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Aug 13, 2019

Peter & Michael's Singer Featherweight Shirt Photo Shoot!

Readers, just two weeks ago I stumbled on two very wonderful Robert Kaufman Singer Featherweight quilting cottons.

I purchased 2 1/2 yards of each of them online (at Keepsake Quilting, which only has the white Featherweight print available currently, but it's deeply discounted; many Etsy sellers have them for sale too).  Robert Kaufman has a few other Singer sewing machine prints too; look around.

The prints are black Featherweights on a cream background and white Featherweights on a black background.  I loved them both but liked the white Featherweight print a little better, which was lucky, since Michael's preference was the black Featherweight print (which prominently says "Singer" on it, and since Michael is a singer he thought that would be the better choice).

The fabrics arrived in less than a week, leaving me enough time to make two shirts we could wear to MPB Day last Saturday. I sewed myself a short-sleeve camp shirt and Michael a long-sleeve dress shirt with contrasting cuffs and collar made from a tiny polka-dot cotton print from Metro Textiles and lined with black cotton sateen.

Both shirts went together easily, though the pattern matching across the front of Michael's shirt isn't perfect: the sewing machines are not lined up on a straight diagonal and I couldn't locate the repeat easily.  I don't think most people will notice but I was a little disappointed since I succeeded so well on my camp shirt.  Oh well!

This morning we had a little Singer Featherweight photo shoot, complete with two of my actual Singer Featherweights -- I mean, how could we not?

Here's a back view of both shirts.  Mine has a center pleat and Michael's is flat.  Both shirts have yokes cut on the bias.

We did indeed wear them last Saturday.  We received a LOT of compliments.

I don't sew novelty-print shirts often but these fabrics were irresistible to me.  I love the result!

Have a great day, everybody, and happy sewing!


  1. Fabulous! Love my little black FW Stitcher... and now I might have to find some of the fabric... I can envision a lovely pillowcase at the least. Thanks for the alert and the fun photos.

  2. Peter, you and Michael are so delightful! This was the perfect project for MPB Day!

  3. Two handsome gentlemen in two very handsome shirts! Beautiful workmanship and love the poses with the machines. :)

  4. He sings too?!?!?!

    1. Not just sings ... but beautifully. We were treated to a sample on the blog some years ago.

  5. I do think it is a shame MPB Day isn’t getting featured in T Magazine or at least the NYT Style section. Together or individually, these shirts are the piece de resistance of that celebration.

  6. Both shirts are fabulous and look even better in person! Perfect for MPB Day. And you made TWO so quickly. I love how in this photo shoot, you are each posing with a FW in the color of the machines on your shirt.

  7. Love the shirts, love the Singer reference, love the fabric choices!

  8. fabulous shirts and great choice on the contrasting cuff and collar - the MPB day looked fantastic too. well done

  9. serious fabric envy over here. they look great!

  10. I've been following your blog off and on for years and just wanted to say, thank you! The shirts are wonderful of course, but you two look radiant. All the best.

  11. Seriously, how could you resist? I like that while the shirts obviously coordinate, they are not strictly mirror images. I'm also impressed at your shirt sewing speediness.

    When can I expect you for dinner?

  12. I have a featherweight, as well! Thanks I NEED a damn shirt, too! Lucky guys you are!! And looking good!
    --Erik in NW Ohio

  13. Both shirts are gorgeous! Coincidentally, my husband just bought some of the white fabric with dark sewing machines at Mardens in Maine, which has a revolving large cotton fabric selection.

  14. The shirts are perfection! I can't get over how nice you were. I so enjoyed MPB day!

  15. Priceless! Two stylish men with sewing machines to match their shirts--or is it, with shirts to match their sewing machines?


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