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Feb 28, 2011

More Shirts, More Dolls -- Wow!

OK, was I like, not supposed to post this fabulous photo recently uploaded to the Men's Sew-Along Flickr group just because it can already be seen on the blog of Canadian sew-alongette and Mom-of-adorable-boy-model, Sony?

Let Sony have her attorneys contact my attorneys.

Sony is one of those annoyingly creative sewers who don't only have superb skills but also exquisite taste.  When Sony finds a spare moment in her busy day raising her own children, she whips up things like this for her friends' kids.

And -- as if you couldn't guess -- she knits too, inventively.

Naturally, Sony also writes, cooks, and does photography, all beautifully archived on her charming blog, Sewing Roots.  Friends, what are we going to do about the Sony's of the world?

I wasn't much happier to see this exquisite creation in our Sew-Along Flickr group, which looks like it was ripped out of a Barney's window display created by Simon Doonan.  What's up with that? 

To his credit, at least talented Edsel doesn't have a blog -- yet.

Moving on, the Vinyls were all set to play tennis today.

But it's raining hard, so no go.  New outfits for nothing!

Earlier, I'd dug out my Sterilite plastic toy box and look what I found:  Skooter, shoeless and still dressed for a party she attended -- at the Dream House, no doubt -- forty-five years ago.  There's something slightly Miss Havisham-esque about this pre-teen.

A Malibu Barbie I picked up who knows where, who could use a bath.

And this lovely brunette Sixties Barbie my dear departed friend and Barbie collector Kurt gave me many years ago.

It may be time to get Barbie a Sixties mod dress (no Seventies fringe, Lauriana -- promise!) and some shoes.

Meanwhile, two new Kens will be joining the family later this week.  I think this a Malibu Ken -- or Melanoma Ken -- I'm not sure.  What a tan!

And also a Live Action Ken (without his bandstand, alas).  I don't have a good pic of him yet but who couldn't use a little live action in their lives?  (see video  below)

That's it, kids!  I have a lot of sewing and net gathering to do this week as well as continued Men's Shirt Sew-Along nagging.   Busy, busy, busy!

Happy Monday, everybody!


  1. It's been a while since I've been round these parts. (My students are trying to assassinate me with their ineptitude. It's a slow and painful death.) But, wow, things are degenerating here too. Is the snow getting to you? Have you gone potty? Are you and the dogs lacking vitamin D? Have you checked your iron levels?

  2. Cherri, are you suggesting I've "Umped-jay the ark-shay?"

  3. I had that skooter doll, and I hated her, I don't know why. She looked like a monkey to me, and I begged for a skipper so I could ditch her in the toy box. My brother put some kind of glue in her hair, and after that, she was left behind for good.
    I also had the cool dark haired Barbie with the bob, she was may favorite.
    Ah, the memories :)

  4. More like "black-face Ken"! Oh my!

  5. From the video - P.J.!! - I forgot about her. I always liked her more than stuck-up Barbie, but I still never played with any of them. Melanoma Ken - snort!

  6. Wow! Getta loada Barbie's profile. Were they all like that? What might Margaret Meade have made of that skull?

  7. Imagine what the brain must look like...

  8. I think the brunette Barbie might have been "Midge"???? Whatever her name is, I think she would look mah-va-lous in a dress matching the one you are making Cathy. Although Cathy may not appreciate sharing the spotlight.....

  9. Re:Sony and Edsel's creations, I could say "You reap what you sew", but I won't.
    Re: Vinyls: The boys look forlorn. Skooter 'Havisham' looks more like one of Fagin's gang, Malibu Barbie seems to be channeling her inner Anna Nicole and Ken could use a Lappin eyebrow revamp. Only Barbie, with the pert little haircut, nose (and breasts) looks her best here. (p.s. notice that her eyes aer the same shade of blue found in Sony's son's shirt!! (Like WOW!)

  10. Maybe its me but 70's Ken looks like Chad Everett.

  11. Oh my goodness, Peter, I'm actually blushing! To have photos of not one but a couple of my humble creations grace the pages of your blog...I'm so honored! And, the fact that we started sewing around the same time and your skills are light-years ahead of mine? I'm not, not at all;) With respect to the Barbies and Kens...ummm...I really have no words. Thanks for the sew-along.

  12. Oh, Sony, thank YOU -- for not suing me! LOL

  13. Love the shirt model and Sony's creations.
    Love the dolls! As a little girl, I would have been knocking on your door daily. I couldn't get enough of the secret world of Barbie and her tribe.
    Clearly, there is still plenty going on in that secret world!

  14. Would that I could aspire to be even a trifle Doonanesque: thanks so much for the terrific compliment. I had a blast working on this shirt, and it gets tons of comments (even some good ones!) when I wear it. Keep inspiring us, Peter!

  15. That chair patterned fabric is just excellent and completely unobtainable for me. I must have it. -heh!



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