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Mar 2, 2017

GLAMOUR ALERT -- Lenore Models My Yellow Crepe Ensemble!

Readers, a special treat!

My beautiful friend Lenore (who, among her many talents, is a handbag designer), has modeled my wool crepe ensemble, my final project for a draping class I took at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) last fall.

You can view the results on the Mood Sewing Network here.  

(I also explain how one goes about draping an underarm cowl.)

It's such a privilege to get to see something I've created brought to life: I think you'll agree that Lenore is an amazing model!

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Amazing model! The best! And beautiful dress!

  2. Such an absolutely gorgeous ensemble on a beautiful woman! I love everything about it and it looks like it was made for her so how great it is that you gave it to her. I am sure she will treasure it - lucky lady!

  3. Lenore was made for this outfit!

    One suspects compliments and inquiries will follow Lenore (a chance run-in with Cathy Lane, may well result in her being hounded), and countless long second looks will litter the sidewalks and events she attends.

    I can see Lenore, seated, leaning forward, nursing a smart cocktail with curious onlookers circling nonchalantly, or Lenore backlit by the city lights, creating such a stirring silhouette the First Lady has a wall built around Lenore. Or more likely, she's hailing a cab, and people actually have their taxi pull over so they can give their ride to the lady (only in New York!).

    From hangar to human - quite the measure of the maker! From maker to model - that's a heartfelt gift.


  4. Wow it's as if you designed it for her!

  5. Lenore is so elegant and classy in the dress; the color is perfect for her! Beautiful workmanship and a beautiful model!

  6. Beautiful outfit and beautiful model. You are amazing!!

  7. Love the garment on the dress form, but it comes to life on your beautiful friend. You nailed the brief - I imagine Lenore casually cruising the decks of an ocean liner. Head-turners both. Gorgeous!


  8. Simply fab!! (both Lenore and the outfit)

  9. Lenore and your outfit are a match made in heaven. These photos remind me an awful lot of Marilyn Monroe. I think Lenore could have a career in front of the camera.

  10. Glamour Alert is no exaggeration! Thanks for giving us this ray of couture sunshine.

  11. Seeing it on the form, I wondered who would ever want a cowl under their arm. Ms Lenore looks so elegant in this, that thought has been kicked to the curb. This is definitely one of those garments that can't be judged on the hanger or dress form, it needs to be on a person.


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