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Feb 24, 2011

BREAKING -- We interrupt this crinoline...

Readers, I can't explain it.  Ever since formally ending the Men's Shirt Sew-Along on Monday, shirt photos have been pouring in over at our Flickr group.  Obviously reverse psychology, emotional manipulation, and veiled threats work!

Pictured above is Taylor, a young Sew-Along participant from Nashville, TN.  Do you see Taylor's muslin?  He drafted it himself.  No Negroni, Butterick, or vintage McCall's for him, oh no!

But that's not all.  Do you see his jeans?  He drafted THOSE himself too!

So awesome did his jeans turn out, in fact, that in January they were featured on the popular men's fashion blog, Put This On.  You can read more about Taylor, his jeans, and his other too-good-to-be-true projects on his blog, TaylorTailor.

But I certainly didn't want to make this all about Taylor.  In fact, if I weren't so non-competitive, generous-spirited, and loving a person, I wouldn't have mentioned him at all.  (Taylor who?)  I need another drag...

But back to our Sew-Along...

OK, readers, this is not a still from Night of the Living Tablecloths, but an incredible muslin produced by participant Kamilee.  Wow and pass the ketchup.

And speaking of picnics, I'm very fond of this lovely gingham Negroni produced by SewRedHot.  I could swear my Allan doll -- which I am hoping to receive today -- has the exact same shirt though his facings are terrycloth.  And he doesn't have that sexy salt and pepper beard...

But there's more!

Put on your 3-D glasses and feast your eyes on this fabulous creation by Sewsister, which apparently represents the actual conception of Lindsay Lohan as seen under an electron microscope.

I am so proud of all the Sew-Alongers, and the many courageous men who braved the unforgiving glare of the flash cube so that these unique creations could be recorded for posterity -- albeit without heads.  And remember, folks: these are just the muslins!

I'll be posting more shirts in the coming weeks, you can be sure.

A big hug to you all!

(photo courtesy of swreflection).

And now, back to The Tulle That Ate My Living Room, already in progress.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Love them all. So impressed with all the sewers out is NOT a dying art and it pleases me to no end.

    I do have to comment on the lovely piece of furniture the tulle is on. Is is a sideboard of some sort?

  2. OOOH, Peter!! Ya needs ta store your cutting mat--FLAT ;)
    Moi, who can't offer much of any help 'cept this... :(

  3. I LOVE that you are featuring the results of your sew-along. What a great crop of shirts/muslins!

  4. Rhoto, why flat exactly?

    Lisa, that sideboard credenza thing is, as I recall (I haven't seen most of it for days) some vintage Swedish Ikea-type thing I picked up at the flea market years ago. A favorite thing. And there's a Ken doll buried under there somewhere!

  5. Whoa, Denyse Schmidt fabric for a muslin?? Crazypants!

    They all look good though, Lindsay Lohan notwithstanding. I want to be Taylor in my next life, he has way too much talent.

  6. aw, taylor should be my sewing bff bc #1 i live in nashville too & #2 my last name is taylor (and it absolutely delights me to no end). how funny!

  7. I love this blog... not only is your commentary hilarious, but the idea of this project is FANTASTIC!! I keep checking in to keep myself motivated and inspired... keep sewing all :)

  8. I wondered who would comment on the Denyse Schmidt fabric first! I assure you there are quilters out there weeping at that use of the fabric! I love it as a shirt.

  9. Seeing my husband giving all of your readers a giant hug was just too perfect of a way to start off my day. This Sew-Along has been wonderful - thanks, Peter, for all of your lessons and expertise. And, thanks to all of your readers for their time and support. I'm finally baby stepping into the real shirt this week.

    Good luck wrangling all of that tulle! -Amy (swreflection)

  10. I didn't actually sew with the sew along but have been following the posts. Great job to all who participated. And Taylor, well nuf said.

    Peter - flash cube!!!!!????? I haven't heard that expresion in OMG - years!!! Too funny.

    Love your blog and Michael's too.

  11. So I was going about my usual business, checking on a few blogs when I should have been working, and imagine my surprise when I get to MPB and see a picture of me in my muslin!

    I am honored and thrilled to be on the MPB blog. Thanks for the link love, and thank you Peter for organizing the Sew Along. I've had a great time and truly enjoy seeing all of the shirts and comments. Happy sewing everyone!

  12. I think everyone did an amazing job. I am no where near that level yet, but I am learning new things everyday. I did try sewing some sheer to make ruffles, but it disappeared under the feed dogs.
    I bought a gathering foot and thanks to the web I can now use it properly.

    Taylor's shirt is amazing. His jeans are remarkable.

  13. I so want to come over to your place and organize it.

  14. Anonymous, that makes two of us. But can I afford you?

  15. Oh, they're all looking so good! I'm hoping to start on the real shirt next week sometime... but I have some deadlines coming up so it may not happen (sniffle).

  16. Just wait till I finish my real shirt. I want recognition on your blog, its my life goal!


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