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May 29, 2011

More midriff madness!

I don't think these shorts look particularly girly but Michael assures me otherwise.  I think I've lost perspective.

Friends, I am just now putting the finishing touches on Cathy's Forties midriff outfit.  Those last little things always take longer than you expect, right?  The skirt waistband was too big; I improvised and stitched some elastic into the back center waistband.  Buttons needed to be moved, threads clipped, seams pressed.  It's always something!

Cathy should be here shortly and who knows what shape we'll find her in.  She's been hanging out with a very fast crowd lately.

I've also experienced my share of sewing machine drama today.  I sat down to sew this morning on my Pfaff and it didn't start.  I looked down on the floor and...

The plug had broken entirely off!  (This machine is 60 if it's a day.)  I quickly -- and carefully -- removed the severed plug from the socket, closed up the Pfaff and moved to my Singer treadle.  I got the whole thing threaded in the correct thread, sat down to use it, and the belt was too loose;  the heat seems to have expanded it.  I can't use it either!

So I moved the 15-91 over to the treadle table -- it now sits in a wooden base -- and placed the base on top of the open table; I needed space for the work I was doing.  It reminded me why it's good to have more than one sewing machine -- or eight.

Before I forget -- I picked up the Kenmore sewing machine table yesterday after all.  I love that machine.  I'd have used it today but it's extremely greasy at the moment and that blue sateen shows stains like nobody's business.

I hope to have a Cathy photo shoot to show you guys tomorrow.  We're having a real heat spell this weekend, so we'll probably wait till it cools off this evening.    It's Fleet Week here in NYC so we're going to try to lure a few sailors into the fun.  Keep your fingers crossed and hum Anchors Aweigh.

Hope you're staying calm, cool, and collected.  Especially cool!

Have a great day everybody!


  1. Cant wait to see the finished outfit!Will be in NYC next week visiting from the UK, maybe I will be lucky enough to see Cathy out and about. :)

  2. Michael is correct - definitely girlie shorts. But PERFECT for Fleet Week. Have fun with the Sailors (and the Marines, who also travel by boat).

  3. The shorts are looking nice! I can't wait to see the finished outfit. Hopefully, your photo shoot will be a smashing success. :]

  4. Debbie, you do know what "Marine" stands for, don't you? *tries for an innocent look*

    Peter, at least it'll only be rewiring the plug, and that's a fairly simple operation. *grins* And you've just illustrated why I try to avoid sewing on Sunday. Somehow, it always takes three times as long and I spend more time picking out errors on Sundays when I sew then than any other day of the week.

  5. Eek, it's a sign that I should leave that Pfaff 30 I was considering a safe several thousand kilometres away. I hope Cathy finds some obliging sailors!

  6. If you shave it, it will itch. Surely Cathy knows this already...

  7. My sewing machine in the shop :( I immediately thought of you when I thought about how convenient it would be to have another one around. I also spent a good amount of time on etsy looking for a pattern like this one you're working on. Then I remembered that I should probably keep my midriff covered. We can't all be Cathy ;o)

  8. The band looks so beautifully sewn-love seeing those old patterns come to life.
    I knew you'd go back for the table,at least hoping. You can always get rid of it later but you wouldn't be able to go back if it hit the trash. Those sewing tables are so nice to sew on. I really hate to sew on machines out of a dedicated table. I have several cabinets that I disguise around the house as side/end/utility tables which is a sneaky way to hang on to even more sewing clutter. What's so bad here is I had been collecting expensive sewing and embroidery machines until recently and now am obsessed with vintage offerings. I am up to three of these vintage numbers( a treadle, a handcrank 99 and a model 66) and am trying to talk myself out of purchasing a local feather weight. Now I guess I need to watch for a 158 kenmore. Lol! You people with vintage machines are such good enablers. mssewcrazy

  9. Those shorts will definitely look girly when Cathy teams them with heels and the top! Looking forward to it!


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