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Feb 27, 2011

Doll talk + Cathy's Comeback muslin!

The darts need work, of course, but I think you'll agree that Vogue 4018 looks promising if a little Cinderelly at the moment.

It may be time to channel my inner fairy godmother.

Can I be real with you for a moment?  The dilemma is -- as always -- boobage.  I'm thinking of maybe sewing in a couple of these, or nothing at all.  Cathy's more Francoise Hardy than Mamie Van Doren, after all, and I don't think she needs dramatic enhancing, do you?  She badly wants to be a positive role model for other young women considering a career in modeling or hostessing, and young men too.

But enough about Cathy's attributes and lack thereof.  You're undoubtedly wondering about how Ken and Allan are getting along.  Friends, they argue constantly, mainly over clothes.

Yesterday, another package arrived in the mail.  It contained...

MORE cute Ken and Allan outfits!

How Negroni are these marvelous print shirts?  We were all very excited.

Yesterday evening the boys wanted to go out on their own and explore the neighborhood.  Ken wore his new red quilted ski jacket with mustard knit dickie, while Allan opted for green retro-print shirt and mod suede vest.

This did not sit right with uptight Ken, however, who refused to go out if Allan wore that fringe vest, especially with those two-toned shoes.

Allan -- who's clearly the conciliator, relented finally, opting instead for gray suit jacket with pocket square.

But then Allan felt resentful.  Finally, Ken compromised: Allan could wear the mod suede pants, and tone down the outfit with white shoes and coordinating tennis sweater.

And off they went.  

More pics and the full-blown argument below.

Patient readers, Ken and Allan have requested that we no longer refer to them as dolls, a term they find, if not exactly demeaning, confining.  They prefer to be called fashion figures.  Please make a note of it in future comments.

You may have noticed their new sturdy black metal stands, proudly made in the USA and a steal at $2.50 each on eBay.  If you have dolls, er --fashion figures, and I know many of you do, do give them the gift of true vertical posing.  How would you like to lean all day or lie flat on your back with your feet stiff in the air?

On Facebook yesterday, MPB reader Mikel admitted to owning "at least 2000+ vintage & repro Barbie's."  In light of this, I ask you, would it be so terrible if I picked up another Ken or two?  I find the flock hair Kens ugly but I wouldn't mind a painted hair brunette or maybe even a hard-to-find Brad or Curtis.   It's easier to have one doll per outfit and not have to dress and undress them all the time and I do think they're a good investment, especially as petroleum by-products become more costly.

In Sew-Along news, we have many new contributions in our Flickr group, including Ken and Allan-worthy garments by Mainely Dad, Very Purple Person, Edsel, and others! 
Collect them all Check them out!

I know many of you are still working on your shirts.  Remember, March is just around the corner and then your mid-term evaluations.  Please keep plugging away!

See you bright and early on the morrow!


  1. I'm bleary eyed and it is way to early but your fashion figures are just delightful. So happy they worked out all their problems. They can be so petty can't they? My Midge and Barbie have similar fights and it gets especially nasty when Tammy gets in the mix with her two cents.

    As for boobs...the good news is Cathy will never have to deal with them sagging around her knees. She may have other things sagging around her knees as she ages but not boobs.

  2. Wonder how the dynamics would change if GI Joe was introduced into the fray, I mean, household? Somehow I don't think any of Ken or Allan's clothes would fit his manly physique! Three is a crowd, you know....

  3. Sassy, Ken and Allan do have quite a lot to say about Tammy -- none of it flattering.

    Anne, I think GI Joe does wear the same size clothes, but his wardrobe lacked the metrosexual vibe.

  4. Cathy's got great legs--focus on the positive! If I had long shapely legs like her I'd live in miniskirts.

  5. Oh tell. I love a little fashion figure 'gossip'.

  6. Your fashion figures have inspired me to unearth my own. I have a Ken somewhere with Fonzie hair and a leather jacket to match. I can only hope storage has been kind to him.

