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Mar 9, 2016

Moving Right Along...

Friends, I simply had to share with you the lovely gift I got from Duane (Mainelydad) at Saturday's MPB Day Winter Frolic.  

It's a plaid silk taffeta bow tie Duane made himself.  I'm not sure if this is how he intended me to wear it, but I love it.  Thank you, Duane!

In other news, remember Saturday's mega pattern swap? Well just look how many patterns were left over, unclaimed and unloved (Michael carried them home after lunch).  I fear this ritual has become less a pattern swap and more a pattern dump.  Rest assured I will find a home for these, just not mine.

Meanwhile, I've been working to finish the skirt (the first of two) we're making in my Ladies Tailoring class at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).  This week, among other things, I installed the silk lining and finished the waistband.  More about this later in the week.

I was at Mood Fabrics yesterday and a few things that really called out to me.   (I often share stuff like this, in real time, on Instagram.)

I thought the shirting below, in a very Easter-y palette, would look great with Michael's coloring -- or mine.

I'm always looking for classic white shirting and often have a hard time finding just the right thing.  I thought this off-white cotton with a woven stripe was lovely, if a little sheer.

I know we're moving out of faux fur weather (today was in the 70's!) but I thought this pale green fur was amazing; not sure I'd wear it, but for the right person....

Just look at this fuzzy wool knit (below) -- doesn't this remind you of clouds against a blue sky?  It comes in a couple of other colorways but I loved this one best; it would make an amazing coat.  Alas, I'm through with winter sewing for the year.

I found a new kind of interfacing I may try with the facings of the nylon taffeta coat I'm making for my friend Leah.  It's fusible felt -- soft, but lofty.  I think it could bring some pleasant plumpness to the coat's notched collar as well as prevent limpness.  It fused very well to the small swatch I tested.  Ever use the stuff in garment sewing?

Today I was already in sandals.  I know this warm weather is bad news but I'm not complaining -- I've begun to loathe cold weather.

Finally, why do dogs like to pee near car tires and/or on plastic bags?  Enquiring minds and all that...

Have a great day, everybody!

No more winter coat!


  1. Wow, that fuzzy blue knit is fantastic. And I have a 15% off coupon from Mood. Hmmm...

  2. I think the blue fuzzy fabric does look like the sky if you squint. But my first thought was 'someone's dog is shedding'

  3. Peter, you're killing me!!!! So glad you like the tie. It's just a little way to thank you for everything that you do for the sewing community. Wear it in good health (and even with a shirt if you want!)

  4. Willie and Freddie!!!! Could Cathy Lane and Mary Porter be far behind?? Baby Simplicity?

    Your unconventional display of a gifted garment reminded me of the candy bar heiress on Seinfeld, who received a bra from Elaine and wore it visibly. Should topless bow tie guys may become the next trend, we'll know only too well where that originated.

    Looking forward to your F.I.T. skirt project update.

  5. Peter - the white fabric with the woven-in drop-needle stripe, I think, is called 'leno lawn'. In my day (ahem), it came in all sorts of pastels colors and prints and was used for blouses and dresses, especially for little girls.

  6. That white fabric is not as white as your chest!!! Get some colour!! Love those shirt fabrics. Looking forward to seeing some new shirts.

  7. White people are supposed to be pale. A suntan is skin damage. Dare to be pale.

  8. Faux fur? Creulla de vil gone vegan? Long haired tribble? Sasquatch in globally warmed weather?

    I have no doubt you'll figure it out!

  9. Have you seen the 2 bags full of patterns??? I got a little heart pinch seeing this picture. I am so far from these patterns that are so easy to pick up at church sales and thrift stores. I am in fashion land (Italy) Fantastic fabrics but accessibility to vintage Vogue pattern (Niente, none, nada, rien) Burda and an other company but nothing old. I pinch myself everyday because of the beauty here, please pinch yourself every time you find a nice older pattern. Love your blog, can't wait to get more time to read all pages. Ciao ciao

  10. Hello Peter

    Have you not considered making jackets/coats for your lovely pooches? They look a little chilly.

    Cee Jay/Leigh on Sea, Essex, England, Britian

  11. I don't care for the distressed look unless it is worn denim that has been worn out by the individual wearing it, then it is cool. I just think it is silly to pay money for worn things, just go to the thrift store already. On the other hand, let's not get all politically correct here.


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