

3) Remember my recent quandary about French back boxers (the ones with those wide yokes)?  Well, I recently purchased this vintage Simplicity pattern that includes a yoke that is radically narrower in front, but still buttons in the back.  I'm very excited about it -- or at least as excited as one can be about mens boxers.  Maybe next week's project?

 But wait -- there's more!

4) Are you a short man, or do you know any?  This month, I'm planning on posting special wardrobe tips for short men!  I'm very inspired of late by Internet sensation Nick Wooster, who pops up constantly on The Sartorialist blog and is apparently a mere 5'7" (my height) or possibly shorter.  Does he look familiar -- or tall -- to you?

Friends, that's it so far.  A few projects seem to have gone by the wayside, including the bucket hat project.  I did get started, but I lost interest.  It happens.

Of course, in August, we'll still have our usual book reviews, pattern giveaways, gratuitous chihuahua pics and, as always, lots of unanticipated surprises!

In closing, a few questions:

1. Do you now or did you ever read magazines like Teen Time and Movie Mirror? ( I won't lie -- I purchased a few issues of Tiger Beat in my day.)  Do you think magazines like these serve a useful function for the adolescent set?

2) Any big sewing projects planned for August?  Do tell!

3) How soon after giving birth can a woman return to the beach?  (Is a cover-up a must?)

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. I know all about abandoned sewing projects. I began making three blouses for summer and then things got busy at work and I haven;t gone back to them yet. I am determined to finish them before starting anything else! I remember Tiger Beat very well. I loved it. And I am sure it had similar stupid articles about the dangers of liquor, etc. I would love to scan through one of those magazines just for a laugh!

  2. I read a lot of those magazines as a teenager. My own mom wouldn't allow them in the house so I used to read them with my BF as her mom didn't mind.

    In terms of the kissing, Dick Chamberlain would have been fun but kissing James Dean would have been a whole lot cooler-

  3. For better or for worse, this August I'll be sewing two Jedi robes. Cue laughter!

  4. No, it's not too soon for a woman recently given birth. It never is. Heck, some women even give birth IN a pool! :)
    Sounds like so much fun, would love to come to MPB Day. Maybe next year? :)

  5. Hah, I gave birth in a pool, it was great!

    Looking at the bathing suit pattern I think since the only exposed midriff area is the ribcage (which doesn't get stretched, for obvious reasons) she should be fine as soon as she feels up to wearing a suit. Just no swimming for a few weeks after giving birth, so keep her out of the water. Also, she might be a bit sore, so maybe no sitting poses.

    I'm finishing mr. husband's boxers & pjs, hopefully some baby togs & maybe something for me? (Probably a sweater or two - but that's knitting, not sewing.)

    Looking forward to seeing the fashionable mom (and baby?!) pics!

  6. Just wondering if "straight stitching" is politically correct :)

    1. I've been meaning to nominate you for, "Best Screen Name 2012".

  7. I would really like to see that bucket hat. I have not been sewing much this summer, but I did make a box-cushion cover for a bench in my dining room and will try to finish a cover next week. I have been thinking about making a swimsuit, but only thinking.
    I am really interested in the "short man" tips. My husband is 5'4" (my height) and shrinking!

  8. Darling! Finish that hat. I want to see it. Still waiting for my deep yoke french back pattern to reach me here in the UK and oops seem to have bid on a Singer 201k this eve.
    Peter you are such a bad/good influence

  9. I sew for a short man, so I'm very interested in what you come up with. Given what I've seen on the beach, it's never too soon to return after childbirth. I would like to say I have several projects planned, but 'planned' is probably too strong a word. My plans are more fantasy than anything at the moment. I really wish I could snap out of it as I have lots of things I want to make!

    1. Me too! More info on short men please! My DH is 5'7".

  10. MPD sounds like a lot of fun. I will look forward to the pics and all the fun info you will pack in on your blog about it.

    I like to watch old grooming and deportment videos on you tube. I don't remember her name but there is a lady that goes into great detail about how to dress, choose fabric, keep your clothes looking good, hair style, hygiene etc from the 1940's. It is quite interesting. I must admit they took more care with their grooming than I do. There are a whole heap of
    other similar videos.


  11. We will be celebrating MPB Day at home, and following the blog!!!!!!!!! Swimming is great after birth, to get muscle tone back....As for sewing, always multiple plans. Cut a violet linen-like sheath to-day (think '60's). Helping my niece, age 21, with sewing. She is a newbie and ingenious. I told her about this blog!!!!!! Cathie in Quebec.

  12. Sounds like a great month coming up. Tell Cathy that raspberry leaf tea is supposed to help when the big moment starts. (But it tastes awful!)

  13. This month I'm sewing a vintage sleeveless button down blouse(for me) and at least two baby dresses(for my granddaughter). I need to see if I can find my old baby patterns...

  14. Models and movie stars seem to get their figures back very quickly after giving birth. So, I'm sure Cathy will be camera-ready in no time. If she struggles with it, perhaps she could pitch herself as a Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers celebrity client? ;-)

  15. My hub is 5' 6 1/2" and son is only 5' 1 1/2 " tall at 19, so short guy dressing tips would be very handy!

  16. My dad is 5'4", not kidding. He has a 28" inseam. So I'm looking forward to your "short man" dressing tips.

  17. My hubby is 5'4" and I'm 5'2" - we're like mini adults! It's the best, we travel well in coach ;-) Fine, it's the best until we have to shop for menswear. Thumbs down. I'd love some tips for dudes short in stature but big on lookin' good.

  18. How about a French back sew along?


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