  7. I love Ken and Allan - please get them some more friends :)

  8. Oh Cathy, p-l-e-a-s-e!! Do NOT succumb to the pack 'em up high trend of ultra-round, totally symmetrical boobies!! :( Love yourself, as you are!! And that includes treating yourself to the very finest in French lingerie ;) (THEN, my dear, you'll "have" the figure you so desire ;).
    xx, Ton amie Rhonda

  9. Anyone who tries to pull the 'wont go out with you dressed like that' stunt should be dumped right then and there. That's all I have to say about that..
    But yes, please Cathy, if Francoise Hardy could make it without silicone, so can you. What's next, full-body epilation? Just be yourself..

  10. You can get a lightly padded bra a Target for like $10.

    If you're not interested in that and just all of a sudden have the need to spend $700, you can go the route. I swear, if I was a man dressing in woman clothes I would get the rack that I always dreamed of.

  11. The fashion figures' wardrobe is wonderful! I was never a Barbie (or any doll) girl, but it's fun to see Ken and Allan interacting. Ken is rather bossy, though, no?

    As for boobage - keep in mind that if there's not anything behind bra cups to fill the hollow, they will collapse inward. Maybe Cathy should think about a strapless bra (that dress won't cover straps) with a bit of help, aka stuffing.

  12. Oh my Gawd...You make me laugh so much! Being short changed in the bust first thought was GO LARGE! But then, I remembered an old comedy show where a couple, undressing for bed, was discussing how fake and pertinacious their dinner mates were that evening. As they were undressing the man took off his toupe, the woman - her eye lashes, the man - his man-girdle, and (camera panning back) the woman hanging up her amply padded, fully breasted undergarment in the closet! It was at that point in my young life I decided not to use padded bras because I didn't want to be them! No false advertising for me!

    So Peter, I would ask myself: Is Cathy "full glitz" or a "natural" pageant girl?

    BTW, I'm glad the boys made up and went out for the evening.

  13. It's a great wardrobe you've collected for Ken and Allen (my mom still has her Barbie from their time, so I remember some pieces from the booklets which where with her. Did you know there is a '1001 nights' outfit? And an astronaut one? Knight of the round table?)
    However, I have to nag about one thing: You referred to Allen's suede vest as 'mod' but it has fringe decoration. As far as I know 'mod' is a 60's look characturised by simple shapes and fringing (especially in suede) is a 70's thing tying in with the etnic inspired fashions of the time... and as far I know, they don't mix.

  14. I'm really liking that neckline on Cathy's new dress.

    OK, I really liked the outfit that Allan had on, the one with the grey jacket. Ken is a drag, I knew I liked Allan better for a reason ;)

  15. G.I. Joe might not have the wardrobe, but with the repeal of DADT maybe he's got something in the closet to take out.

    As for, I just about spit my drink laughing. If only the real things were that perky and removeable. I think Cathy should remain natural, but sometimes girls need a little help to make the clothes look right.

  16. I don't want to make the boys jealous with all the wardrobe possibilities but have they seen Toy Story 3 (I mean Fashion Figure Story 3)?


  17. If Ken has such conservative tastes, what would he make of his cousin Earring Magic Ken?

  18. Wow, I have a few of the same "fashion figure" pieces in my "fashion figure" collection from my childhood. So cool.

  19. I think your muslin looks lovely so far. I myself prefer a more svelte silhouette, but then again I'm currently residing in a place where the padding is the norm and looks great when done well;) I wonder if Cathy has ever paid a visit to my neighborhood?

  20. Loving Cathy's dress. Mmmmm boobage- Last time Amanda Peon came out to play she wore subtle breasts- you don't want to overdo it but I think it's nice to have some shape happening. I like the flesh tone silicone ones that look like chicken fillets.

  21. A man da pe on.... Say goodnight, Gracie!

  22. I second the " see Toy Story 3" comment...
    Barbie and Ken were the highlights of the movie for me..

  23. Please do not insult Cathy with falsies. Fashion industry's hour-glass fetish is so boring anyway. There is so much potential beauty in the human form that falls by the wayside just because we're told it is not as it should be.
    And have a look at 16th century plates ( If I remember correctly, the trianguar shape was a effected by a wooden plank - ouch. Not that I'm suggesting such extremes. But it goes to show that there is much more fun in the fashion world than the wisdom of bra makers inc. would know about. Cathy will look great as she is.

  24. For padding, the ones with nipples! Other women have nipp troubles, why shouldn't Cathy? lol


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