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May 20, 2011

Pajama Games

Readers, I know pajamas are not the most exciting sewing project in the world.  In fact, they may be one of the dullest, ranking just above sewing machine cover and baby diaper.

Still, I am thoroughly enjoying making these pajamas, though all the piddly details are making this take longer than I'd originally expected.  I'm just about done with the top and will make the bottoms today.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm using three different colors of seersucker.  The differences are subtle, as you can see on the finished collar.

Rather than turning the shirt facings under, I cut them in contrasting colors and turned them over the top, topstitching them down like applique.  I love the result.

A few people had questions about ironing seersucker.  You can iron it, but the fabric will lose some of its characteristic pucker, which will only return after washing, so I avoid ironing/pressing entirely, except where there's a pronounced wrinkle in the fabric; it doesn't require ironing normally.  I finger-press and pin as much as possible. 

After all that taffeta and lace, cotton is such a pleasure to sew with -- no drama!

So here's how things stand as of this morning -- buttonholes are done, buttons are on (not visible here), sleeves hemmed.  I still have to hem the bottom.

There's something so comforting just looking at these pajamas; It's those salt-water taffy colors I think.

I've never thought of seersucker as a hard-to-find fabric but it sounds like some of you can't find any.  If someone has some good online seersucker sources and could share them here, that would be great!

I realized this sunny morning walking the dogs that it's almost time to wear my seersucker cabana set.  Woo hoo!

Friends, that's it.  The Pajama Game will finish tomorrow (I hope) and then we'll move on to other Doris Day-themed sewing projects.  Midnight Lace anyone?

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Your color-blocking is looking a lot like a terry beach cover up I had as a child in the early 90s (I've seen it popping up lately in fashion). What goes around, comes around, right?

  2. I hate to say this again, but is a good source. They have an entire section devoted to seersucker.

  3. Yes, please, online sources for seersucker! But pretty please, REAL seersucker. The whole point of that fabric being to be cool and not need ironing, polyester is totally self-defeating on the first case and no help on the second. Yet I haven't seen all-cotton seersucker in decades, apart from some really fine Japanese stuff (mostly from Far Out ). Too expensive for pajamas really, unless you want to channel Cary Grant full time (or Doris Day, in my case). Which, you know, isn't a bad thing..

  4. The PJ top looks wonderful! I love all that subtle color blocking. I'm thinking this should see the light of day on your next beach trip. It's too nice to hide it indoors.

    I've not had any problems finding cotton seersucker. Even Joann's carries it during summer.

  5. We have ample seersucker in the Southwest. Go figure, heh!

    Midnight Lace - I love that movie!!! I'm dying to see what project you will choose.

  6. Lately, I have extra time for only one thing, to check in at your blog. It makes life so much better for, love the PJ's and can't wait for some down time and a viewing of "Midnight Lace". :)

  7. Thanks guys. I am embarrassed to admit that I own a huge Midnight Lace poster like the one pictured above!

  8. Ohhhh I love movie posters! I think that's awesome. I have one for Mystery Science Theater 3000. I really want some French posters for American movies. Now that would be an sweet collection!

  9. making pajamas is not boring if you are making them for kids who appreciate them!! Fun colors, patterns and cozy flannel make all the difference for them!!! I am proud to call myself a pajama queen who has been churning out pjs for about 30 years now, and still at it!!

  10. Hi, guys! I really love this blog. It captures the sweet and simple joy of being creative with fabric. I have many inspirations and not enough time, but do manage to turn something out now and then. Quite often, it's pj's for the grand's. It's granny's way of sending them a hug through the mail.

    Here's a link to neat seersucker ebay find:


    I'll figure out how to get a name to participate more!


  11. HI Peter!! 'Had a hard time sewing seersucker pj bottoms... "More Fabric Savvy" by Sandra Betzina... Seersucker was "tied into" another fabric. SEAMS I needed a walking foot, 12 universal needle & a tiny zig-zag stitch ;) ;) ;) (WAS trying a satin foot, 14 needle, straight stitch--disaster!)

  12. Hi, Peter...
    Your work is sooo good on your pajamas....luv them! This project reminds me of a shirt I made my son when he was a young boy (40 years ago). He recently told me it was one of his favorites. I was only able to find the red striped seersucker I needed when I decided to re-make the shirt as a gift at the link below...

    Because I enjoy your blog so much, I am coming out of lurking status to share my seersucker resource....don't tell anyone!!!..... :) (Sorry, I can't figure out how to make the link a word...don't's

  13. I'm new to your site and just wanted to say hello! I'm self taught also with a few classes in Hoboken thrown in for inspiration. I'm going to be tackling a pair of pajamas (well a nightshirt soon).

    I'm a big Doris Day fan too.


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