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Aug 6, 2019

My Bluprint Class, "Sew the Camp Shirt," is LIVE!

Friends, I'm excited to announce that my Bluprint class, "Sew the Camp Shirt," is ready for viewing!

You can watch the trailer below.

For those who aren't currently Bluprint members, you can sign up for a free trial and check it out.  You may not know that Bluprint was formerly Craftsy, which was purchased by NBCUniversal.  While many of the original Craftsy classes are still available for viewing, Bluprint is primarily a subscription-based platform. 

The entire "Sewing the Camp Shirt" class can be viewed here here.  (You can also purchase the class outright here.)

Filming took place in Denver, Colorado, where Bluprint is based, at the end of June.  It was an extremely exciting experience, completely outside my normal day-to-day routine as you can imagine, especially since I had my own dressing room (below) and someone to do my makeup (which made my cousin Cathy extremely envious).  The whole Bluprint team couldn't have been more professional or kind (or patient!) with me.

In preparation for the class I sewed up three sample camp shirts.  I worked collaboratively with my primary contact person on choosing fabrics.  I found the blue cotton-rayon twill (the fabric I teach the class with) myself in the Garment District -- it wasn't the easiest fabric to handle but it made a very elegant-looking shirt.

The first version of the shirt I made was a lovely tropical-print linen.  Originally we thought we'd use this fabric for the class itself but there wasn't enough contrast between the right and wrong sides (which makes demonstrations harder) and linen can have a life of its own depending on the hand and we all know its propensity to wrinkle.  Plus orange ain't my best color.

The third version was this gorgeous floral print.  Of the three, this was probably the most fun to make and the result is stunning.  For all three shirts as well as for the class, I used vintage Butterick 2233 (the same pattern I'd used for my lemon-print shirt).  In the class materials, there's a list of contemporary and vintage camp shirt patterns I suggest as possibilities to use; we opted not to focus solely on one pattern since there are so many out there and they're so very similar to each other.

I arrived in Denver on a Tuesday late afternoon and we spent most of Wednesday taking still shots, as well as footage of me modeling the shirts outside.  I got to choose the sewing machine I would use for the class from their large assortment of sewing machines.  I'd shipped some of my own sewing supplies I wanted to work with and everything else was theirs: they have a huge collection of sewing stuff!

I wore two of my own shirts for filming--the lemon print I made last spring and the seafoam linen with the slot seams I finished just before flying out to Denver.  You may notice that they even designed a set for me with a cool retro "bachelor pad" vibe: I was ready to move in!

We filmed the class on Thursday and Friday.  They were long days, since we had a lot to accomplish in the short time allotted.  Lauren Taylor (Lladybird) was in town teaching a jeans class and we'd made tentative plans to meet up on Friday but I didn't get back to my hotel till after 9 pm so it didn't happen (I saw her last month in NYC instead).  It's not all glamour, kids!

I didn't get to see any footage at all until last Friday when the class was ready for viewing.  I was delighted with the result.  The editing, the videography, the pacing, the music (those swingin' bossa nova and cha cha rhythms!)--it's much more than I'd hoped for.  Cutting-edge production values aside, this is also a substantive sewing class and, while not intended for basic beginners, is ideal for someone who has some sewing under their belt.

I hope you can watch the class and, if you do, I hope you find it valuable.  It's something I am feel extremely proud to be able to share.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Peter the class is wonderful! I have watched many classes on Craftsy/Bluprint and your class is one of the better ones. I hope if they offer for you to do more classes that you will consider it. Your teaching style is excellent. As a Bluprint member, I get to select 3 classes every quarter to own forever and this one will be one of my selections. Congratulations on a job well done.

  2. I may have to bite...I was a longtime Craftsy user and fan, but never made the Bluprint transition.

  3. Yay Peter! The trailer is fabulous! Cathy has the right to be jealous! --Erik in NW Ohio

  4. Peter...after watching your class I have now pulled out the camp shirt pattern I have owned for some years to finally make for my Husband.

  5. I'm really enjoying this have learned a lot. I guess that this means that I need to finally make my boyfriend that shirt I've been promising him for the past 12 years.

  6. Congratulations Peter! you are really an inspiration and I appreciate all that you share with others, in so many ways. I'm looking forward to warching your show (!) and learning more. Thank you !

  7. This is terrific. Bluprint/Craftsy has some good sewing classes. I will have to give the class a go as part of my subscription. Here is to making my very first camp shirt. Congratulations on sewing accomplishments and this class.

  8. Peter,

    Such a delicious trailer - your enthusiasm is showcased, and truly sells the sizzle. I'm a Craftsy orphan, who wasn't certain if Bluprint made sense. With you on board - I'm sold! The hidden value is, of course, your knowledge faucet flowing freely. Perhaps NBCUniversal will get wise to the "sewing and more" aspect of you, and film a pilot (the only question is if you'd like my pleasant pen to script it - Kyle would, wouldn't you Kyle???).

  9. Wow, this is so amazing! You are a sewing hero to so many of us guys. Thank you for all that you've given to the sewing community over the years. Here's to many more!!!!

  10. OH, I love this trailer! You come across as a really great host! I cannot wait to see this!

  11. My camp shirt pattern is now vintage also. It is a Four Corners Camp Shirt. Four Corners made their patterns available in booklet form with several variations of the pattern. I used that pattern over, and over, and over, even modifying it to include a yoke, a back pleat, more length, a curved hem, and with a bit of extra design ease. Since I do not cut, I trace on vinyl sheeting, I can trace another for myself and one for a friend, which I have done. I could not find this pattern on line at all. The pattern has the convertible/Italian collar so I am all set for your class.

  12. Just joined Blueprint to see your video and the other great topics they feature. You may not recall, but I said you were going to the top and sure enough there you are! Wonderful video, so encouraging and motivating! I won't be able to make it tomorrow but will be there in the fall. I retired last week and now there's no excuse for me not to join you and the gang! Will definitely see you on the next go round!

    1. Scorp,

      Congrats on the retirement! To be able to make your schedule, or not, and all without the dreck of the now, hyper-efficient, workplace.

      I always had my money on Cathy making it HUGE again, but I'm happy for Peter, happy I say.

      NYC in autumn...that's livin'.

      Sew and be free!


    2. Thanks Test.......I'm looking forward to meeting Peter in the future! That job almost killed my creative spirit but its coming back and seeing Peter's video really stoked my "sewing mojo"!

    3. Scorp,

      I am watching Peter on Bluprint (signed up for the first month for $1, and then the one year plan, where ya get 12 keep-forever classes, which is quite a deal). Peter is in his element, with all the props (the set, the music, the editing, and of course the shirts he has made).

      Your creative joy is too big for petty tyrants to destroy.

      Hopefully there will be a blog post showcasing your visit to NYC (if there is, I may even post a comment - no promises).

  13. Peter this is what I have waited for forever. You are really a master at your craft. You success is wonderful to watch grow. Congratulations. To watch this class will be such pleasure and great learning experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge it is greatly appreciated. Wishing you continued success. Craig Campo

  14. Replies
    1. You can apply the techniques to any camp shirt pattern, though the shirt pattern I use in the class has no shaping darts.


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