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May 10, 2011

Jeans Sew-Along 8 -- Starting all over again!

Friends, today I get started on my second pair of jeans, the ones with the button fly, which I'm making for Michael.

Remember how I said the second pair was going to be dark indigo denim?  Well, it turns out they're going to be white just like the first pair.  Michael liked my white ones so much he wants his own, and I have enough white denim left to make them.

Of course, these won't be exactly the same.  Michael has requested yellow (yellow?) topstitching.  And rivets.  And a button fly.  Your wish is my command, sire!

Here's a topstitching sample.  Hey, I don't have to wear them.

Did I mention I've been topstitching on my new(ish) Featherweight?  It handles denim and topstitching thread beautifully.

I bought these jeans buttons yesterday at Daytona Trim -- the larger button is for the waistband and the smaller is for the fly.  Kind of Mayan-looking, no?  Why do they say Elie Tahari on them?

I even found matching rivets -- or at least I think they're rivets.  No, they're definitely rivets.

And look, Taylor Tailor sent me these beautiful classic rivets!  I think I'm going to try them on my original white jeans.  They remind me of vintage hubcaps.

Meanwhile, I stole this image off former Cupcake Goddess (now A Fashionable Stitch), Sunni's recent pants sew-along.  I think it's from the popular book, Pants for Real People.  (Click to see it in greater detail.)  I hope it gives those of you with fit challenges some insights.  

I'm not addressing fit beyond the basics (rise, length) here, but if you have specific questions please post them in the Jeans Sew-Along Flickr group and if I can't answer them, someone else probably can.

We already have some great looking projects posted there and more are coming in daily.

I'd love to award a prize for the best looking jeans, but what could the prize be....?  Oh, I know!

Wouldn't you love to spend a day with Troy?  I would!

I think I need to start a new feature here at MPB, addressing the concerns of young people.  Write in today!

Oh, the drama!

Friends, we're out of time.  I hope to make some progress on my pants today.

Don't forget you have till midnight EST tonight to enter yesterday's vintage Vogue pattern giveaway.   I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow.

Have a great day, everybody -- no petting in public, please!


  1. I'm with P.D. Ivy boys are sissies, I love me a good hick!

  2. Did you see the spread this week in New York magazine on white jeans? Right on target!

  3. Will Taylor Tailor share with the class where he got those beautiful classic rivets? I'd love some!

  4. Merle, you can buy them on his site! (The link is in today's post.)

  5. I'm dying to know who won A Day With Troy Donahue (a "Troyday")! What did one have to do to win? Was it an essay contest?

  6. But Peter, the pretty shiny rivets are not listed on his site. :-(
    (I checked before posting.)

  7. craftymerle,

    I took the shiny rivets down because I only have 2 sets of 10 left, and didn't want to oversell them before I have a chance to restock. If you would like them, please send me an e-mail. Thanks!

  8. I bet her boyfriend liked that fat girl more because she pets in public!

  9. I am cracking up about petting in public -- always found it terribly off-putting, even as a teenager (although I made exceptions for parked cars and dark amusement parks. I was a popular girl). I'd love to give advice to teens but it would mostly be bad advice, since I have yet to figure out some of this stuff myself. How do you know if a boy likes you? Beats me. Did you ask him?

    Currently working on jean inseams.....

  10. The yellow topstitching is to go with the new yellow shirt you'll be making for Michael, since yellow is his new favorite color. ;-)

  11. Can the tractor overalls I'm making count? I once again put off the jeans simply because my nephew's birthday is this weekend, and he needs new tractor overalls. I'm lining the quiters' cotton with bottomweight....

  12. Peter, may I ask, how long does it take you to make a pair pf jeans?

  13. My black stretch denim finally arrived. I was so excited about it that I pre-shrunk it, cut it out, basted them together, they fit(!) and have finished them up to the zipper and waistband! I can't wait to take a picture.
    Troy Donahue might be a little scary to look at by now, not sure I'd want to spend a day with him. He might be in a nursing home!


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