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Mar 14, 2016

New Week, New Sewing Projects!

Never a dull moment at MPB Industries!

I saw the abstract print above at Mood last week (or was it the week before last?) and immediately knew it would make a great shirt for Michael.  Today I picked up two and a half yards, laundered, and pressed it.  I hope to get started this week.  Believe or not, I find shirtmaking relaxing; it's perfect to squeeze between projects that are potentially more challenging.

I'm not sure if this print is supposed to represent something specific.  What do you think?

Meanwhile, whom did I run into today as I was parking my Citibike on 38th Street than a gaggle of sewing bloggers! Naturally I insisted on a selfie (below).  How many of them can you identify?

In other news, I finally decided it was time to cut into that wacky textured wool knit I purchased last fall.  It is remarkably easy to work with (doesn't fray) and it fit under the presser feet of both my Bernina 930 and my Brother 1034D serger, which was a relief as it's quite thick.

I'm still deciding how I want to finish the cuffs, neckline, and hem: gray knit ribbing or just left plain. 

This week I must get started on my friend Leah's coat.  Below you can see Leah instagramming her coffee this past weekend -- actually, I think it was a soy latte.   I had a regular drip.

Finally, after bright copper kettles, one of my favorite things is getting a vintage pattern in the mail.  I paid too much for this vintage John Weitz jumpsuit pattern (below) in an eBay auction last week, but I'm very happy to have it.  What fabric I'll use to make it I don't know, but I'd love, love to find something already in my stash. 

And that's it!  I do hope your sewing is going well, if you're sewing.  Here's little random musical inspiration from one of my favorite singers if you're not.  Or even if you are.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. I love that fabric for Michael! The colors are perfect for him. What does the print represent? Flowers? Birds? Balloons? Space aliens? Ink blots? A perfect question for a trip to a therapist.
    [Patient: What is it supposed to represent?
    Therapist: What do YOU think it represents?
    Patient: For the love of God, just TELL me what it represents!
    Therapist (writing): Patient has anger management issues.]
    Personally, I would keep the textured wool knit garment plain. There’s a lot going on with that fabric – but then you always prove me wrong!
    Enjoy the jumpsuit project. I really like the look, but I find them impractical to wear. Maybe they are less so for men.
    Thank you so much for the song. I was swooning.

  2. I think the fabric for Michael's shirt looks like berries. Yeah?
    Love the thick wool, will take some getting used to I think, to wear in public? Definitely a nightmare when the need for the restroom arrives. Even for men I would guess.

  3. Pointillism. Abstract pointillism. Michael will look good in those colors.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the knit fabric garment complete.

  4. The fabric for Michael looks like berries to me too — of course when I try to pinpoint why, I’m at a loss. The coloring is very similar to the cover of Blueberries for Sal. Maybe that’s why? At any rate, I love it for a shirt.

  5. The colors are great for Michael! The yellow thingies remind me of popcorn.

  6. Purple corduroy for the jump suit. Is there any of the purple corduroy bolt left?

  7. Print looks like the end of a bolt, in which the last color ran out before it printed the outlines of strewn flowers. Still a lovely print, could be interpreted as balloons as well as posies.

  8. Thanks for sharing Ms McRae utube. She's also one of my favs! Karen

  9. So lovely bumping into you! The fuzzy knit is so smile-inducing it's crazy!!


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