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Jul 7, 2017

NAME THAT PATTERN - Happy Birthday, Pierre Cardin Edition!

Readers, did you know that Pierre Cardin was born on this day, July 7, a mere 95 years ago?

And would you believe he is still with us -- perhaps the last living couturier from the "golden age" of couture?

What better way to celebrate this legendary designer, whose iconic futuristic designs defined the space-age Sixties look, than to play a round of the sewing blogosphere's favorite pattern-naming game, NAME THAT PATTERN!

Most of you have already played NAME THAT PATTERN before, but in case you haven't, the rules are simple: I post photos of patterns I've found online, and you give them funny names.  As always, we have some amazing prizes for our winners, including an all-expenses-paid trip around the world with former teen idol, Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge star Scott Baio!

With no further delay, let's get started.

Presenting PATTERN #1!

Getting drowsy already?  Wake up to PATTERN #2!

Can't be "topped"?  Get a load of PATTERN #3!

But wait -- there's more.  Not even remotely related to Pierre Cardin, please give a round of applause nevertheless to PATTERN #4!

Readers, our game is, sadly, drawing to a close.  Revel in the wonder that is PATTERN #5!

BUT WAIT!  As always, we have a BONUS PATTERN, for those who just can't get enough and who can?  Presenting PATTERN #6!

Friends, I hope you've enjoyed playing this very special round of NAME THAT PATTERN, Pierre Cardin's birthday edition.  As always, I will be participating, as will Michael, and perhaps some surprise guests as well!  Please remember that, while you're allowed to give names to any number of the above patterns, only those naming all the patterns will be eligible for our round-the-world trip with former teen idol Scott Baio.

Are you ready to play?  On your marks, get set, NAME THAT PATTERN!


  1. Once again, I can breathe a sigh of relief that I have never owned any of these ... lovely? ... patterns.

  2. First time player here, let's see how I do!
    1. The couple that brush together stay together
    2. Insane Clown Posse tube tops!
    3. She sees you when you're sleeping...
    4.Blosson & Six - the modest years
    5.Colour me Bad.
    6. Space Age glamour!

  3. Is that Patti Boyd in that photograph?

  4. 1. "Brad, how about tomorrow night we switch back to wearing our own clothes?"

    2. Five iconic Seventies hairstyles, all in one pattern!

    3. "Christen me Chrissy," the doll whose gown actually grows!

    4. For $1.44 you were expecting maybe Issey Miyake?

    5. Casual clown separates for beach-bound Bozos.

    6. Diahanne's Dynasty disaster.

  5. 1. If I get toothpaste on your nightshirt, will you shoe me what's under
    2.Summer in the Seventies (Mom vetoed this pattern as too mature for us
    back in the day)
    3. and 6. It was the best of the 80s and the worst of the 80s. It was a
    time for classics and a time for avant garde. It was a time for
    tradition and a time for shoulder pads. Time for church and time for
    power cocktails.
    4. Simple Lines for Simple Minds: Little House meets Grunge Maternity
    Just change the fabric selection
    5. Before Hip Hop there was Hip NOT.

  6. 1st timer here too ...
    1. Mother and Son Nightmare before Christmas
    2. That Seventies Show Halloween Costume
    3. Chucky gets Christened
    4. Back to the Future - Little House on the Prairie Style
    5. Gymboree for Teens
    6. Lando, Lando ... Where art thou Lando?

  7. 1. Wind Sock Guy relaxing after a hard week of dancing at the used car lot
    2. The cast of "Charlie's Angles" always regretted the typo on the script of their pilot
    3. That's my daddy in #1
    4. Cyndi and Melissa weren't sure they appreciated being labeled cheap and easy
    5. When the most attractive aspect of a McCall's pattern was the UPC code
    6. I'm a shove this uppity bitch right out of my spotlight

  8. 1. Sharing is caring.
    2. Stylin & Profilin
    3. The incredible shrinking doll - with bonus curtain pattern included!
    4. We go to not so great lengths.
    5. Blocks - they're not just for alphabets.
    6. There's a chip (munk) on my shoulder and it's as big as....

  9. 1. Mine is longer than yours!
    2. Quick and Easy - a 14 year old boy's fantasy circa 1974
    3. I'll never learn to walk in this tent!
    4. Calico Virgins Go to Manhattan
    5. Yes, Granny Made Our Clothes with Scraps
    6. How to do Drag with Quarterback Shoulders

  10. 1. Eunuch-yukking it up Sleepwear for the Abstinence only crowd
    2. Clueless Semaphore
    3. Dondi's Christening Gown
    4. Alt Amish
    5. Seams Legit
    6. Crystal Lite

    So funny to see these!

  11. A belated entry, but here goes…

    1). The Romance of Toothpaste in the Age of Flannel, unisex gowns.

    2). Everyone Stives to Be Farrah with Roseacea
    (Such a popular look on pattern envelopes of the time).

    3. “Baptism of the Baby Eyeless Men” cosplay costume, upcoming Dr. Who 2018 Episode.

    4. 1990s Olson Sisters Gone Wrong. (Sometimes one fails before one succeeds...)

    5. Another Reason to Hate the Culottes Trend (Or gauchos, et al).

    6. Dresses from Drapery, Dynasty Edition, With or Without Curtain Rod Shoulder Support.

  12. I've come across this contest before, but never when there have been entries - love the entries!!!! Good luck choosing your winner.

  13. 1 simply brushtastic
    2 Charlie's Angels forgot the sun block
    3 Mom I shrunk the kid
    4 Dowdy dressing on a budget
    5 Circus freeks are us
    6 die nasty dressing for all

  14. This is just the best! Love the names. I wore #2 view D but with view B hair.


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